Nerd Love: 9x-7i<3(3x-7u), solve for i

Published June 16, 2011 by jrm17
The answer is i<3u for those of you who are mathematically challenged (much like me), which brings me to my nerdy topic of the day. I was lacking inspiration when I got a funny suggestion  for a new post: compare the sex appeal of glasses v. contacts.  I’m not sure I have much expertise here so I went to streets to figure out which is better (okay, so I asked my mom and whoever was on Facebook…and got a huge lack of answers.  I know: I’m such a great investigative journalist.  Just call me Woodward and Bernstein).
I guess I’ll start with the opinion of the person who gave me the idea–plus, he’s the only guy I asked and Mike wears glasses so he’s got an idea of what’ up.  He said, “Well glasses are easier and there’s nothing wrong with looking intelligent. On the other hand, contacts will make it appear as though you have perfect eyesight and are a better mate physically. I can go without my glasses. I just like looking intelligent.” (Thanks for your very scientific answer, nerd boy lol.)
So my mom didn’t really answer the question when I asked her.  She just kind of grinned and pointed out that Howie Long, former Oakland Raider, wears glasses (She really like Howie Long).  And that my dad occasionally wears his glasses…and looks like Howie Long when he does.
Since no one on Facebook wanted to talk about it (seriously guys?), I googled it.  Apparently, nerdy is the new hottie biscotti because I found a ton of girls saying they love guys in glasses.  My favorites were Yahoo! Answers responses by monami and JaneInSeattle: “The right glasses on a guy are hot as hell, but a guy wearing glasses that doesn’t need them is just unbelievably pretentious.”  and “I like my guy with them. He looks like a dork.” 
Guys seemed to have the same opinion online (okay, a little dirtier but the same opinion).  On, b g. wrote, “I love that naughty librarian look.  Glasses can be VERY hot.”  And of course, “I have a nerd girl fetish so the glasses are a big plus,” by luis m.  Plus, there seemed to be an overwhelming belief that glasses are the reason so many guys find Tina Fey and Sarah Palin sexy.

As for me, I’ve given this a lot of thought (like I said, I’m no expert) but I have a thing for nerds and they tend to have glasses so I guess that kind of makes up my mind for me.  However, my favorite nerd, Sheldon Cooper, doesn’t but that doesn’t make him the most attractive one.  I kind of have an addiction to 90210 and I’m kind of envious of Naomi Clark.  She happens to have this really hot nerd boyfriend, Max, who (shockingly) rocks the glasses (the guy on the far right played by Josh Zuckerman).  Then again, I also really like Liam (the one of the left played by Matt Lanter) who is neither a nerd nor wears glasses.  Plus, there’s Navid on 90210–a nerd without glasses. 

So what has all this taught us?  Well, that maybe I need to stop watching so much 90210 because obviously I’m confusing it with real life.  Also, that everyone loves a nerd (After all, Justin Timberlake did bring sexy back and he wears glasses.).  So bring on the revenge of the nerds because I think I’d like to see them overthrow the jocks in the dating world (As someone who has spent way too much time with these guys, they deserve to be taken down a few notches.).


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