I May Have Reached Creeper Status…But It’s Not My Fault!

Published February 29, 2012 by jrm17

Our college so smartly gave all the freshman (Oh sorry I’m not allowed to use that word.  I totally meant First Years)…anyway the smart cookies in charge gave our freshman iPads.  They thought they’d be used for educational purposes.  I really don’t know what kind of drugs these people did back in the day but it was clearly some good stuff because you want to know what they kiddos use the new technology for…Facebook.  Okay, it’s not just Facebook and it’s not just the freshman but I am thoroughly against having computers in class (Okay maybe not completely.  Maybe like 50 percent).  Everyone else’s distracts me (And plus aren’t cell phones enough?  Texting is enough entertainment that allows me to still pay attention).  Anyway, while I’m against all of this nonsense, other people’s habits have taught me quite a few things.The first thing is that anyone can be a huge creeper when they are boredly sitting through Impact of Computers on Society (or any other boring class).  I would like to think I am not a creeper by nature but when I am sitting there with nothing to do because I refuse to get out my laptop, I tend to watch other people’s.  I watch them talk to their friends on Facebook.  Actually, last semester I read an entire conversation between a friend and her boyfriend during class without her knowing.  Let’s just say there’s a reason we aren’t very close anymore…there was some weird stuff in that discussion.

But thanks to this creeping, I’ve been exposed to a lot of products and websites.  My Pinterest addiction grew out of this.  A friend a few seats down from me in one class was on there and I was fascinated.  I went home, requested an invite, and I haven’t gotten off there since.  I also learned about Hello Kitty win that afternoon.  I’ll admit now that I went home and asked for it for my birthday (Sadly, it was to know avail.  I was reminded that I’m turning 21 not 12).  While I actually knew the website from that creeping, sometimes I’m not so lucky.  There’s a girl in front of me in one class who goes shopping every class.  However, all cute clothes are remaining her own because I can’t seem to find the site (And I’ve got some pretty good research skills).  Whatever site it’s on, there are some very cute clothes.  She’s saved dresses and jewelry and I’m pretty sure she got some Louboutons yesterday.  I’m not one to actually wear heels but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a really cute pair of them.

But that brings me to some things I’ve learned that I just don’t want to.

Okay, other girl who sits in front of me, I would really appreciate it if you didn’t shop for lingerie and bathing suits in my line of sight.  You are really nice but that’s not something I want to picture and I really don’t want to think about who you are wearing that lingerie for because, well, I’ll shut up because I want to be nice.  Going on Victoria’s Secret site is fine as long as you are looking at sweats or normal clothes.  I do it all the time in the loft so I can keep up by giant collection of sweats.  And as far as bathing suits go, I do appreciate the fact you are going to buy a one piece.  There are some really cute ones out there and it’ll look better.  But I don’t think a two piece with some strings holding it together counts.  It’s only going to make everything bad.  Not that I’m one to turn to for fashion advice but I’m thinking just a normal one piece with a cute print is the way to go for you girl.

I would also like to not learn about what turns on another girl (Granted, we may have similar tastes because I too like me some Nelly).  It’s just kind of weird to watch her go through a million and one pictures of Calvin Klein underwear models because homegirl needs some action.  Plus, she skipped over the Marky Mark ad!  Who doesn’t like Marky Mark and his funky bunch?  While he’s not my favorite Wahlberg, I’m not going to be stupid and say he isn’t banging.  I started to get a little creepy when she was writing dirty things on the pictures that she was imagining the guys saying to her.  Seriously, I really don’t want to know what kind of fantasies are going on in your head.  I don’t even want to know my best friend’s let alone some girl who likes the Power Rangers way too much.

I’ve had this problem since my freshman year with computers.  It all started in Philosophy when I had no clue what any of that meant so I watched a girl play Farmville (Yeah, it’s even more boring to watch than it is to play).  Slowly, I started watching some guy play when I think was a shooter game.  I’m not completely sure but I do remember the girl next to him watching and looking like she would burst if she didn’t yell what he should do at him.  I know if they made laptops in class against the rules, everyone would be incredibly bored and angry so I’m not going to advocate that.  I mean honestly I get distracted by people doodling too (This other guy in Philosophy drew very elaborate guns.  Let’s just say I started sitting far away and near the door after I realized this).  So what I am going to advocate is searching things and looking at things that will keep me entertained and not gross me out.  There has got to be some sort of ethics by which we search during class.  Let’s keep it clean and entertaining so us creeper can enjoy it as much as you.

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