Either I’ve Really Made Someone Mad or We’ve Reached A Whole New Level of Stupidity

Published March 5, 2012 by jrm17

Sadly, we only have one theater near both my house and my boyfriend’s house.  And apparently, this theater is run in a way that completely lacks logic to me.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be going back for a while (Okay, since I am forced to have to go to this one, I’ll go back but I won’t be happy about it).  That’s why today we are investigating the inner workings of theaters…or at least how I think this one is ran.

We have to start off with a little background first.  Last weekend, we decided we were going to go see This Means War.  Both me and Michael wanted to see it and I haven’t looked forward to seeing a movie this much since Beauty and the Beast was released in 3D (Normally, I’m opposed to most uses of 3D but it is my all-time favorite movie ever).  We got to the theater a little late thanks to some unknowingly selfish acts by another but it was only about 10 minutes.  The movie was sold out.  I was mad and the guy working the ticket stand was a douche (I’ll get to all this later).  After basically telling him was a fat, idiot–neither of which I have any proof of being false and copious proof that it’s true–we saw Wanderlust.

Fast forward to this past Saturday.  My parents decided to go with us.  We–my parents and I–got there about 20 minutes before the 4:10 showing of This Means War.  They went in ahead of me as I was trying to call Michael.  It was sold out again.  This is where someone’s stupidity comes in.  Either I’m confused for no reason or the management there is really, REALLY stupid.  Here’s the facts as I see them.

The movie sold out the weekend before.  In my head, that means they should be showing the movie four or five times starting around 2 and running until about 10.  They showed it three times the entire day with the first one being the 4:10 we were attempting to see.  Why would you show so few of a movie that sold out the weekend before?  They were showing The Descendents the same number of times and it’s been out for a while now.  I understand that it was nominated for an Academy Award but if someone was really bent on seeing it, they would have already by now.  Meanwhile, This Means War has sold out two weekends in a row now.

I did some research to see if they has any excuses as to why this was going on.  Well, according to Fandango, the viewers are saying go see the movie while the critics are saying no.  From what I’ve heard, it’s worth seeing (I mean really–Reese, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy?  I really don’t see anything wrong with this movie).  It only for 26% on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes but I’ve never been one to agree with this site for the most part.  It did come in eighth at the box office this weekend, reeling in $5.6 million (I think it was around sixth weekend before).  And 70% of the audience on Rotten Tomatoes said to see it.  I’m beginning to think that maybe we should see this movie…oh wait, I’ve tried…twice. On IMDB, it got a 6.6 out of 10 stars.  Based on what I’ve seen from IMDB, that’s pretty good or at least average.  Yeah, it’s not like anyone is wanting to watch this terrible excuse for a romantic comedy…oh, wait a minute again.  Maybe they do.  Maybe the showing times and numbers at Westview really are stupid and I’m not being overly mean.

Second, I’m chalking it up to their stupidity because the theater is just not well ran in general.  Over the summer, they were running dollar movies two mornings a week for little kids.  One day when we went, the ticket guy didn’t tell us which movies were playing and he didn’t ask which one we wanted to see.  It wasn’t until we turned in our tickets to other guy that we realized, we had no clue which movie we wanted to see because we didn’t know what they were.  Two weekends ago when I was getting the tickets from the “fat, idiot,” I asked if there was any left for Wanderlust since it has technically started a few minutes before.  He knew I only needed two tickets but he decides to do something (I’m pretty sure persuade me not to buy tickets for some reason) by saying, “Yeah, there’s only 21 left for that movie.”  To which, I kindly responded (Okay, it was about the nicest thing that was going to come out of my mouth at that point), “Yeah and I only need two of them so can I get two for Wanderlust?”  The guy who takes your tickets got a similarly nice comment when he told us the place was packed.

Skip ahead to this past weekend and you see it again.  The place was filled with people…trying to buy tickets.  With This Means War and two showings of The Lorax being sold out, people were buzzing trying to rearranged plans.  And instead of having four ticket lines running for the large group, they had two.  Plus, they added to the confusion by having someone doing something in a third window, making people believe there was another open.  While I waited for Michael to show up, I had to deal with rude people, dirty everything, and employees who suck.  Let’s just say I was not quiet about being unhappy and they were lucky their stupid whiteboard with the sold out listing on it didn’t get kicked over after I was let down by Gone.

Well, I figure I’ve got about one chance left to see This Means War–next week during Spring Break.  It will have been out a month then (Seriously, we were going to see it on Valentine’s Day but they pushed back the date to that Friday so they didn’t have to try to compete with The Vow.  I would have seen it already but apparently the Universe is against it).  Knowing what I’ve learned in Screen Craft, the theater won’t be making too much money on the movie then since it will have been in theaters so long (More money will be going to the production company because they start at a ratio of like the theater makes 90 percent of the profit and the company makes 10 and then it starts to switch like 80-20, 70-30…you get the point).  Hopefully, the theaters in Hagerstown will still have it out because I will not being going to Westview for the next couple movies.  They can kiss my John Carter money bye-bye next week while Hagerstown pockets it (I’m not letting this incident come between me and Tim Riggins in a loincloth).


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