Let’s Play Trivia Time!

Published December 28, 2011 by jrm17

The other night I was watching that new game show that Ben Bailey from Cash Cab hosts: Who’s Still Standing?  One of the contestants gave his occupation and my jaw dropped.  It was the coolest job I have ever heard of and officially my new dream job.  He was co-owner of a trivia company.

Now, I’m not entirely sure if his job is what I think it is but in my head, his job is to research new trivia questions for games and books and the such.  So I took it upon myself to come up with some trivia questions specific to my friends and family.

The first question would go to my best friend Whitney.  Whit happens to love country music as much as I do and she happens to like some Laura Bell Bundy as I do.  So I figured out the perfect question for her.  One that I’m sure she won’t be able to answer without the help of Google.  What television show was Laura Bell Bundy on for three years before she began her rise to country fame?  I will give her bonus points if she can tell me the character’s name as well with her answer.

The next one comes for my fellow Ghost Hunters lover, Kat.  I am pretty confident that she’ll be able to answer it without having to look it up.  It might take her a few minutes to come up with the entire answer but I believe in her.  To preface, we both love Ghost Hunters and pretty much anything involving the paranormal but we agree that TAPS does it best.  I mean, come on.  How could you not be the best with Jason and Grant as lead investigators and two cute goofs like Steve and Tango tagging along?  So my question for Kat is What are all the places that TAPS has done a live investigation for Ghost Hunters?  The bonus for Kat is if she can name them in chronological order.

For my next question, I’m taking on my very nerdy boyfriend.  Okay, Michael, you think you are so smart.  And I know we’ve had a conversation similar to what my question for you is.  How many relationships has Leonard had on Big Bang Theory?  Not that I want to give you an opportunity for bonus points but since I gave them to Kat and Whit, you get bonus if you can name all of the girls as well.  And no cheating!  You aren’t allowed to Google it because I said so 🙂

My daddy was kind of tough to come up with a question for that was specific to him and was something he could possibly answer without help.  I gave it a lot of thought and he actually gave me some inspiration when he asked me if he could wear his Duke shirt the other day (We aren’t allowed to wear our teams on game day.  It may be superstitious but I don’t like taking chances when it comes to Duke).  After I got the topic, there were a million directions I could go with pertaining to Duke basketball.  I could ask about players or records or Cameron Crazies or traditions or Speedo Guy.  I decided players was the best route to take.  So, Daddy, who were the starting five for our 2010 National Championship team?  Take your time.  It was a while ago…and you missed it because you got called into work.  And since your question is a little harder, I’ll give you an easy bonus (and this better be easy if you know me at all):  Who was named Most Outstanding Player that year?

So, my mom was just as hard to come up with a question for.  She knows a lot of random stuff and has a lot of interests.  Anything I ask her, she will probably know from her own knowledge or something that I have told her over the years.  I came to the conclusion for a few topics I could pick from: Baltimore Orioles, Vampire Diaries, Sweet Home Alabama, song lyrics.  Because I’m lame and never chose anything over Vampire Diaries, that was the final topic I picked.  Then I had to figure out what direction to take that in. Of course, me being me, I chose the Damon route (It was between that and Katherine.  Kind of a hard choice except for the fact Damon’s hot).  I came up with some good questions that she will never be able to answer without help but I finally made a decision: How many of Damon’s kills have been revived by the magical rings (And yes, we will count multiple killings of the same person as different kills).  For bonus, you can tell me how many people Damon has killed throughout the show.  And on a side note, in my research I found an interesting fact that you will probably enjoy since you know the secret about the new episodes that I told you: Thus far, Damon has kissed all of the Petrova Doppelganger’s that the audience knows exists.

Since I’m such a nice person and I know a few of my questions will not get answered, I will post the answers later today.  If any of you that I asked a question to (or if I didn’t ask you), you can comment the answer and I’ll let you know if you’re right before the answers are posted.


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