A Small College: It’s A Love-Hate Relationship

Published March 23, 2012 by jrm17

Yesterday my mama had to drop something off at school to me.  We decided that it was a good time to order my class ring so we proceeded inside.  That’s when I realized that my mama might know her way around my college as well as I do.  And then I realized that she may recognize just about everyone I have ever come in contact with at school as well.  I guess this isn’t anything new since I went from a small high school to a small college but I think there’s something different about college versus high school (It could be that you haven’t spent all day every day with these people since before puberty but that’s just a guess).  So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a small college.

First off is that everyone knows everyone.  And I’m including my mama in this one.  Just in the few seconds she was in our campus commons, she recognized two people: my crush from last year and a guy who thought we were going out on a date (We weren’t.  I thought he was gay.  Stuff happens).  Then I was in my INST class when I texted my friend about a boy knitting in class.  Yes, a boy…knitting…in class…like literally having a conversation with our professor while he was knitting.  She responded about an hour later when she was in class…with the same boy…who was still knitting.  Being at a small school like this does help with the whole making friends thing (especially if you are as socially awkward as I am).  I’ve made most of my friends simply because I am friends with someone else.  For example, I started out being friends with Kellie last semester, which led to Stacy and Giovanni, which led to Keke and Megan and Andrew.  Now we have this weird little group that likes to Facebook each other while in class together and yell things across hallways.

On the flip side, everyone knowing everyone sucks.  For the most part, all of my friends know all of my friends.  Therefore, when I slam my phone down and want to yell about a friend, I can’t.  Why?  Because it almost always happens while I’m sitting next to my friend April who knows the other friend and is friends with about a million people who don’t like my friend and somehow it will get back to her that I was mad.  Or there’s the example of the group of annoying married/pregnant/engaged girls.  Another girl and I had gotten in the habit of Facebooking each other about the stupid stuff we’ve overheard.  Then they started showing up in the other girl’s life outside of school so we started talking about that.  Then we realized that they might be on to our conversations since thanks to our school being so small basically everyone who started at Hood is Facebook friends with everyone else, I am friends with at least two of them.  I’m not sorry for anything I’ve said about them but it’s a small school and sometimes I need to learn to shut up (It won’t happen but acknowledging it is a step forward…right?).

Another things I really like about our small school is that you really get to know your professors.  My favorite sociology professor could tell you a million different things about me and I could do the same about him (It really helps when you’ve had class with him every year since freshman year).  Our research methods professor last semester would join in on a morning-ly rants about how much we hate stuff and tell each other stories.  My two favorite communications professor can probably tell you more about me than some of my family members.  I like seeing them as real people…sometimes.

You see, there is very, very limited parking at our campus.  I know my parking space has been snagged by one of my communications professors at least once.  And then I proceeded to go to her class to which she was late.  Everyone got excited thinking class would be cancelled.  I just sat there shaking my head and bursting their bubble.  Or more recently–as in yesterday–your professors see you doing semi-embarrassing things because sometimes I think of my car as a cloak of invisibility as oppose to what he really is–a car.  I pulled out in front of a little blue sedan.  I put my blinker on to turn into one of the spots along the street and wait so I can make the left hand turn.  The little blue car parallel parks basically right next to where I am.  At this point, I am doing a combination of cussing the cars that keep coming and singing Miranda Lambert (She’s my girl and I really get into her songs).  What happens?  Well, the professor of the class I am about to go to, who also happens to be my adviser and one of my favorites, gets out of the blue car, sees me doing whatever I am doing, and starts smirking at me like she really wants to laugh.  I just give her an Oh-crap-you-caught-me smile and park as she heads toward our building.  Yeah, sometimes my stupidity gets me into stuff I wish it didn’t.

I’m really glad I decided on a small school after hearing things from my friends at big schools but there are times when it just sucks.  Of course, the most important thing for me about being at a small school is that is gives you a chance to do embarrassing things without anyone seeing.  I tend to fall a lot and most of the time it’s walking up the steps.  The best part is that sometimes there is no one around to see me do this.  All in all, I would pick going to a small school all over again.  It gives you your little families within your major and it’s just a good place.


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