I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life

Published February 27, 2012 by jrm17

I’m one of those people who actually enjoyed high school.  I had some awesome friends who were in almost every class I had because we were all lame together.  I had some of the coolest teachers in the world and I still talk to a few.  I could get away with the few things I did that broke the rules (It’s not like my tank tops and shorts were that inappropriate) because I was such a good girl.  Thanks to being in all the AP classes, never doing anything wrong, being captain of the softball teams, and in about a million clubs, I could get away with not having a hall pass.  Yep, life was good.  Of course, I don’t hate college but some things from the past three years have definitely made me appreciate my time at BHS.First off, I miss having classes where everyone is smart (the exception there being me so I’m pretty sure I was the annoying people I’m getting ready to describe).  In my classes–even at a 300 or 400 level), we have those few people who have to ask a million questions because they don’t get the easiest concepts.  I know some people are slower at learning and just need a little more explanation some times–I am one of those people sometimes–but when you don’t get a West Wing episode because you are stuck on why the country doesn’t kill anyone on death row on Sundays, I think it’s time to just accept that you’re annoying and move on.

Then there is just the fact that I appreciate how prepared my former teachers made me for the things I would learn in college.  Maybe I was just really good and remembering stuff or really good at picking my high school classes to fit my future majors but I learned a lot of the stuff we are still talking about in Junior year.  Validity and reliability–checked that off in AP Chemistry.  Thank you, Mr. Lucas.  Chi-Squared, confidence levels, and all that statistics stuff–done in AP Statistics (and we did it all by hand so shut up all you people complaining about having to use the computer program…but at least, I understand where it’s all derived from).  Thank you, Knight.  How to use a semi-colon and construct complex sentences–got that in AP Language…and it may have made me into the grammar police but thank, Mrs. Ours, anyway.  Anything to do with writing feature stories is from two years of Journalism and having Miss Hamilton be the coolest teacher ever.  All the preeminent theories in psychology and sociology was thanks to Bis. Anyway you get the point that all this stuff that so many of my friends are stressing over, I learned a long time ago and still have it retained somewhere up in my head beside baseball stats, song lyrics, and random facts about TV shows.

Always having someone to talk to was a great part of high school.  It didn’t matter if the stupid band trip to Florida stole my best friends for a week, I still could find someone to hang out with.  I could go sit with my softball team or the football team or the basketball team.  I could go with the guard girls thanks to one of them being a good friend of mine.  I could go with the rednecks since my other best friend was one of them.  Maybe it was because we’d all been together since the 6th grade but there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t have a group of goofballs with me. College is a little different.  I spend every other day all alone because my stupid friends and their stupid schedules don’t have them there on those days.  I guess I am getting a lot of stuff done (Half a screenplay and a law paper and I’m taking it easy the rest of the semester) but it would be nice to have someone to talk to during the three hour break between classes.  I know  I could go make some new friends, but if you knew me or saw the people at our school and how they act to new people talking to them, you would understand.

This one may sound really stupid because I knew this when I applied to my college, but I really miss going to a school where sports are important.  I know our high school wasn’t anything special because sports and jocks are important to most high schools but I loved that part of high school (Okay, maybe it was because I was a jock).  We were kind of like Friday Night Lights during football season.  We were High School Musical during basketball season (The basketball loving part, not the singing-go-drama-people part).  We loved our softball team (Yeah, our baseball team hated how much more we won than they did).  But going to a liberal arts school, there’s not much love for sports.  We have some decent athletes but that doesn’t really matter.  It’s gotten better since my freshman year.  Basketball games have become kind of important but none of my friends ever want to go since they don’t like basketball.  The worst part–we don’t have a football team.  Granted, we were an all girls school for a very long time, but boys have been there for over a decade (Okay, I really don’t know how long).  We need a football team.  I like football…and football players…I’m good at making friends with football players.

There is one thing I love about going to a small school that has carried over from high school.  It took a while but once I got into classes for my majors, I’m close to my professors.  The two best Communication Arts professors love me…but that probably has something to do with me taking almost all my CMA classes with them.  My two favorite Sociology professors could probably tell you more about me than most of my family.  This may be because I make my schedule so I can fit in any class taught by the one.  But I like knowing that I can drop by their offices or e-mail them and they will already have an idea of what’s up.

College is pretty sweet.  I’m a big fan of learning (Taking tests and writing papers and making Powerpoints, not so much).  I love having legitimate discussions about things I care about and are thought-provoking but there’s something about going to a small town high school that was way better.  Maybe I’m just reminiscing because of my current Friday Night Lights addiction (Seriously, my high school was Dillon High) but I would go back to that in a second given the opportunity.



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