The Ghost of New Year’s Eves Past

Published January 1, 2012 by jrm17

Yesterday there was a How I Met Your Mother marathon on and me being me, I watched a few hours of it.  In one episode, Ted set out to celebrate the perfect New Year’s–of course, only to be let down by his high expectations.  For some reason, I kind of felt the same way about this year but it didn’t turn out anything like I thought it would…

My original thoughts were dismissed so I ended up spending it with me family (usually a means for some form of self-medication being necessary).  In previous years, the holiday has never gone all that pleasant when in the presence of the relatives because we can’t seem to be in the same room and get along for more than half an hour at a time…and I figured we used up all our getting along at Christmas.

Surprisingly, we managed to have a meal where no one fought and no food was thrown and the conversation was nothing that made me want to jam my fork into something other than my food.  Okay, so I’m partially biased here because we were at my favorite restaurant–The Anvil–in Harpers Ferry, WV.  They have this salad with lump crab on top and their balsamic vinaigrette.  And then there’s these homemade chips and salsa.  Dude, it’s a weakness.  It’s like the chocolate equivalent of real food.  I’m pretty sure I ate an entire basket of chips by myself (I broke my rule of only eating green ones–they come in red, green, and white–because green in one of my favorite colors). 

Other than the food, it’s just a really good place.  The decor is homey and the waitress that we always have is just awesome.  My dad’s brother and his family were late so she was joking the whole time that the last one to the table foots the bill.  And considering we had a group of 9 and we are a pretty loud bunch, it’s perfect.  They are accommodating to large parties every year (or any other time we decide to stop by).

So we left after stuffing ourselves full of food and headed back to my gram’s house (she was watching Brylin, the baby in the family).  Being the weirdos we are, my parents, my aunt and her fiance, and I decided to go ghost hunting in Charles Town.

You see, we’ve been going on these really awesome ghost tours in C-Town.  The lady who runs it, Ann, is very knowledgable about the stories (She’s done her research) and in general, she’s just a really friendly person who can tell a really good story.  Well, we’ve been on it twice now (If necessary, my mom and I could probably give the tour).  So we’ve been following the stops and taking pictures to see what kind of stuff we can get.  This time my aunt and her fiance decided to come along with us since they had never done it before and were interested in it.

We started at the Blessing House.  This is probably one of the most haunted houses in C-Town and you can’t go inside.  Ever since the first time we went on the tour my mom has hated this house (She’s kind of clairsentience where she feels stuff).  It belonged to a baker with the last name of Blessing.  When John Brown was being held in Charles Town, Blessing befriended him by bringing him food to the prison.  John Brown gave Blessing his Bible before he was hanged, which is still inside of the house.  We’ve gotten pictures that appear to look like John Bron in the house.  But that’s not all we’ve gotten.  In the basement, we got about five faces including a baby.  Our veterinarian told us that it was used as a preschool once because he attended it. There’s this story that Ann tells about a medium touching the house and having her hand burned…no one else’s did when they touched it.

Last night, my aunt thought it would be cool to touch the house to see what would happen (She’s not any kind of sensitive and has seen none of the pictures we have taken.  She only knew the stories).  Afterwards, I was taking pictures with her and talking while the other three went over to the railroad tracks to take different pictures.  As we were leaving to go over with them, my aunt fell.  We all laughed and were making fun of her.  She was joking around that a ghost pushed her.  When we got back to her house and were working with the pictures, there was something in the window behind her in the picture right next to where she had touched.  Who knows?  Maybe it wasn’t such a joke after all and someone was telling her to back on up off the house.

We went to one of the graveyards after that and were goofing around.  The only thing that happened there was we explained the story of the little orphan girl of the graveyard.  She’s not an apparition–though we did get a weird ectoplasm behind her stone once.  She was young when she died and an orphan so Ann started leaving peppermints on her stone every time she would visit on the tour.  Now, the town has basically adopted her to let her know she’s loved and a lot of people leave mints for her.  On Christmas, Ann leaves her a stuffed animal each year.  We found two of them on the grave last night.  We finished by driving past the Zion graveyard.  We didn’t go in because it seemed that people were inside of the church but I don’t like this place.  I always feel uneasy in the graveyard and last time we were in the basement, I got sick.  There’s some weird stuff going on in C-Town…and not just the drunks coming out of the bar near the Blessing House, yelling “Whoo!  Go Redskins” as they pass us by.

As for a midnight kiss, mine came at about eleven when Brylin got his second wind and was running and screaming around the house.  I probably got the best kiss out of everyone in the whole world because I got kissed by the cutest little boy in the whole world.

I can’t say that any of this was what I had planned for ringing in 2012 but I guess I learned the same thing as Ted.  There’s no such thing as the perfect New Year’s Eve and you just got to roll with whatever plans come your way and make the best of them.  I spent it at my favorite restaurant, goofing off as we ghost hunted, kissed one of my favorite boys in the world and somewhere along the line changed out of a dress into a Mossy Oak tee and sweats while listening to BG.  And to top it all off, I was watching Sweet Home Alabama at midnight.  It may not have been your typical drunken New Year’s Eve but I definitely had some fun.

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