Top 10 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained While Sick

Published June 11, 2011 by jrm17

I woke up this morning and was ready to die.  My throat hurt like crazy and every time I stood up I got dizzy.  Knowing there was no way I was getting out of sweats today, I had to come up with ways to entertain myself while confined to my house (Okay, I left for like two hours but food and medication are a necessity).  I figured out the top ten things to do to keep yourself from going nutso while sick (or at least, these kept me from going any more insane).

10.  Buy Glamour magazine and complain to your mom about how Blake Lively stole your man just because she’s on the cover.  In my defense, I only like Leo now that he’s older.  There’s just something really sexy about him in Shutter Island and Inception…or maybe I just have a thing for guys who are clearly in need of psychiatric help.  Plus, how can I resist a man who’s going to be in the new Gatsby film.  It’s only one of my favorite books ever seeing as I would have made an amazing flapper.

9.   Scroll your way through 59 pages of vegetarian recipes in an attempt to find something that everyone in your family will eat.  I recently became a vegetarian (I know that a lot of people will yell and say that I eat fish but whatever) and it’s definitely caused a change in the kitchen dynamic in my house.  My dad is a huge meat-eater and my mom sticks with chicken mostly so I tend to figure out stuff on my own.  Trying to make life a little easier, I found a site and found a few for us to try.  The stuffed tomatoes were actually a hit–I skipped the ricotta and added too much corn but it was good.

8.  Watch college baseball.  I’m a huge baseball fan in general and truthfully the University of Miami Hurricanes have always been my college team for the sport but today I got caught up in the Mississippi State-Florida game.  Why? You may ask.  Well, until Wednesday, I was interning as a writer at a site that covered the Baltimore Orioles and we were working on covering the draft.  One of the players that I talked to was none other the MSU’s own Devin Jones, who was getting ready to leave to the super regionals the next day.  Today, they got the walk-off win and send the series to the rubber match tomorrow.  I plan on seeing them win and rooting for them in Omaha if I have my way.  Go Bulldogs!

7.  Download, download, download.  Let’s see: 90210 season 1–check.  Ren and Stimpy complete series–check.  The new Death Cab for Cutie cd–most definitely check.  Maybe I’m just too obsessed with movies, television, and music but kept me busy for a few hours.

6.  Gather items for donations to the troops.  My friend’s wife had her unit get deployed so she sent around a list of items and is trying to get donations.  I happen to have a huge candy addiction and a five-pound of Jolly Ranchers around the house so you are welcome, troops (I did take out two blues and two purples but I don’t think you’ll miss them).

5.  Watch cartoons.  I’m not talking about those crappy animated things that are on TV now.  No.  I’m talking about getting out my copies of Secret Squirrel, Muppet Babies, The Angry Beavers, Rugrats, and about 18 other cartoons.  Right now, The Tom and Jerry Kids Show is playing on my TV and I’m enjoying every minute of it….maybe I’ll watch Rocky and Bullwinkle next.

4.  Online shopping.  I went through about five different designer consignment shop websites before I realized I couldn’t even afford to look at this stuff still.  So I found myself going back to my favorite stores and figured out what I could buy at PacSun, Roxy, Billabong, and American Eagle without actually spending money.  It helps cure my shopping addiction somewhat.

3.  Actually make the recipes you found.  To get out of the house, I convinced my mom to go to Wal-Mart with me to get the ingredients I needs (plus, I was in serious need of meds).  Then I came home and actually made the stuffed tomatoes.  They went really well with tilapia–even if I couldn’t taste much besides Old Bay and basil.

2.  Read the book that’s been sitting on your stand forever and a day.  Okay, I bought it yesterday but that’s an eternity between me and a book.  I picked up Vampire Beach by Alex Duval yesterday at Borders (thank you 40% off coupon).  I’m not too far in but all I know is that vampires and parties straight out of 90210 is a way to keep my attention.

1.  Facebook.  Normally, I’m against Facebook for the sheer fact that nothing good can come out of it when you are as socially awkward as I am but it’s been my savior today.  I’ve made lunch plans with my besite (Greene Turtle, here we come).  We’ve made plans to go see a Billy Currington concert (now I just need a way to convince him that we are soul mates).  And somehow I’ve had a day long conversation between me, my best friend, a guy we go to school with, and their co-worker that I’ve never met (I come up with some good stuff when I’m taking medicine).  All I’ve got to say is–Mark Zuckerberg, I may have been the only person on the planet that hated the Social Network but right now, I could hug you…and I hate hugs.


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