Rule 10: Remember–Pants=Love. Love your pals. Love yourself.

Published June 18, 2011 by jrm17

I can still remember the first time I read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashears in the seventh grade.  Being the nerd my best friend (seriously, picture a tiny little girl with a mess of curly hair and glasses and braces–even though she will kill me for the reminiscing) and I were…okay, still are, we went through books like we went through her moms cookies (The chocolate with mint are still one of my favorites).  One day in library, Camille demanded I read some book.  She handed it to me and I thought, “Why is she trying to make me read a book about pants?”  All my skepticism was killed as soon as I started it…and finished it in one day.  I picked up my copy of the first book the other day and was transported back to the seventh grade only to realize that as much as the girls changed over the course of the books, I (and my friends) have changed just as much since reading them the very first time (and the subsequent…oh, 100 times).

Back then, I was a total Tibby–angsty and weird (not that I’m still not weird).  I wanted to be Tibby so much that my ninth grade Power Puff t-shirt has Tibbadee on the back (lame, I know).  Tibby learned a lot about accepting people throughout the serious–her little brother and sister, her parents, Brian, Bailey.  Her life was so far from perfect and she really resented that but I think that by the end of the series, she realized that no one’s is perfect and she was happy (or as happy as Tibby could be) with the one she had.  I think I’ve learned the same lesson.  I’ll go ahead and quote Hunter S. Thompson–I’m buying the ticket and taking the ride. 

Bridgette is more like the high school me (The confident, athletic Bee, not the weirdo one she is in the second book).  Okay, I’m still a complete jock.  As in I can kick almost any boy’s butt at most sports and if I can’t, I can definitely give them a run for their money.  I’m pretty secure with who I am but still as Bridgette’s therapist described her, “Single minded to the point of recklessness.”  I cannot explain how perfect of a description that is considering I have the feeling both of us are prone to unintentional self-destruction.

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve been trying to figure out how exactly I relate to Lena and Carmen and, truthfully, I don’t think I do.  I’m not beautiful and exotic like Lena.  I’m not quite as fiery or self-centered as Carmen.  However, I do know a perfect Lena…and that would be Camille, my best friend who made me read the books in the first place.  I’m not sure she realizes just how cute she is and how she manages to make every single person around her like her.  I’ve said this since the beginning of our friendship in the sixth grade and I will say it for the rest of our friendship: I would hate her if she weren’t my best friend and she knows it because she’s too freaking perfect.  As for Carmen, I don’t think I know anyone like her and that really bothers me.  My new goal is to search everywhere until I can find the Carma to my Tibbadee (or at least, it’s that until I get bored and pick a new project).

The one thing the Septembers (the four girls) have that I envy is the bond between them that lasted forever.  Friendships have crashed and burned since first reading the books for me but now, I think I’ve found the bestie that will stick around because, as we find hilariously true, there aren’t any cosmic powers out there that can tear us apart now (especially since we just bought some really awesome bestie bracelets).


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