Vampire Diaries Spinoff Show? It’s Either Going to Be the Most Brilliant Thing Ever or Massively Crash and Burn

Published February 17, 2012 by jrm17

I have some potentially fantastic news:  there is a Vampire Diaries companion show in the talks on the CW.  I say potentially because there isn’t much known since the show is still in the development stage but they were hoping to have it on the pilot up for consideration in the 2011-2012 season (Guess that didn’t work out for them).  I also say potentially because of The Secret Circle.  You see, I love the books (They are written by the same author and the show is done by the same people) but I just cannot hold my focus on the show.  I try every week but I haven’t been able to completely become enthralled in it).According to E!, Kevin Williamson, one of the writers for Vampire Diaries, will be writing for the companion show and producer Julie Plec will also be involved.  I have mixed feelings on this.  On one hand, I think it’s great because it will be true to the Vampire Diaries style.  The writing for the show is brilliant.  I think it pays homage to LJ’s original characters’ personalities very well.  Damon has brilliant one-liners.  Stefan is always in a constant internal conflict, which rolls over into the writing and Paul Wesley’s acting well.  Elena is…well, Elena is as Katherine put it, “Dull as dishwater,” which is not true to the books.  However, I think with them bringing in Katherine as such as strong character as oppose to how she was in the books, it works well having Elena not be tough or strong like she has grown to be in the books.  The thing that makes me iffy on the choice is Stefan’s Diaries.  Both Plec and Williamson work on the spinoff (or would it be prequel?) series about Stefan’s (and Damon’s to an extent) adventures as a vampire before returning to Mystic Falls and meeting Elena.  The first three books were good as far as I remember.  I recall reading them very quickly because they aren’t very long.  But I just got around to reading the fourth one and I can assure you that I won’t be reading any more of them.  It took me around two weeks to finish a book that was just over 200 pages.  Despite the fact, I had classes to deal with in conjunction with reading it, it still shouldn’t have taken that long.  I read Eating the Dinosaur in about a week while having classes and much more work to do.  I couldn’t get into the story and every time I picked up the book, telling myself I was going to finish, I would find a way to distract myself from reading because I didn’t care about the plot.  Maybe it’s that Plec and Williamson are more suited for television that literature because I have never thought that way about an episode of Vampire Diaries.  I’m going to hope that I’m right on this one and that using the same production crew for the companion show is a smart choice.

What is really going to make or break the show (with the assumption that Williamson and Plec will do just as well on the companion as they have with the original) is going to be who they decide to make the show around and what the premise is going to be.  Recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding the idea of it being about Elijah.  Daniel Gillies–the man behind the suit and adorable accent–mentioned the possibility of an Originals show, saying, “I can always come back.  Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from The Vampire Diaries,” in this Hypable article (Let’s hope nothing scarier than wild horses gets to him because I might just be in lust).  I love this idea!  I absolutely love Elijah (He won me over the minute he said he believed the word Elena was looking for was OMG.  Plus, he’s so cute with him having probably the most humanity and sense out of all the vampires).  And honestly, I love the Originals.  I have a huge crush on Klaus and I wish I was as cool as Rebekah.  I’m glad the two of them are still currently in the Vampire Diaries plot (Even though I’m sad Elijah left).  I’m really pulling for a Caroline/Klaus romance because Tyler is starting to get on my nerves and Klaus is really, really cute with her.  Gillies told the Huffington Post that he, Claire Holt (Rebekah), and Joseph Morgan (Klaus) have discussed the Originals spinoff and he sees it as a more adult show where they are like the vampire Sopranos.  I like it.  I think the Originals could make a very interesting show.  We could bring back Cole because I think with the right character development, I would like him or at least, care enough to hate him.  Esther wasn’t too bad so she could be an addition but I really didn’t like Finn.  He can stay away.

Hollywood Life said that they wanted the show to be around Lucy, Bonnie’s witch cousin who helped Katherine (and then Bonnie) back at the Masquerade ball so long ago.  I could possibly get on board with this.  I like Lucy except every time I look at her I think Sweet Home Alabama instead of Vampire Diaries.  But I think for the show to work, it will have to be about a more prominent character.  Lucy was only in one episode so the audience doesn’t have any attachment to her the way they do the Originals or Alaric or Bonnie or Caroline or Elena or Katherine or Tyler or Matt or the Salvatores…okay you get the point.  I have two ideas on where they could take the show (and I’d be totally willing to let them use my ideas as long as the show doesn’t end up sucking).

My first idea is to have it be about Jeremy.  He’s not on the original show right now because Elena wanted to save him but I don’t think Jeremy can be saved.  He seems like the kind of guy who supernatural stuff is just going to keep finding–especially since he is a Gilbert.  He keeps having vampire and witch girlfriends without even realizing it most of the time in the beginning so why would that change where he is now?  It could surround him in his new life where the town mirrors Mystic Falls in that it has a lot of supernatural happenings.  He could accidentally get caught up in a group of supernatural beings (I think it should probably be witches since I feel as if he would have a vendetta against vampires at this point).  They could get involved with a group of evil vampires (maybe here’s where the Originals come in even though I don’t think all of them are evil).  This would be a way to keep the shows intertwined and have the opportunity for crossovers to work spectacularly.  Plus, I know I am not the only girl out there who was devastated when Jeremy left Mystic Falls.

My other idea is to have it be about Katherine.  We all know that she has to be doing some crazy stuff when she’s not in Mystic Falls and that she has a way of getting into trouble no matter where she is because she can charm over anyone (Okay, almost anyone).  Other than Caroline and Rebekah, she is my favorite female character.  I love how strong and badass she is.  She has enough personality to be the lead character in a show.  I’m  not really sure how the plot would go, however.  I think it would probably have to be about her encountering other past burned bridges.  Knowing Katherine the way we do, it’s inevitable that she has made a lot of enemies during her immortal life (Both with supernatural beings and humans) and they are all probably trying (or at least wanting) to get revenge on her.  I think this would work because she is the complete opposite of our Vampire Diaries lead, Elena.  Plus, with her being the lead like Jeremy, she offers the opportunities for crossovers.

Whenever the show does air (if it ever does), I know my butt will be in front of the television from minute one.  I’ll be willing to give it a shot for quite a few weeks (If I’ve given The Secret Circle this long, I’ll probably stick out the companion for Vampire Diaries until the end).  This has the potential to be one of the smartest things the CW has ever done.  Let’s hope they don’t mess it up like they seem to have the tendency to do.


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