Clear Eyes. Full Heart. Can’t Lose.

Published February 8, 2012 by jrm17

For my mom’s birthday, she got the entire series of Friday Night Lights.  And seeing as how I love me some football, I decided to watch it with her this time.  I’m not sure why I didn’t catch on to this earlier because I am in full addiction mode.  However, it seems that we cannot watch a show with having a debate over who the cutest guy is–Damon v. Jeremy (Okay, we both agree on Jeremy), Liam v. Austin, Max v. Liam…well, you get the picture.  This one’s no different.  It has become the Great Debate between Saracen and Riggins.

I want to preface my choice with two facts.  First off, I have never, ever had a thing for quarterbacks.  I like lineman and safeties and the occasional receiver or running back.  But never QBs.  Secondly, it is not because he is number 7.  There are plenty of guys who wear 7 that I don’t like (Can you say Billy Cundiff?  Okay, maybe it’s just because he’s a Raven but seriously, shanking that kick?  Let’s kick him out of Maryland).  All that aside, I love Matt Saracen.  The Panther’s QB1 is by far the cutest one playing on that field.  He’s good at his position and knows how to take the game into his own hands by watching game tapes and creating plays.  I mean, he did come up with the play that Coach Taylor let him use to win in the first season when Smash got benched.  My favorite thing about him on the field is that he’s a quiet leader.  He leads by example and never runs his mouth–like Smash.

However, it’s not his game that makes him adorable.  It’s everything that is shown when he isn’t under the lights.  He has a slight stutter.  He’s taking care of his grandmother who has Dementia while his dad is off fighting the war in Iraq.  His mom is MIA.  He has to work at the local ice cream place while being the star quarterback in a town where football means everything and keep up his grades so he can be on the team.  Plus, he’s dating the coaches daughter.  That’s another whole world of pressure.  I’ve never liked blondes either but there’s something about this one with the slow draw that got me hooked.

On the other hand, my mother is a die-hard Tim Riggins girl.  Dont’ get me wrong, I totally see where she’s coming from.  He’s a football player.  He’s hot in that brooding, damaged way in the same way as Ryan Atwood (Before he got all happy or whatever and I switched to Team Cohen).  He has some really nice hair.  I love a boy with nice hair and he’s got that long, brown hair that makes you get why he’s got the best rally girls.  And of course, Riggins is a bad boy.  He drinks.  He shows up late to practice (Okay, he did until Coach Taylor took care of that little issue).  His dad is a total douche and he lives with his brother.  He cheated with his paralyzed best friend’s girlfriend.  He hurt Tyra.  He shows no mercy when he lays a hit on the other team.  There’s that crooked smirky little grin that he gets.  Okay, maybe it’s more of a wonder that I’m not a Riggins girl (But go watch Upping the Ante and look at Matt’s face when they kidnap him from Julie at Applebee’s.  We’ll just ignore the calendar shoot and the rally girls that come later).

The damaged thing is really what gives Riggins an edge.  The way he acted when his dad beat him in golf and, therefore, didn’t have to come watch the game in Dillon was so Ryan Atwood it was sad.  Riggins doesn’t run his mouth like Smash either but he’s not quiet like Saracen.  He’s going to be the one to throw a punch.  There’s nothing wholesome about him and that’s why I’m outvoted on the issue probably.

Nonetheless, there actually seems to be a consensus about who the actual hottest guy on the Dillon field is (Yes, we’ve taken a poll).  And he isn’t a player.  Coach Eric Taylor is by far the best out of any male on the field.  He’s balls to the wall and looks out for his players (Or else Smash’s butt would have been in some deep trouble).  He’s always conflicted about doing what’s best for him and his family or doing what’s best for the team and, therefore, the town.  He’s hilarious in that cocky way (We cracked up in Upping the Ante last night when he asked Smash, “What the hell you want?  A hug or something?).  And he doesn’t take out the lawsuit on Jason Street.  He respects the boy and continues to be his coach. There is nothing cuter than his relationship with his wife (except for maybe his accent).  She wears the pants but their dynamic is adorable.  They probably have the best relationship–real or fake–ever.

That’s why the females are actually the ones who rule this show.  Friday Night Lights would be nothing without Tammy Taylor, Tyra, Matt’s grandma, and Julie (Yes, I am skipping Lyla Garrity because she, much like her father, annoys me endlessly).  I love that all the girls can talk about football including Matt’s grandma–especially when she’s trying to get the 411 on Smash being benched from Julie.  I’m not far enough to know for sure but I’m pretty sure that Tyra and Julie being friends will be my favorite thing seeing as how I wish I could be Tyra’s friend (Plus, they did have a girl’s night Matt’s grandma and had her drinking wine).

This debate will never end.  It will be like Team Bullet and Team Frank or Team Cohen and Team Atwood on The OC.  I will stand by that Riggins can continue to be everyone else’s favorite because it just means that I get to have Matt Saracen all to myself.


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