Weekend at Bernie’s–More Like Weekend at the Movies

Published March 12, 2012 by jrm17

I’m not sure if it’s really sad or really fun that I’ve been to four movies in the past three weeks.  It started with that whole This Means War fiasco that got us into Wanderlust (Yay!).  Then came the resurrection of the This Means War fiasco that brought us to Gone (Eh…).  Then came this weekend.  This weekend was planned and executed and them some.  Friday night was designated as John Carter night about a month ago when we realized Tim Riggins was John Carter.  Saturday night was a bit of a surprise thanks to some very cute, very sneaky and thoughtful date night planning on Michael’s part (Read that as we finally got to see This Means War!).

Let’s start with the former of the two–John Carter.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about my love Taylor Kitsch as a Disney character but I’m willing to give anything a try when he’s in that little amount of clothes for about two and a half hours.  And to be completely honest, I loved this movie.  I wasn’t expecting much since I’m not one for action or fighting or much of that stuff (I pretty much cried and pouted in protest against Three Musketeers and still lost) but this kept my attention the full time (And that’s amazing for my attention span).

I’ll put it this way for you.  I was in the middle of my new Chuck Klosterman book but right after the movie let out, I hauled butt to the book store in the mall and bought Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (The book the movies based on).  So I’m only like three chapters in but I did a little research on the books prior to seeing the movie and there’s definitely some differences.  I don’t want to ruin so I’ll forgo mentioning specifics (Plus, like I said, I’m not very far in).  To top off all the John Carter-ness that was is in my life all of a sudden, Syfy was showing the Princess of Mars movie with Antonio Sabato, Jr.  Now, I love him but let’s just say that I didn’t make it even halfway through and I’m glad I didn’t watch that one first.

Thanks to a dear friend who has no life and posts random crap on Facebook, I have this video review of the movie…and I can argue with it (It was a pretty good review though).

So let me get this straight, he thinks the movie was decent…and then he’s going to yell at just about everything but Princess Dejah (Who is totally my new favorite princess and he nailed the comparison to other Disney princesses), including how different it is from the book and how the internal consistency of the story is lacking.  Okay, don’t get me started on how stupid of an argument the differences between book and movie are.  It happens all the time and there’s nothing we can do about it (Umm, hello, the Antonio one had John Carter in like our current Iraq war or something).  And for him to criticize Taylor’s ability to play someone from that time period?  Taylor did just fine.  The time period doesn’t really have anything to do with it and thanks to Friday Night Lights, we all know he makes an awesome Southern boy (He’s so Texas Forever that he moved there from Canada after the show ended).  Just saying.  Watch the other one before you start complaining.  And as far as the whole explaining why and how everything happens thing?  Dude, it’s a movie.  If the plot is good, the actors are good (and good to look at), and the cinematography was good (which it was), then accept it and move on.

Overall, I loved the movie.  The plot was thoroughly entertaining.  Taylor was amazing as expected.  I really like the girl who played Dejah.  The cinematography was excellent.  The Tharks weren’t nearly as weird looking as in the other version and thanks to the addition of subtitles and hand gestures, I understood what they were trying to get out (Yeah, some grunts means nothing to me, people involved in the Antonio version). I’m chalking this one up as a win for Disney and guaranteeing they get my money when it comes out on DVD.

Now, let’s move on to the movie that took me three (Yes, three if you haven’t read my previous posts) attempts to see–This Means War.  Michael’s sister had said it was good and from my feud with the movie theater, I’d done research that reached the same conclusion.  I was surprised with a date night that took us about half an hour out of our usual way just so we could see it (Seriously, two weekends sold out and the theater showed it one time this weekend).  And you know what–it was all worth it.

As I’ve said before, with the combination of Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pine, I really didn’t see how there was anything wrong with this movie.  I’m pretty modest and not usually one to admit it, but I WAS RIGHT!  Take that, stupid movie theater.  I’m pretty sure Michael and I both laughed basically the entire movie.  Even Chelsea Handler made me laugh and normally, I just find her rude.

In terms of the characters, they were written very, very well.  I was totally with Lauren (Reese’s character) in not knowing which boy I liked better.  FDR was Pine and Tuck was Hardy and I fell for both.  Okay, I knew which one I would pick about 15 minutes before she did but I wasn’t so sure I knew if she would go the same way.  The writers did an excellent job of keeping her choice hidden (I picked up on the giveaway but it’s subtle).

The nice thing about the movie is that it’s not just another romantic comedy.  There are fights and action-y stuff, too.  As I said, I’m not one for that kind of stuff for the most part, but I really like the spy sub-plot and how that worked in with the main story a lot.  The spy scenes and the car chase were entertaining.  The best was the paintball scene though.  Maybe it’s because Michael’s really into paintball but we were laughing really hard.

There’s not much to say about this movie like there was John Carter because it’s exactly what you go to the movies expecting to see with this kind of movie…only better because of the original plot and the great writing.  I love Reese and have pretty much every movie she’s been in and this one is no different.  As soon as we walked out of the theater, we looked at each other and agreed this one was being bought and it is going on vacation with us so everyone else gets to watch it.  It was nice to have a romcom that worked for both of us.  Granted, I still haven’t seen her top Sweet Home Alabama but this one is definitely up there.  It’s a different kind of funny.  Mostly because Sweet Home Alabama is like watching a bigger version of what my hometown is.  This Means War was more on the sexual funny side and more current funny (Shocker since Sweet Home Alabama came out when I was in like elementary or middle school, right?).

I would call this weekend at the movies a huge success.  I know two movies that I will most certainly be buying in a few months and I got to watch two excellent movies with some people I love very much.  Though, I’m not so sure I’ll be going to see another movie for at least another two weeks or so.  Being in a theater that many times in such little time makes me feel like I have no life what so ever….oh, wait.  I don’t.


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