Maryland Finally Has Some Progressive Thinking. Okay, Let The Outrage Begin…

Published March 2, 2012 by jrm17

Back in senior year, our school’s government teacher had us all register to vote.  While most people I knew were certain of which party they wanted to belong to, I wasn’t really sure.  I’m conservative on some things that are important to me and liberal on others.  I knew I couldn’t be Independent because you can’t vote in the primaries in Maryland then.  Finally, I made my decision but as the years have gone on and the first presidential election I can vote in approaches, I’m wishing more and more I would’ve been Independent.  However, because we are nearing the elections, I have been slightly paying more attention to politics and something very important has happened in Maryland.We have finally reached the modern era and legalized gay marriage…sort of.  I was happy this happened.  I’m like Tori Spelling in that I love my gays.  I understand that traditionally marriage is between a man and woman and that homosexuality is a sin but my thoughts are that if you aren’t the one sinning, why worry?  I say we sort of passed the law because I found this article last night on Glamour.  According to this, gay marriage won’t actually be legal until 2013 and that if a petition gets taken up that gets 55,736 signatures by the end of June, then the issue will go to a popular vote.  I’m not too concerned with this seeing as I’m not gay but also because Maryland as a whole is traditionally a liberal state.  The article said that the Baltimore Sun reported poll results saying 49 percent of Marylanders support gay marriage and 47 percent do not.

As far as the petition is concerned, I think they might be able to get enough signatures.  I live in western Maryland which is the complete opposite of the rest of the state.  It’s all conservative all the time.  I’m cool with that except for when my friends start talking about things and sound completely ignorant.  Let’s review some Facebook conversations I’ve seen dealing with the breaking news.

The first to come was no shocker.  A very religious boy started talking about how the country is going farther and farther into sin.  That’s cool.  I realize that we aren’t very moral as a people anymore and our ancestors would be rolling over in their graves if they knew some of the things we find socially acceptable today but then I start to think about this boy’s history.  Let’s just say he hasn’t always been quite so religious and he’s done some things that I’m pretty sure are very big sins.  However, I found it very hypocritical when he decided to also announce that he’s cool with gays.  He would never discriminate against anyone.  Okay, then why are you trying to keep them from marrying and celebrating their love like anyone else?

Then came another guy saying that this is showing kids it is okay to be something that is completely unnatural.  Apparently, he has done some scientific research that none of us have heard yet because as far as I know, there has been no proof of homosexuality being biological or not and by what he’s saying, it would have to be a genetic mutation.  I think even if we did find that something biological determine sexuality, homosexuality would be considered unnatural.  It would just be a mutated gene or a difference in DNA, kind of like one person having brown eyes and another having blue, since it is something that occurs so frequently.  In my head, to be a genetic mutation, it has to be a rarity or something bad–two things I don’t see homosexuality as.  And as far as it teaching kids to be gay, I think he’s contradicting himself.  How can it be biological and something you learn socially?  This time he’s saying that through social learning people become gay.  Okay, let me dispute that with I go to a school where there are a lot of gays (It’s kind of a stereotype that if you go there, you are gay).  Well, I’m not.  I like boys way too much for that to be true.  Plus, I remember plenty of scholarly journal articles we read in my Sociology of Sexuality class last year saying that there is no significant statistical difference in children raised by gay couples and children raised by straight couples.  Then again, apparently he’s found the biology behind it so maybe he’s conducted some other studies and found results that sat otherwise.

The last boy (Notice that I didn’t find a single girl who was protesting this) I wouldn’t expect anything different from.  He’s a giant redneck and I love him dearly and would never change him.  I know he would never discriminate against some based on anything other than how they treat people because I know he’s has all kinds of different friends.  He’s just taking this stance from…a moral standpoint I guess (I don’t know and I don’t really want to ask him).  He said that he’s ready to move to Texas because we passed this law.  Well, I’m pretty sure that gay marriage will eventually be legal all throughout the country so that’s not going to help completely.  This is like when people say they are moving to Canada because someone was elected president.  However, I’m not so sure he wouldn’t move to Texas.  The legalization of gay marriage would not be the driving force behind it but he would play it off like it was just to sound like he’s taking a stand.  He would be going because it’s a conservative state and I’m pretty sure in his mind the whole state is like Dillon in Friday Night Lights (If that’s the case, then yeah I’m Texas Forever, too.  Let me load up my Jeep and move out now).  My favorite part of this is that he has no reasoning posted behind why he’s against it like the other two.  He just wants to say he disagrees.  That’s what you get from western Maryland boys–they won’t tell you why they think anything but they’ll tell you what their opinion is (Most of the time because they don’t know why they think it and they are only trying to be cool.  Seriously, it’s a miracle I haven’t punched any of them for this).

So boys, bring on your disagreement.  I’m not going to try to take away your right to issue your opinion but I’m going to tell you why it’s wrong every time because it’s mean and archaic to be so narrow-minded.  Let’s hope Maryland will actually be the 8th state to legalize gay marriage because I’m still not sure why it’s an issue for them to celebrate their love as well.



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