S’mores and Chex Mix…These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Published March 14, 2012 by jrm17

It’s come that time to take a look at a few recipes again.  Success is questionable on either of them but hey, I gave them a shot.  Once again, Pinterest is to thank for my family having to try random stuff I found.  So let’s begin…

The first one was Snickerdoodle chex mix.  I know what your thinking–this sounds delicious.  How can I be questioning the success of something that was so good it combined two of my favorite things–Chex Mix and snickerdoodle?  Easy.  Because it’s me and I usually screw something up when it comes to recipes.  Only this time I don’t think it was my fault.  I think it was just the recipe didn’t fit our tastes.

So recipe itself is pretty simple to make.  I did the it that morning so it would be finished for right after dinner.  All you need is cinnamon Chex, chocolate Chex, cinnamon, sugar, popcorn, and butter.  Well, between my mama and I, we went to just about every place around that sells groceries and could not find chocolate Chex to save our lives (It’s still on the Chex website so I’m 99 percent positive they still produce it).  If you notice, the woman who posted the recipe couldn’t find them either.  She used Annie’s Homegrown chocolate Bunny grahams.  I would have used them as well but I didn’t have time to go to the store and I knew my mama would have no clue what I was talking about.

Let’s set the scene of how finding the chocolate ingredient went.  I was at school trying to get some reading done for my senior seminar class (Trust me, figuring out this fiasco is a whole lot more interesting than reading about Greco-Roman funerary practices).  She’s at Wal-Mart, finding the Chex to no avail.  She texts saying so.  I say then go find chocolate Teddy Grahams.  Well, Wal-Mart is out of them.  I’m lost for things to suggest so I name the type of thing I need.  She suggests chocolate Captain Crunch.  I gag a little.  People stare.  Finally, we reach the decision of getting chocolate animal crackers.  It just hit me as I’m typing this that chocolate Goldfish probably would have worked but they may have been too small.

The day comes when I’m supposed to make it.  I go and pop the popcorn, combine it with the Chex and Animal crackers, and get the cinnamon sugar ready.  I melt the butter, pour it and then the cinnamon sugar over the mixture, put the lid on the bowl, and shake.  It smelled really good.  It looked really good.  I was worried about the butter making stuff soggy (I always worry about something).

Michael comes over and we finish dinner.  We go in for the first bite and it was…underwhelming.  My suspicions were right.  The butter made the popcorn have an almost stale texture.  And the chocolate wasn’t a very prominent flavor (I love chocolate…more than basically anything).  In my opinion, there’s no reason to add a flavor into something if you aren’t going to actually taste what it does.  We think that adding in a handful of chocolate chips or M&M’s would bring that flavor into play a little more and give the whole mixture a good balance.  Or it could be bypassed completely but I’m not sure what you would add in place of it.  Maybe something caramel.  In the end, I’m pretty sure we won’t be making that again.  It wasn’t terrible but it just didn’t work for us.

Moving on to the next recipe, something that sounded even better–red velvet s’mores bars.  I know.  Please, suppress your drooling.  I kind of don’t like cake (Icing ruins it) but red velvet is an exception.  And s’mores?  Well, me and s’mores have a very special relationship.  As in, I would pick that dessert over just about everything–including ice cream.  And I LOVE ice cream.

First off, you need crushed graham crackers for the crust.  I decided to do that ahead of time and let’s just say I made a giant mess.  I put Michael in charge of the crust while I mixed the brownie part.  We started to realize things weren’t going to look as good as the picture at this point (That picture on the blog just looks amazingly unhealthy and delicious).  The crust didn’t exactly cover the entire pan too well (Turns out I grabbed the pan that was a smidgen too big.  Thanks for telling me the next day, Mom).  It covered enough to basically work though.

Things were looking good with the brownie part, though.  I had all the ingredients out and combined with the exception of the red food coloring and the chocolate chips.  The latter came first.  We used Hershey’s dark chocolate chips because those are my favorite and I’m not sure how much we used because I don’t measure when it comes to chocolate chips.  Then I went to get the food coloring.  And we were all out of red (Okay, so my mom found an entire bottle after everything was done but at that point, I thought we were out).  I added the few drops left and it did nothing.  And now that I look back at the recipe, I didn’t follow the order of how things should have been added so I’m pretty sure it would have just come out looking like a brownie anyway.

Also, because apparently I don’t read directions well, we didn’t use marshmallow fluff and marshmallows.  We didn’t have fluff anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered.  We just poured some mini marshmallows on top after the brownie was close to being done and stuck it back in the oven for a few minutes.  This is why our marshmallows turned out flat instead of awesome since we didn’t use the broiler.

I don’t think anything we did wrong really ruined the bars.  They tasted fine.  However, according to the blog, you can’t really eat it without a fork.  Well, ours was probably easier to eat without it because you could pick it up and the marshmallows just stuck to the fork and wouldn’t cut well.  That didn’t stop me from eating about half the pan by myself.

The consensus was just that it was messy but tasted good.  Our resident dessert expert hasn’t got to taste them yet, but I’m pretty sure Devin will agree they taste pretty good.  Like most things we make, this didn’t come out looking pretty but that won’t stop us from eating it.

Well, I guess that means it’s time to get back on Pinterest and find some more stuff to try to keep myself entertained.  Maybe this time I’ll read and follow directions and it will look pretty as well as taste good….maybe.


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