The Search for The One…well, It’s Over for Me

Published December 22, 2011 by jrm17

No, I’m not talking about your soul mate in that sense.  I’m talking about the other kind–your best friend (or best friends in my case).  They are always there to pick you up when you’re down, laugh with you, and be mad for you.  But how exactly do you know if the relationship is for real and will last forever?  How do you know if you have found the One or Ones?  Well, I’m not sure how you are supposed to tell, but I’m pretty sure I’ve my kindred spirits in my girls.

It’s funny.  They say that the people you’re friends with in high school, you won’t still be friends later on.  Okay, this might be true for the most part but I’ve got two of them that are in for the long haul that I’ve had with me since our time together at BHS–Camille and Jess.

Now, Camille, she’s been around since middle school and she definitely isn’t going anywhere.  I figure she’s been around me long enough to know what’s she’s gotten herself into.  But when I think about how I know she’s going to be there, well, it’s because she always has been.  She was the one who carried my books for me the million times I was on crutches.  She was the one who sent the best get well package in the world when I broke my leg.  She’s the one who I always listen to even when everyone else is telling me the same thing in a time when advice is a necessity (My mom thanks the Lord Camille is always right when it comes to this stuff).  There’s not one thing I would change about this girl.  My favorite thing about us is that our first impressions of each other all the way back in the sixth grade still hold true today.  I wanted to be friends because she seemed like the smartest person in the class (Yeah, I would call little miss Pharmacy school brilliant.  Plus, she’s the reason I passed AP Chemistry…and the reason I took it).  She always tells the story as, “I thought, ‘Wow!  This girl talks a lot.  We should be friends.”  I won’t dispute that in slightest.  She is the kindest, most caring person I know and she’s so freaking perfect that if she weren’t my best friend, I’d hate her (and she knows it and just laughs every time I tell her).  I know no matter what choices I make in life, Camille will support them (and tell me how stupid they are if that’s required).

Jess (or Jess-squared as we prefer) is a bit of a different story.  We haven’t known each other as long as me and Camille.  But most peculiar is the fact that we hated each other for the first 2 or so years that we knew each other…and we both openly acknowledged this.  And I think that’s the reason I know we are meant to be best friends.  Don’t get me wrong.  We love each other now and we’d be there for each other in heart beat but the fact we were both so open about not liking each other has probably made our friendship as strong as it is today.  I’m not afraid to be the biggest bitch in the world around her because she’s thought that about me a million times and knows that’s who I am.  However, she also knows that when push comes to shove, I usually do try my best to play nice.  Neither of us really care about judging each other because of how our relationship started and that makes being ourselves a lot easier because we’ve already thought the worst of each other.  It’s also probably why we never really care that to most people we come off as the worst best friends ever since we sometimes go months without talking or seeing each other (We’re getting better.  We talk at least once a month now). But our friendship works the way it is. And to think, we bonded because we got screwed over in softball tryouts.  We should probably thank our former coach for pissing us both off enough to make us realize we actually do get along.

Whit rocking the brithday party for me.

Jess-squared isn’t my only oddly formed friendship though.  When it comes to Whitney, we became best friends sometime in college…but we went to high school together.  You see, Whit was FFA and I was more all-American with my sports and clubs and committees and AP classes and stuff.  It was your classic case of jock versus redneck.  It’s not that we didn’t get along in high school.  We knew of each other (kind of hard not to in a school that small) but we just hung out with different crowds.  Then we got to college and sort of decided at freshman orientation, “Hey, I kind of know this person so I’ll stick with her.”  And the rest is history.  No one would have ever thought we’d be as close as we are looking back but the fact is we have a lot in common and open each other up to a lot of new things.  She helps me bring out my redneck side and my girly side (She’s the reason I own both Mossy Oak and Vera Bradley).  I get her to see it’s okay to be mean sometimes–you just have to sometimes–and I get her to step outside of her comfort zone, be adventurous when I can.  Our views on things differ sometimes but we accept that.  She’s the friend that will try to protect my feelings but make sure I know what she thinks.  She’ll approach my stupidity or indecisiveness tactfully.  It will be gentle but clear.  I’ll be the one to help her when she’s going nuts from her innate ability to not say no to people and let her vent (It’ll end up in laughter because Whit in her mood cracks me up).  We are probably two of the stupidest people in the world but we’re both the perfect combination of redneck and girly that makes our friendship one heck of an adventure.

Kat, you can be my wingman anytime.

My final best friend…well, we’re so similar it’s kind of creepy.  The knowledge that your friendship is Kismet kind of hits you when you are opening Christmas gifts and you’ve bought each other something to do with Vampire Diaries.  Kat and I have only been friends a few months but it’s like we’ve known each other forever (a week of living with each other on vacation probably helped but it would’ve happened anyway).  We knew it would all work when we decided to have a shopping spree prior to vacation.  We both came with the same things in mind: shorts, sweats, and nerdy t-shirts.  What did we end up with.  Well, shorts (me with polka-dotted jean shorts and Kat with Soffees), nerdy t-shirts (I got Mario and TMNT while Kat got Batman and Rugrats), Pink sweats (matching black for me and blue for her), and because we love our nerdy boyfriends so dearly, hand sanitizer that proclaimed our love for geeks.  Between being proud we could order sushi without our boys, random trips to Party City, and the things that happen when the two of us drink together (not that we’re any less weird sober together), it’s definitley a friendship that will last.  Kat is the friend I can always count on to make me laugh or get me to do something crazy and out of my comfort zone.  She’s also the one who will be there to watch whatever dumb movie we’ve picked out and happily plot revenge on anyone who’s screwed us over.  She’ll be the one I spend an entire day doing nothing but watching movies and making Wegman’s runs for sushi, chocolate Chex mix, coffee and whatever junk food catches our eye with.

Yep.  I’m pretty sure I’ve found my soul mates.  They are definitely a diverse bunch but they are the best friends you could ask for.  Each one serves a different purpose in my life but each one makes me smile, too.  A lot of people probably think they have found their kindred spirit in a best friend (and I hope everyone is as lucky as me in finding the Ones) but I hate to break it to you: you will never have friends cooler or weirder or more fun than me.


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