Having Nerds in Your Life Has Its Perks

Published February 13, 2012 by jrm17

I figured that I should probably do something about Valentine’s Day (even though it is officially outranking Thanksgiving as my least favorite holiday) or at least relationship related.  After thinking and thinking, I came up with one solution: the perks of having a nerdy boyfriend and what nerds teach you (And all his nerdy friends).1) Sometimes nerd television is really good.  I had a penchant for some Syfy stuff before Michael came along but I found out that there’s more than just Dark Angel, Big Bang Theory, and Being Human out there.  After some persuasion on his part (Seriously, saying it’s cowboys in space was not going to be a selling point), I gave in to watching Firefly…and I like it (Okay the whole 2 part pilot was way too long but I figured everything out and was good to go for the second one).  However, I’ve come to one giant conclusion: good nerdy shows get cancelled way too early.  Not that I have much knowledge or experience with Firefly, there were only 13 episodes despite the fact it gets a 9.3 out of 10 on IMDB user ratings.  It seems like a trend since Dark Angel is something I do have great experience with and I can honestly say that the show was ended way before its time.  I hated the final episode.  It left so much to be desired (And this was after sitting for days watching nothing but the series the whole way through.  Yeah, snow storms suck).  Dark Angel ended after 2 seasons, only 41 episodes.  Really?  I mean it was James Cameron and everything about this show was amazing from Jessica Alba to the writing to the plot to Jensen Ackles…and everyone will tell you they love Joshua.

2) Nerds are the best boyfriends because they aren’t afraid to do stupid stuff with you.  Considering how much time I’ve spent with jocks and the like, I can say most of them (at least, the ones I know) are not willing to spend days baking, playing cards or board games, watching Disney movies, or wrestling.  Nerds don’t really care.  Actually, that’s how we spend most days.  I don’t think I know any jocks who would be willing to sit through a 2 hour game of UNO or play Bullshit with a very strategic understanding of the game.

3) Having conversations with nerds is just better.  They know at least something about whatever you are talking about or they are willing to listen so they can learn about it.  And the conversations can take some serious bunny trails and go off on tangents that lead you to places you never imagined (or wanted) your conversations to go.  Michael’s friend Jared can take a normal conversation and take it from nerdy to weird and you won’t even know how you got there.  It can go from the movie you are watching (They know everything including the directors, previous work, and what the film is based on) and end up on religion.  It’s definitely helpful if you are taking classes on what the conversation turns to so that you can figured out what you miss in class (Or in my case, it gives you a chance to argue in computer classes because you learn things from these nerdy boys that the professor is oblivious to).

4) Nerds find better stuff on the internet.  I guess it’s just a trait that comes along with the title but it’s held true in my case.  I’m pretty sure most people won’t find a photo of a wedding cake that looks like Pokemon stadium and most it on my wall as a suggestion or have their favorite online shop be one where you can by lightsaber chopsticks (Okay, so ThinkGeek has some pretty cool stuff for those of us who teeter between normal and nerdy too).  Maybe it’s just because they don’t do much else other than look for funny pictures and articles but it has its benefits. And what’s even better is that they can fix you computer (Unless of course, someone gets a mug that says “No I will not fix you computer” and decides it’s right.  Or I won’t let him).

5) Parties are a little more entertaining that just standing around talking (Well, that happens but refer to #3).  Have you ever played air hockey with 4 goals, 6 pucks, and 4 people using 6 paddle things?  Yeah, I didn’t think many people have.  Or have you ever spent the night playing ISpy games on the Wii after making a Game Stop and Yogi Castle run?  Spent the night watching Ghost Hunters?  Watched like 2 anime series over the course of like 2 days?  Yeah, welcome to my world.  Sometimes it sucks (Like when you really hate the anime and they refuse to watch anything else) but most of the time it makes for some serous fun.

Okay, so I’m sure that these things can happen without nerds or a lot of non-nerds take part in the same things my nerds do but it’s what I’ve learned.  Sometimes it’s gets a little scary when they go really deep into nerdom and I have no clue what’s going on but you get used to it and figure out how to bring them back to the real world.  Plus, you need to get on nerds’ good sides…they are probably going to be the ones to save us when the Apocalypse comes (I think Sam Winchester is a good example here).  Trust me, they are already know what they are going to do when zombies attack.


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