The Best Fights Are The Ones Where You Are Pitted Against Yourself

Published February 22, 2012 by jrm17

Sometimes I only go see movies or watch new television shows because a character or actor from another work I like is in it.  Sometimes this is a really smart thing to do and sometimes I am force to think about the stupid decisions I make.  This is the reason I will most likely be going to see John Carter since I love me some Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins.  I was thinking about this as I saw the ad for John Carter and decided to compare my favorite characters against their counterparts.

1.  George Tucker v. Jason Street

I figured I’d start out with one that I am constantly talking about and it’s Friday Night Lights like Riggins.  Here’s the break down: Scott Porter plays George Tucker on Hart of Dixie.  George Tucker is the town lawyer and all around nice guy who looks out for everyone.  He is also Lemon Breeland’s fiance and she is very jealous of his friendship with the female lead, Zoe Hart (We’ll get to her later).  On FNL, Porter plays Jason Street, the quarterback who takes a hit that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down in the pilot episode and he is the on-again, off-again love interest of Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly).

Now I think Porter is a good actor and does an excellent job in both roles.  With that said, I will pick George Tucker over Street every time.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like Street.  He’s Riggins best friend and he makes me laugh when he tries to be a hard ass.  But I just don’t think he’s all that cute.  Maybe it’s because I’m only part way into the first season and he’s been busy pining after Lyla Garrity and I can’t stand that girl.  The truth is that I didn’t even like George Tucker to begin with in Hart of Dixie but Porter has brought something to the role as the character has developed that makes me like George Tucker.  That’s not saying that I will pick George Tucker over Wade but I do like him.  I don’t really know what the difference is between the two that makes me like George Tucker more than Street since they are both nice guys from the South but there’s a difference that Porter brings to the table in Hart of Dixie that makes him a much better (and cuter) actor.

2. Dean Winchester v. Tom Hanniger

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester courtesy of

Okay, so I could’ve have picked Alec from Dark Angel or Priestly from Ten Inch Hero or that awful character Jensen Ackles played in  Devour but there’s a reason I picked Tom Hanniger from My Bloody Valentine 3D.  Dean is cocky and sarcastic and funny and self-deprecating and self-sacrificing and an all around awesome guy.  He’s the kind of guy that makes the girls want him (Guilty as charged) and the guys want to be him (Just ask my cousin why Dean Winchester is cool.  Yeah, it has something to do with the girls, the leather jacket, the gun, and the Impala).  Tom Hanniger on the other hand is somewhere between very Dean and very much the anti-thesis of Dean.  You see, I have watched My Bloody Valentine about as many times as I have watched Supernatural (Okay, take in consideration that one’s a show and one’s a movie but you get the point).  And I have watched the original My Bloody Valentine an additional million times.  And I can never decide which side of the fence Tom falls on (Or in the original’s case, TJ).

We’re going to base this on the new one though since that involves Jensen.  Tom, for most of the movie, I feel is a huge sissy.  I mean he couldn’t even take the punch in the bar.  He stands up for himself with Axel but it’s not completely convincing.  He left town because he couldn’t handle life after the mining accident.  He pines after Sarah without actively pursuing her.  None of that is Dean Winchester.  But then I can see glimpses of Dean (I think these are the times when he’s probably off his meds as bad as that sounds).  Like when he asks the older miner how his arm is after they fought.  Or how he acts when he’s trying to save Sarah from Axel when he is convinced Axel is Harry Warden.  I think the problem I have with Jensen playing a character not all that strong is because he has done such a great job as Dean Winchester and that’s the person I instantly associate him with.  It probably helps that Alec was just a younger version of Dean and I can differentiate Priestly thanks to the mohawk (Plus, he still has Dean’s sense of humor).  In the end, I always have been and always will be a Dean girl.

