Sometimes People Just Need Life to Slap Them In The Face. Apparently, I Am One of Those People and Life Had A Lot of Lessons for Me.

Published April 23, 2012 by jrm17

Sundays and I have a love-hate relationship (I’m starting to think this is the only kind of relationship I am capable of).  Sometimes I love days spent doing absolutely nothing.  It gives me time to read, time to do homework, time to catch up on my shows.  But then I run out of things to do.  And I don’t handle boredom well.  Especially when it is rainy outside and I can’t talk to the few people I actually want to talk to.  However, yesterday taught me a few things…

First off, there is a reason why we are usually not allowed to play games in our house and by games, I mean literally all things that involve competition.  We are probably too competitive to be considered normal.  So much so, that there has been a rule in our house that we are banned from playing Sorry.  I know it might seem extreme to most people but there was an incident at the beach where pieces may have been thrown, yelling may have happened, and if I remembere right, people stopped talking to each other (See what I mean?).  Well, we got to make an exception yesterday because Devin brought over some Sorry card game that I didn’t understand so I was allowed to pull out the board game.  And it all makes sense as to why we have this rule.  A piece or two got thrown.  The words “asshole” and “douche” were exchanged frequently.  And at one point, I told Devin that I hoped he stepped on a Lego (I now retract that statement since the game is over; I won; and that really hurts).

Sadly, that wasn’t the first time this weekend that we realized why we aren’t allowed to play games.  Thanks to the rain all weekend, we ended up playing the Wii on Saturday.  Okay, Daddy and Devin did.  They decided to play one of our baseball games and somehow Daddy ended up playing on the expert setting while the computer did everything for Devin.  It wasn’t pretty and it’s really sad considering how uncoordinated Devin is.  What was even less pretty was when Daddy decided to reverse the rolls.  No prisoners were taken.  Devin not only got skunked but he got his butt handed to him.  And it’s all because we are very bad losers and even worse winners in this family.  We’ve had video game systems my whole life and I am still amazed to this day that we have never broken a TV by throwing controllers at it (Probably because we are more scared of Mama than we are mad at the game).

Our final bout with competition was even more pathetic than the first two.  A few weeks ago, my friend showed me the Big Bang Theory drinking game.  Well, I happened to stumble upon the Pokemon drinking board game on Pinterest and told him I saw his game and raised him mine.  This turned into a competition for finding better pop culture related drinking games.  We went back and forth from The Princess Bride to Firefly to The Princess and the Frog.  Doesn’t sound so bad does it?  Here’s where it’s pathetic.  My mama is behind me saying things like “Find the Supernatural one.  You’ll win.”  Yes, my mama was encouraging a competition of drinking games and telling me how to win.  Go us.

The second thing I learned is that my weight is directly correlated with both boredom and bad weather (It’s kind of a spurious relationship because you never know which one is causing me to eat).  You see, back in October and November when it just kept raining and being icky outside weekend after weekend, I may have eaten a whole thing of S’more ice cream in about 2 days.  The following weekend, I may have eaten the entire container of Blitzburgh Crunch (Yeah, we get the Steelers ice cream a lot) in roughly 3 hours (Probably quicker but I can’t remember).  Yesterday involved grilled cheese and finishing off the ice cream.  Thankfully, we’ve been getting the 1/2 fat, 1/3 calories or whatever it is kind.  What’s even better is that it comes in this really awesome Triple Cookie Sundae kind (Hence, the whole finishing it off thing).  And there may have been an inhalation of Chili’s chips, salsa, and quesadillas the previous day.  It was kind of an awesome weekend 🙂 .

Next on the list of things I learned is that growing up overwhelms me.  I hated it since the minute I turned 18 and had to start being responsible for myself and Mama and Daddy couldn’t take care of everything for me anymore.  Saturday was a dedicated Jessie and parents family day thing that involved doing some serous shopping.  I spent all day trying to figure out what kind of clothes to wear to an actual job where I’m not allowed to come in hoodies and sneakers and text all day (Man, I love the ReStore) and an internship that requires some effort in dressing.  I pretty much found nothing until the very last stop at Kohls.  At this point, my mama abandoned me in the dressy clothes section.  I got too overwhelmed and couldn’t find anything.  I had to text her to come help.  This is so not my niche.  Me and the work world are going to have some issues.  I can see it coming.  Why can’t Mossy Oak and Abercrombie be dressy?  If I can get a camouflage wedding dress, I think I should be able to wear a hunting t-shirt to work.  Someone try to dispute me on that one.  You lose automatically.

My final life lesson of the weekend is that I am pretty much a terrible person.  I had two goals this weekend and failed miserably at both of them: to not fight Michael on every little thing and to not bug him during his boy/homework time.  Well, I’m still working on the fighting thing.  It’s possible that I have trust issues and that fighting is just so much my nature that I can pick one over absolutely nothing.  It’s getting better but it’s definitely a work in progress.  That brings me to the second goal.  I am a fine example of someone who only wants to do something more when she is told not to apparently.  I woke up Sunday wanting nothing more than to see Michael even though I knew his plans.  I understood why he planned this stuff and knew that I should just accept my day of boredom.  He promised to talk to me later that night.  What did I do?  Drove myself nuts all day thinking about him and ended up bugging him while he was working on a paper only to upset myself for doing it and keeping him from finishing (And, therefore, keeping him from talking to me until even later since my computer decided it hated me so much that the minute he sent me a message it shut down).  See, I bring crap on myself and have finally figured out that I make myself a bad person.  I think I lose automatically in all my aforementioned competitions since I lose this one so badly.

The final score of this weekend tallies up to life at about a 1, 234,097,948 and Jessie at -7.  I really think life needs to stop teaching me lessons.  I get it.  It’s not fair or easy.  But how about taking a break from being my teacher and bother someone else?  I won’t be mad.  Promise.  Please?


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