Peeps, S’mores, Snickers–It’s Either Easter or Sugar Coma In The Making

Published April 16, 2012 by jrm17

I’m not a big fan of candy, actually.  I love chocolate but I’d rather have it in the form of a pastry or ice cream or something.  But to sit down and eat the candy that you get for Easter is just not something I regularly do.  So I had to come up with a way to get it out of the house and into my belly.  Naturally, I used my Pinterest addiction and found a solution.  A solution that used just about every piece of candy I got (with the exception of some sour gummies I just realized I have while typing that.  Guess what I’m having for lunch).  But before we talk about this concoction that Pinterest gave me.  I have some other things to talk about (Pay attention and you will probably be able to figure out where this whole thing is leading to).

You think Easter and you think Peeps, right?  They are one of those things that are almost a guarantee in your Easter basket.  And they are one of those things that you either love or hate.  You either become overwhelmed with joy when you see the little colorfully sugar-coated bunnies and chicks or you start to gag in disgust.  But you can be sure that no matter how much you protest that you hate them, they will show up (Okay, maybe that’s just our family.  I think we finally got it through our gram’s head we don’t like them.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t see any showing their faces this year at her house).

Well, that’s how it used to be, right?  Your brain automatically made the connection between Peeps and Easter time?  Well, that’s not so true anymore and that kind of makes me sad even though I am on the end of gagging when I see them.  You can get Peeps about a million times throughout the year now.  It’s not just Easter.  We no longer just have Peep bunnies and chicks.  There are Peep trees and Peep snowmen and flags and pumpkins and hearts and bats and I don’t know probably birthday cakes (Okay, that wasn’t on the Peep website but who knows?  They could come up with it.  Or you can probably find someone who has made a cake out of Peeps.  I’m using my right of rhetorical hyperbole here).  My point is that my childhood has come to an abrupt end with this.  You don’t have to wait until Easter to get your Peep fix for those of you who like the little marshmallow creatures.  Just wait until any fairly prominent holiday and start sucking them down.

My second portion of this post is dedicated to something that I really like: s’mores.  I am a s’mores fanatic.  I will eat anything that claims to be s’mores flavored–especially if it’s cereal or ice cream because that may be the greatest combination I have ever encountered.  Of course, I am the reason we have s’mores ingredients in the house at all times and why they may be pulled out at almost every party we have.  And, obviously, there must be dark chocolate on my s’more.  However, sometimes I get a little creative (or bored.  I do get easily bored) and need to spice up my s’mores.  It all started over the summer when I decided that I was going to put a York peppermint patty on my s’mores.  That was just awesome.  My granddad would have been proud of me for taking his favorite candy and making it taste even better (and be unhealthier).

The minute I saw the Snickers egg in the Easter baskets I knew I had plans for it.  I love Snickers.  But I’m not sure how well this worked.  I think a Snickers just might be too thick to be on s’mores.  It tasted awesome but you didn’t get the same s’mores taste as you do with a piece of chocolate or a peppermint patty. It was just Snickers with a little cookie crunch and marshmallow mess. This one is going to require some more investigation.  There were a few Reese’s eggs in the fridge, too, which I think would probably be awesome on s’mores but we got banned from using them because there’s no need to waste a perfectly good peanut butter egg in a s’mores experiment.  The final experiment of the day was a Grasshopper cookie (You know, the Keebler version of Thin Mints).  There was only one left and since I like the peppermint patty s’mores I went for it.  And it was good.  Not as good as the York since that has the soft texture and here you were adding just another cookie texture but the tastes went together very well.

I’ll give you a tip, tough, on using your Easter candy on s’mores.  If you are going to use your chocolate bunny, make sure it’s solid before you decide to break it by squeezing tightly.  My bunny may have been hollow and there may have been a chocolate bunny explosion in the kitchen.  He died honorably.

Photo courtesy of Go there for the recipe as well.

Okay, all that said, I am on my final thing–the Pinterest idea.  We decided that since no one was going to eat my Peeps that we would use them to make s’mores.  I’d seen it all over Pinterest and thought why not?  Well, we were initially going to roast them like normal marshmallows despite seeing that all the pins said to broil them or heat them in the microwave (We don’t listen very well).  We got lazy and just decided to heat them in the microwave.  It was probably a good idea because if you think about it, Peeps don’t have the same consistency and texture as real marshmallows.  They are a lot lighter or something, which is probably why they kind of collapsed and got really gooey in the microwave.  I don’t think roasting them will work because we had to use our graham crackers as tongs to pick up the Peeps.  Okay, I did nuke them for about 30 seconds but 10 seconds didn’t do anything to them.

As far as taste goes, they don’t change the traditional s’mores taste at all.  I thought the sugar-coating might do something but it didn’t.  Plus, it was just a good way to get rid of all the candy no one was going to eat.  It didn’t turn out as pretty as the picture that’s all over Pinterest but it never does (In out house, it doesn’t have to be pretty.  It just has to taste good).  I would say that using the bunnies probably would make this easier than the chicks but that’s all we had…and they just turned into gooey blobs of their former selves.

Overall, I would say that it’s probably the best use for Peeps I’ve found.  I might have to try the other idea if I can’t get rid of the rest of them.  They used the hard Peeps as a stand to hold up your smart phone or iPad.  Now, I don’t have either but I’m thinking book stand.  I don’t know.  It sounds kind of gross.  Maybe I’ll just give them to someone.


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