3.  Summer Roberts v. Zoe Hart

Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts courtesy of

This is the reason I started watching Hart of Dixie because I loved Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts in The O.C. and basically, Hart of Dixie is like The O.C. but in Alabama (which makes it better in my opinion and of course, Josh Schwartz is in charge of both shows so it kind of makes sense).  Summer started off the series as the best friend of Marissa Cooper and the crush of Seth Cohen.  She was really superficial and kind of mean.  She changed over the series to outshine Marissa and become a really funny, smart, still kind of mean girl who always did what was best for everyone and was true to herself (as long as she knew who that was).  Zoe is the new doctor in Bluebell, coming to Alabama straight from New York City.  It’s your typical fish out of water story.

This has the same premise as my Jensen Ackles opinion.  There are times when I think Zoe is Summer but for the most part, I think Summer is a better character.  Zoe doesn’t know who she is or what she wants out of life.  I know this is part of the character and it has major purpose in the plot of the show but to me, that makes her weaker than Summer.  This will probably change and as the series goes on, the character development will make her a strong female character and then Summer and Zoe will be on the same level.  The one thing I can say that I love about both characters is that when they do know what they want, they do their best to get it.  Summer got Cohen from Anna.  Zoe almost got Wade during the heat wave (I still do not understand why she didn’t just kiss him even though it was over.  Can someone please explain this to me?).  What I get from Rachel playing both characters is that I love her and she is probably my favorite actress.  She kicks butt in all her roles and I like all her character choices.

4. Volcheck v. Every other character Cam Gigandet has ever played that I’ve seen

Let me preface this with I liked Volcheck in The O.C.  He may have been a bad guy in the sense of his drug use and alcohol abuse and his police record but there’s something about him I always really liked (I think it had something to do with how he acted after he killed Marissa…and his smile).  He was never enough to get me away from Team Cohen but I was always pulling for him to come out in not as much trouble as he should have.

I think this set a precedent for Gigadent as an actor because he did a really good job and I was going to be associating his with a badass.  That’s why I think he made an excellent James in Twilight.  James is clearly one of the worst vampires in the pathetic little world and he had to be pretty.  Okay, cam can do both of those obviously.  Then came him as Jack in Burlesque.  He still had his bad boy side.  He was a little more straight with the whole committed relationship thing but he does hook up with Christina’s character.  The one where he really breaks out of this is in The Roommate as Stephen.  I was really excited for this movie because he was in it, Matt Lanter was in is, and I knew that Leighton Meester could play an excellent psychopathic killer.  I was disappointed with how little Matt Lanter was in it but I was okay because Cam was still on the screen.  But then the end came and I completely was done.  The Cam Gigadent I have seen in previous roles would never get his butt kicked but Leighton Messter no matter how crazy she is.  And he definitely would NOT need Lyla Garrity coming to his rescue.  When it’s all said and done, I think when you look at him, it’s really hard to see him in a role where he is not a bad boy who can kick someone’s butt.  It doesn’t have to be the villain but he has to have an edge to him.

5. George Lutz v. the typical character Ryan Reynolds plays

I’ve got to say some things before I get into this one.  First off, I may possibly have a thing for violent sociopaths and, therefore, I completely understand if I am the only person who found Ryan Reynolds really hot as George Lutz.  Secondly, I can quite possibly find him sexy as any character because other than Colin Farrell and Ashton Kutcher, he is one of the only movie actors that I like.  Lastly, I am obsessed with anything related to the Amityville Horror so that also makes my weird crush make sense.

Okay, so George Lutz was the father in Amityville that started going crazy and eventually tried to kill his family after living in the DeFeo house for 28 days, basically reliving the murders of the DeFeo family.  That said, just about every other character (at least any that I can think of) has him as the protagonist.  He is the hero in action movies or superhero movies.  He is the cocky, hot lead in comedies.  He is Van Wilder.  I think that’s why I like him so much is that him being George Lutz showed that he can play a different role than he usually takes.  I don’t think anyone will ever believe him in an emotional, Nicholas Sparks-ish role like Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, and Ryan Gosling take but this was a way from him to expand his acting.  I loved him in The Change Up.  I loved him in Green Lantern (I don’t care how bad of a movie it was, if I get to see Ryan Reynolds without a shirt and like Tom Cruise in Top Gun within like 15 minutes, I’m good).  I loved him as Van Wilder.  He’s got the leading man ability and I will be glad to see him no matter what kind of role he takes.

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