I Love Camping…As Long As It’s On My Couch.

Published January 5, 2012 by jrm17

That’s right.  Camping is awesome.  Not real camping, of course (When your hair is as frizzy and curly as mine after drying by itself, camping just doesn’t happen).  I’m talking about the kind of camping I’ve been doing all break (and plan on doing for the remainder of it), the kind that comes when you park your butt on the couch and don’t move all day long (okay, you move for a few reasons including food, bathroom, and when you get to the point where your head will explode if you don’t leave the house).  In order to make your camping trip the best it can be, there are a few necessary items you need.

Best pillow alternatives ever: O and Fluffy.

1) Pillows.  You might think this is because you are going to go back to the days of preschool and take a nap sometime throughout the day but that’s not necessarily true.  I use pillows for a few different things.  When my laptop gets really hot on my lap from my endless Facebooking or reading MLIA stories (Yeah, I’m a total MLIA-er), I stick a pillow underneath my computer and trudge on through my doing nothing-ness.  Pillows are also really good for leaning on as you read (This will come later in the list).  I’m a really antsy person and can never seem to get comfortable when I’m trying to read unless I’m sitting with something against my back.  That’s why I have like three pillows.  They are behind me so I’m at the perfect angle for the light coming from the lamp.  The final thing pillows are really, REALLY good for is as weapons.  I’ve got three cats and they like to be loved on…especially when you don’t want to deal with them.  If I place a pillow somewhere other than on me, my cats will go sleep on it (Okay, maybe it’s not a weapon but it’s useful in the war against feline love syndrome).  As a weapon, it comes when I need something to throw.  Whenever I need to get someone’s attention or need to retaliate for something, pillow gets grab and thrown at whoever (mostly, because it’s the laziest thing I can do).  If you are as lame as me, stuffed animals also work well for any of the above.  My poor purple dog, Fluffy, has been subjected to lots of being thrown moments.

2) Blankets (or hoodies).  I am one of those people who is always cold.  No matter how hot the fire gets to heat our house, my feet and hands will be freezing (These are also used as good weapons).  So before I set out to spend my day on the couch, I grab my favorite blanket (It’s really awesome blue and purple tye-dye) and throw on a hoodie.  It’s a really good idea to make sure it’s a hoodie.  The hood can keep people from noticing you are asleep when you inevitably (okay, at least for me) pass out.

3) Books.  This is exactly what I’ve accomplished doing all break.  I am working on making way through about five or so

Up next on the never ending book list of mine

books.  Obviously, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs was my favorite thus far.  I got through The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (and three other Capote novellas in the same book) and part way through The Girl Who Played With Fire (Chuck Klosterman’s appeal was too much to resist so I have up on the Millennium series for a bit).  Seinology: The Sociology of Seinfeld is currently what I’m focusing on.  There’s a very good chance it will be finished today (a VERY good chance).  The rest of my pile I want to get through before school starts up again is in my room just waiting: Stefan’s Diaries #4 (a spin-off of Vampire Diaries), The Rum Diary, Mommywood (I’ve got a Tori Spelling obsession.  Donna Martin graduates!  Donna Martin graduates!), and Eating the Dinosaur (I haven’t bought it yet but it won’t be long before I read another Klosterman book).  This is what’s keeping me sane since I have nothing to do.  Well…this and what comes next…

4) TV!  My month and half long camping trip has certainly done one thing for me–reaffirmed my love for cartoons and bad reality shows.  I am willing to admit that I am so lame that it’s come to me watching Arthur but Cartoon Network has interfered with some actual, good cartoons.  They’ve been running Flintstones and Camp Lazlo reruns and thanks to my DVR, all the ’90s reruns on TeenNick are keeping my attention since I’m asleep when they come on.  Worse than all of that is the fact that I’ve returned to Bravo.  It’s a shameful habit but I love Bravo reality shows.  The Rachel Zoe Project, Real Housewives (Only Beverly Hills and OC…and maybe Atlanta), and It’s a Brad, Brad World (OMG!  This was the most amazing thing ever!  Brad definitely deserved his own show).  Luckily, I’ve got some more respectable shows on my DVR and some movies to keep me from this terrible addiction.

5) Other people!  Okay, this one isn’t always necessary but it definitely makes things more interesting.  We’ve been occupying ourselves with poker, board games, and the Wii (Seriously, we can play Game Party for like hours at a time).  Our next plan is coming in the form of building a fort.  It’ll be a few days but I’m working on a plan for the most epic one ever.  Some new board games are on the horizon as well: Apples to Apples, The Big Bang Theory Game. But really, sometimes (This is the worst thing I could ever say) you don’t even need to have a real person with you.  You can rely on Facebook and texting.  It makes things less boring since you are still carrying on a conversation.  Granted, I will never condone virtual social interaction over actual face-to-face interaction but if necessary, it works.  It’s another way to keep yourself occupied.

Okay, it doesn’t seem like much but when you are as committed to accomplishing nothing else other than keeping yourself vaguely occupied as I am, you don’t need much.  My campsite is all set up so on to Seinology and the new Doctors episode.


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