Head=One Swirling Mess of Entropy

Published March 28, 2012 by jrm17

Okay so things have been a little crazy and my mind’s a little chaotic so I don’t have one clear topic for today.  Instead, I’m going to write about a few of the million things swirling through my mind.  Hopefully, this is going to make sense.

1)  I miss Borders more than I have missed anything in the world ever.  I think I went to 3 different Borders in less than a week just because I was sad they were closing during that final couple weeks.  I thought I would get over my sadness.  I thought things would get easier once I had to accept Barnes and Nobel as my book store.  Yeah, not so much.  I can’t do it and I’m still sad Borders is gone.  But most of all I just hate Barnes and Nobel and Books-A-Million.  There are a few reasons for this; I’m not just saying I hate them because my favorite store closed and I have to take my business to them.  First off, Borders always had the book I needed or they offered to order it for me right there on the spot.  What happens when I go in Barnes and Nobel?  If they don’t have it and I ask, they tell me they don’t have it.  Or worse, what happens when I go in Books-A-Million?  I ask them if they have The Gods of Mars–the second John Carter book–and she says no but they have all 11 books in one or they have the Disney/Original in one book.  Ummm, yeah.  Did I say I needed that?  If I’m asking for the second book wouldn’t you assume I’ve read the first one and don’t need it again?  She may have gotten told just how much I hate these two stores and wish Borders would realize what a mistake they made.  I can almost guarantee that Borders would have had the book in stock as opposed to sending me on a web search.

The second reason I hate these stores is because their employees (Okay, not all of them I’m sure but quite a few) a just rude to the customers.  I’m sure there were rude Borders employees but I never had any help me.  Actually, that might be because they knew me and knew that when I asked for help, I’d searched, couldn’t find it, and knew exactly what I wanted and what I wanted to do.  Anyway, despite the fact that I could not find the second book in the Edgar Rice Burroughs section when I was in the store, the website said it was in stock so I put it on hold.  When I went to the store to pick it up, I went to customer service because this was the first time I’d put something on hold here.  I approached the guy, smiled, and said, “Hi, I put a book on hold.  Do I get it here or…”  As I was pointing to the back toward the checkout, trying to think of the words to say, he cuts me off and meanly says, “Go back there.”  I was thrown off so I didn’t come up with anything good to say back but obviously he just loves his job.  Borders, please come back and save me from these pathetic excuses of book stores (Okay, I may love the Starbucks in Barnes and Nobel because their employees are really nice but that’s it).

2)  Senior year is more stressful than freshman year.  Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way but in my head senior year should be easy–not too many classes to take or to choose from, last year in college–and freshman year should be hard–too many classes, ones that are at the same time, being in a new environment.  Nope, I am definitely wrong.  My senior year will consist of the maximum 18 credits both semesters as I work my way through a communications senior seminar, a communications internship, a sociology research internship, a sociology senior seminar, advanced research methods, and my department paper for communications and oh, a handful of other classes.  I’m pretty sure my life will come to a screaming halt and I will need medication, alcohol, or something to keep me from having a breakdown.  I’m not going to be one of those people who chose the easy way out and I’m not going to complain since I’m choosing to do all of this and I know it’ll pay off eventually but I’m still not sure why I think this is a good idea or why I think I can do it.  Let’s just hope for the best.  Hey, if I survive this, I can be confident I’ll survive graduate school…hopefully.

3)  I may have been too quick in calling Chuck Klosterman my new favorite author after reading Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved that book.  It blew my mind.  I still think we could get along great and that we think the same in a lot of ways but I just can’t get into any of his other books that I’ve tried reading.  Eating the Dinosaur was a major letdown after the first one I read but I chalked it up to not being very knowledgeable on the majority of the topics.  So I got Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas.  It started off promising.  I ripped through the Britney Spears essay but I’m somewhere around the White Stripes one and about ready to throw in the towel.  Once again, we are talking about things I don’t really know about because I don’t really like the White Stripes or Metallica (The Zeppelin one was good.  I like me some Zep).  I’m starting to think the age gap is just too big and he’s going to be interested in things that I don’t know enough about.  I mean, I did finish A Princess of Mars (Absolutely loved it) in between starting Klosterman and being where I am now.  I’m considering taking a break and finishing The Girl Who Played With Fire first.  I really like the plot but I thought I would finish Klosterman quickly so it wouldn’t matter.  And I do have The Gods of Mars coming my way in about a week and a half (I know I said earlier that I picked it up but it’s a gift so technically it’s not mine yet).  Yeah, Klosterman, I love you and think you are brilliant, but I think you are going to take a backseat to Lisbeth Salander and John Carter (Okay, when John Carter is Taylor Kitsch everyone takes a backseat to him.  Love me some Tim Riggins).

4)  Speaking of Tim Riggins, this is my final thing.  It’s going to be quick and it’s going to be stupid.  We are in season 4 in out Friday Night Lights marathon.  Last night, I watched Becky just blow off Tim Riggins when he was in their house, freshly out of the shower.  I understand that she was pregnant and that Luke is really cute but TIM RIGGINS JUST GOT OUT OF YOUR SHOWER!  Okay, if Tim Riggins wants to use my shower, he’s not going to be in it alone.  He can use my shower anytime he wants.  He can live in my house (read: my room) if he wants to.  I’m willing to share.  Also, I may be really starting to think Landry’s cute and I love Tammi and Eric Taylor more and more each episode.  Okay, I’m done.  No more Friday Night Lights rants for now.

Okay, let’s hope my head gets more cleared out and I have a legitimate topic for Friday.  I have a feeling it will have something to do with Klosterman because I’m still not willing to give up on this book (Seth Cohen loved him.  It would only make sense for me to love everything he writes as well, right?).  I’m not promising anything, though.  We’ll see how it goes.


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