Somtimes Disappointment Comes In the Form of Cartoons…Even If You Aren’t A Kid

Published March 7, 2012 by jrm17

So I’ve got a confession.  I may be 20 years old but I still really love cartoons.  And sometimes (Thanks to all the magnificent TV channels we get), I may watch cartoons on Nick Jr.  Well, the other day I was bored and trying to find something to watch when I saw Franklin was on.  I loved Franklin…okay, still love Franklin.  It was one of my favorite shows as a kid (Dude, he’s the coolest turtle ever…with the exception of the Ninja Turtles).  When I changed the channel, I was shocked to find some CGI stuff that was now Franklin and Friends.  They took my beloved turtle and modernized him.  I don’t know what they were thinking over in the Nick studios but Franklin was timeless and any kid could relate to that stuff.  Making him say things like “coolio” does not improve the show in the slightest (Apparently, they’ve never heard that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it).  In the midst of my sadness (I still watched it and it was still kind of sweet), I started to think about how some cartoons have been changed over time and I decided to do a little snooping into the world of remakes.

The Gummi Bears! courtesy of

The first thing I found was this article on Top 10 Potential Cartoon Remakes from the ’80s.  So I may have not been alive in the ’80s or even a thought in my mama’s head but I like to think that I know pretty much all the awesome cartoons.  The first on the list for this guy is a total yes on my list of remakes–Space Ghost.  I have no idea why but I totally loved this show when I was a kid.  It always came on past my bedtime though so I rarely got to watch more than 5 minutes of an episode.  I think it would be poetic justice if they would remake it and I could actually get to watch it this time around (Or better yet, let’s just run some reruns on Cartoon Network).  I didn’t really watch any of the shows until we get to number 6.  Okay, honestly, I have the Gummi Bears on DVD and watched the whole thing this past summer.  That’s how much I still love the Gummis.  I would kill for a remake of this show–especially Tummi Gummi (Best bear ever)–but my only concern would be if it would suck compared to the original.  We all know that it’s really rare for remakes to be as good–and even less likely better.  I wouldn’t want the present-day children to be subjected to a cartoon ripoff and have them thinking the original Gummi Bears sucked because that is so far from the truth.  At the top of his list was Thundercats.  I never really watched this.  It was such a boy show.  However, I think they may have already done this (And I know that GI Joe at number 2 was redone on the HUB channel).

I can think of a few remakes that really didn’t hold up to the original that he may have overlooked.  First off is that remake of the Looney Tunes Cartoon Network made.  I made myself watch about 5 episodes before I gave up.  I didn’t follow any of the old, funny jokes and it didn’t follow the same premises either.  I remember watching one where Lola was some crazy girl who was obsessed with Bugs.  Correct me if I’m wrong but Space Jame taught us that Lola is way too tomboy and cool for that (Seriously, she was in some serious need of therapy and medication in the new show).  Another episode had Yosemite Sam being really needy and not wanting to leave Bugs and Daffy’s home.  I felt really uncomfortable watching this because everything was just so…wrong.  My best friend and her boyfriend had the same reaction when I asked them about it.  I’m not sure if Baby Looney Tunes counted as a remake (Yes, I still watch this too.  Thank you, massive DVD collection), but it was a million times better than this stuff they are trying to pass off as Looney Tunes.

Maybe it’s just a Cartoon Network thing or Hanna-Barbera because that’s all that keeps coming to mind when I think of poorly done remakes.  The first time I saw the Garfield remake–I am a huge Garfield and Friends fan–I was in Buffalo Wild Wings with my best friends and it came on a TV.  Camille instantly blurted out, “What is this crap?  Garfield isn’t claymation!”  Seeing as how much I loved Garfield and Friends, I decided to give it a shot.  I wasn’t as let down as I was with the Looney Tunes but it just wasn’t as good as the show from my childhood.  Then again the part on the farm with Wade and the little chicken guys was my favorite.

Now, I know that The Flintstones have had about a million spinoffs–and not one of them did I dislike (I was an especially big fan of The Flintstone Kids and The Flintstone Comedy Hour).  However, I just saw on Wikipedia that we have a remake (I’m assuming since it’s the original title) coming in 2013.  I really don’t want the screwing up The Flintstones.  That wold be almost sacrilegious.  It would be like remaking Top Cat (You haven’t seen a hissy fit until I hear they do this, which will result in a temper tantrum that could make a 2 year old blush).  Okay, maybe I wasn’t the biggest fan of Cave Kids but I didn’t hate it.  I’m really hoping this isn’t worse than that.  These poor children today, having to watch these shows.

So, all of this has made me thing about what shows I would want redone.  My answer is that I don’t want any cartoons to be remade that I loved because it would ruin the awesome-ness of the originals.  What I do want is new episodes that fit right in with the originals.  I grew up in the world of Playhouse Disney so the first two on my list of new episodes is PB&J Otter and Bear in the Big Blue House (Does this count as a cartoon?  I’m counting it because I still love Pip and Pop and everyone else).  I have tried so hard to find PB&J Otter but have reached no luck and that kills me because my dad and I watched that show all the time.  He will still do the Noodle Dance (Yes, he’s 46 and still is a giant kid.  I’m seeing the same thing in my future).

Next would be A Pup Named Scooby Doo.  Okay, this may be stupid but I always like this better than real Scooby (I loved it too though and have never hated any of the remakes.  They’ve all been awesome).  I have seen every Pup Named Scooby Doo episode roughly 519,480,571,089 times (Okay, this may be an exaggeration and I may have just slammed my hands down on the number keys).

I could go on and on for shows I would love to see more episodes from–Rugrats (I still love Angelica), Arthur (I’m pretty sure they still make new episodes but sadly, I never get to see them), Tom and Jerry Kids (Okay, the remake of Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network…not all that bad but they don’t talk so I’m kind of thinking they get the easy way out), and of course, Top Cat (TC is clearly the best cartoon ever).  Seriously though, they could make new episodes for just about every NickToon from the ’90s and every Hanna-Barbera cartoon and all the cool ’90s Disney cartoons (I’m thinking Darkwing Duck and Talespin..huh? Yeah, you know you want new ones) and I would never complain.  Some Muppet Babies and Fraggle Rock would be sweet, too.  I love me some Jim Henson. Sadly, I’m not so sure I’m the demographic cartoons are created for and I’m pretty sure the big corporations don’t care what I think (Which would be that if they did some new episodes for these, I want the original style too.  I want good old 2D, dull colors–depending on the age of the series–cartoons).

I’ve got an idea–let’s all band together against these new, crap cartoons and make the companies go back to making good stuff.  Yeah, I don’t think it’ll work either but sometimes I try to be an idealist…sometimes…not very often but in this case, yes.  So instead, let’s just do what my favorite 1 year old, Bry, would do: lay back with a cup of milk (Chocolate Almond Milk if you’re me) and watch “tunes” (It’s cute when you realize he doesn’t say more than one syllable).


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