If You Pit 2 Genetically Mutated Girls Against Each Other, Which One Wins? I Have An Idea…

Published March 21, 2012 by jrm17

photo courtesy of http://www.hulu.com/firefly

Well, we finally finished our little Firefly marathon by watching Serenity last weekend.  So, we started a Dark Angel marathon from the very beginning.  We may have only gotten two episodes in but I may be the one who owns the complete series and I may have seen every episode roughly three times.  Thanks to my secret (okay, not so secret) love for Jensen Ackles (the reason I started watching the show) and some sci-fi stuff, I’m a big fan of Dark Angel.  And thanks to my nerdy boyfriend for introducing me to Firefly, I’m busy comparing the two while we watch.  That’s why I’m the one seeing all the similarities while he’s just watching (Score one for me 🙂 ).

First off, they both have genetically mutated (Okay, this is what I’m going to call River since I don’t really know what you would call what they did to her head.  Brain washing?) girls who can kick some serious butt (After all, girls kick ass.  Says so on the t-shirt right?  Yeah, sorry.  I had to throw in at least one Max quotation).  In the pilot episode, Max takes down Logan’s giant of a bodyguard with no problem.  Logan even makes fun of him for being beat up by a size 3 (Which I still think is overestimating.  She was awful skinny).  And River is scary when she starts wailing on people.  I know they were making her to be some kind of super soldier type thing but I guess it didn’t occur to them what would happen if their brainwashing stuff stopped working and she decided to rebel.  I think in a fight between the two, River wins.  Max may be able to run away thanks to those feline genes she has but my mind was made up when River took down all those Reavers in the movie (And as was so lovingly pointed out to me, River wins due to telepathy).

The next similarity I found was specifically between the movie and Dark Angel.  They both have this nerd that takes over the airwaves in order to show the injustices of the world.  Mr. Universe (Ha!  I also win for realizing he’s the guy from Numb3rs.  Just call me cinnamon honey butter on Outback because I am on the best roll there is)  was the guy in the movie with the creepy girlfriend he made and whose computers Mal used to leak the video of the Alliance being the ones who created Reavers.  Eyes Only–aka Logan Cale– was the guy who streamed the impossible to trace, blah blah blah videos about the government being corrupt in Dark Angel.  He was also the guy who Max loved oh so much and made me want to puke a little bit (Alec was so much better).  I guess when the world virtually ends and the government holds all the power, we are going to need someone like these two guys to help out the rest of us.  I kind of hope he’s more like Mr. Universe.  He was cuter…and weirder…and less of an uptight douche.  Plus, he was smart enough to have the other computer.  However, Logan has a lot of money that could be put to good use.  Can I combine the two of them to save the world?

Moving on.  Both shows were ended very abruptly and before they should have been.  Dark Angel ran from 2000 to 2002 and Firefly went from 2002 to 2003.  If you ask anyone who has watched Dark Angel, they will tell you that the final episode sucked and there needed to be much more in order to give the show closure.  It’s been a while since I’ve watched the finale since I remember feeling this way but I know I wanted more.  Firefly was ended after 14 episodes.  I think that’s enough to speak for itself.  Michael said that its creator fought really hard to get more episodes but was given the movie instead.  It would be nice if they would have decided to do this with Dark Angel as well but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen (Though Jessica Alba was up for it according to this article).  I’m just not sure how two shows that have such high viewer ratings on IMDB are ended so quickly.

My final thing is that really they both have the same premise only with different details.  Dark Angel has the world as we know ending because of an electromagnetic bomb that poops out all of America’s computers.  Well, there goes my world.  Firefly was the world ending and people going to live on different planets because the Earth could not sustain the large population anymore. Both are set in the future with Firefly being in 2517 and Dark Angel being in 2019 (Don’t worry, we figured out why the show can’t actually come true in a few years).  Both are renegade groups who are trying to make the location a better place (Okay, maybe not so much with Firefly but they do make the cluster of planets and whatnot a better place).

It’s no wonder that me and Michael like both shows considering the similarities between them.  I don’t think we have to worry about Firefly coming true since I don’t think any of us will be around in about 500 years but don’t worry, we’ve got the flaw in Dark Angel coming true in a few years, too.  Michael pointed out that Max has feline genetics yet she never sleeps.  There’s something inconsistent about that.  I’m pretty sure we don’t have to worry about the Pulse and Manticore, now.

And since it would kind of be a short post without another similarity, I went to my nerdy counterpart.  He came up with the fact that both main casts are basically a group of misfits that join together to make some weird little version of a family.  Okay, well, I feel like the Dark Angel cast was more of a family since Max, Alec, and Joshua actually had the same creator.  Then, Max and Logan were dating; Max and OC were roomies; and everyone else was a co-worker of some sort basically.  Firefly was more like Mal really needing crew members other than Zoe and by luck finding some awesome ones (And even luckier for Zoe, he found her future husband).  I get the point though–especially when you add in the weird reptilian creatures from Manticore that come on the show in the second season.  Nerd boy may have been right on this one…maybe…just this once.


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