Equal Means the Same for EVERYONE

Published February 6, 2012 by jrm17

I found this article that quickly got my attention.  A pastor in Washington is calling for a boycott against Starbucks because the company is supporting a legalize gay marriage bill in the state.  The USA Ministries is asking the churches to stop buying the coffee and to stop serving it at the church meetings and functions.  They say that supporting the bill is Starbucks turning against God and that they can “follow Satan if they want to.”  This got my mind going in a tizzy (Yes, even an article that’s like a whole 300 words can do that to me).

So it says in the article that Starbucks is joining over 100 other firms in their support including companies like Nike, Google, and Microsoft.  Are they planning on boycotting all those as well?  Is the church going to check your computer history to make sure you aren’t denying God by searching on Google or using Microsoft Office?  Wait, that might be good.  Would that be means of me not being able to do my papers because it would be against my religion to use Word?  And what about Nike?  Are they going to make their congregation stop wearing Nike sneakers and clothes?  Sorry, high school athletes that go to this church.  You can’t wear your sneakers to practice or any of your practice clothes.  Though, I guess it would be okay if they were forcing them to get rid of them to charity or something but that seems like a drastic measure.  I’d like to think they won’t take it that far.

Another issue that arises in my head is that Starbucks is Seattle-based.  As in Seattle, Washington.  The company started there so I feel like that’s just kind of wrong.  I understand they are taking a stand for their religion here but it seems weird to me.  Okay…maybe this is just me wanting to stick up for Starbucks because they generously produce enough caffeine to keep me functioning.  Because I probably wouldn’t think it was so bad if someone were boycotting one of our local coffee shops here.  Maybe it would depend on the shop.  I kind of have a soft spot for the Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co. so I would probably would ignore all protests unless it was something I really cared about.

My biggest issue with the whole thing is a matter of personal opinion.  I completely understand them boycotting in the name of their religion.  I commend them for feeling so strongly and sticking behind what they believe.  Now I would like to counter that with this: Why would you deny the gays the right to marry?

True love comes in any form. Photo courtesy of http://bloggledygook.files.wordpress.com

I get that homosexuality is a supposed to be a sin and I am Christian but I feel like this is more of a zeitgeist thing and that God will understand.  I think He probably kind of rolls with the times and is cool with it now.  So why would someone want to do that to another person?  A gay couple being in love is the same as a straight couple.  All they want to do is celebrate their love and committment to one another just like any other couple.  And don’t they deserve the same as a straight couple?  If you look at a couple like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, you cannot convince me that their love is not as real as my love for my boyfriend.  Their love is probably better because they are cuter together.  They are so committed to one another and it’s so adorable.  I mean look at their family–those kids and their dads taking care of them is so cute.  Same with Brad Goreski and his boyfriend.  They have been together 10 years and are still completely in love. I think God would rather us be kind and treat everyone equally than deny someone rights like this–not that I’m an expert of anything.

To me, denying gay marriage is just like segregation or not giving rights to women.  In the future, we will probably look back at this time with the same thoughts we have about those time periods.  I know there is still racism and those masochists who think women don’t deserve rights but for the most part, we think those ideas are stupid–which they are.  There will still be those close-minded people who think that gay people are so much different from straight people but why?  Because they are attracted to something different?  Big deal.  There’s a myriad of things people find attractive as straight so why can’t someone be attracted to the same gender?  Doesn’t everyone deserve the right to happiness?  Doesn’t everyone deserve the same rights as human beings (And by that I mean not murderers and stuff like that but just normal people).

As much as I get why they boycott is taking place, I think I’m going to do my own in sorts.  To show my support for gay marriage–despite the fact this bill is in Washington and, therefore, on the other side of the country–I will drink more Starbucks and search on Google more and…well, maybe not use Word…I can put off my papers for a while longer.  I would love to be able to convince everyone that equal rights is the way to go and prove that everyone truly is created equal but that has about as much possibility as me being the next great chemist.  So I’ll just do my part in voting and talking about what I think until someone eventually listens.  I think I can pull that one off.


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