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Published April 25, 2012 by jrm17

So we’re going to start out talking about something kind of boring: the weather.  You see, a few weeks ago I was wearing shorts and flip-flops.  This week, I’m in boots and, at one point, my winter jacket.  Maryland weather likes to be a little bipolar in around this time of year.  That’s what our class decided to talk about it yesterday instead of quantitative methods of social research (Yeah, with the exception of me, everyone else thought the weather was more interesting).  Our professor hails from Louisiana and was complaining that 20 years here and she still isn’t adjusted to our moody weather.  Then one of my friends started saying that only people who aren’t from here whine about the weather since it happens every year.  Well, that’s true for two out of the three people complaining.  Me, on the other hand, was born and raised here and still complain.  Then again, the same kid thinks I’m from Tennessee (I would like to put it out there if I’m going to be from anywhere than Maryland, it’s going to be North Carolina or Alabama).  So that brings us to today’s topic: preconceived notions and why most of them are wrong.

1) Just because I’m little, does not mean that I’m a pushover. Yes, I am a tiny person.  Yes, I am pretty quiet around everyone except my friends and family (and they wish I was quiet).  No, that does not mean that I’m stuck up.  It does not mean that something is wrong.  It does not mean I’m shy.  What it means is that I don’t really have anything to say.  I’m not going to argue with anyone because I don’t feel like hearing your argument and being yelled at (I don’t respond well to yelling.  It usually just makes me cry).  I am probably more educated on whatever it is you are arguing and probably more opinionated on the matter.  I just don’t like conflict.  I’m one of those people who the people who know me know something’s up when I’m not saying a whole lot.  But, otherwise, everyone else just kind of overlooks me.  My professor even told me that she never knows if I’m okay or not on the subjects because I never say anything.  This was, of course, after the two guys in our class yelled at me for being quiet because for some reason they thought it was out of the ordinary.  Oh, well.

2) Calling me a redneck is not going to hurt my feelings.  I love almost anything that is pink or camouflage and I really love it if it’s both.  Last week, I decided that I was going to wear my new camo Orioles hat.  This isn’t anything weird.  I wear my Bama one all the time.  However, one of those guys who yelled at me for being quiet looks at me and goes, “A camo Orioles hat?  Does that mean you’re a…*whispering* redneck?”  You don’t have to say it like it’s a bad word.  If you are a redneck, you aren’t going to be offended by getting called one.  You’re probably going to be proud of it.  It cracked me up that it took him this long to figure it out after a semester of cowboy boots and camouflage.  I mean this is the same guy who tells people I’m from Tennessee.  I think he’s from Baltimore so I guess he’s not too aware of how we act in Western Maryland but we are a whole different kind of people than in B-more.  He should try it.  It’s pretty fun.

3)  I can be mean to my friends.  You cannot.  I think we all know this one but sometimes we don’t follow it.  I can yell and complain about my best friends all I want but no one else can–especially if I’m already mad at the person talking about my friend. I guess what people need to understand about me is that I yell most about the people I love the most.  Between Michael, Whitney, and my mama, you would think I couldn’t stand them but the truth is that they are the people I would be completely lost without.  Sure, they get on my nerves, but Lord knows that I probably get on their nerves a million times more than they do mine.  We always get the maddest at the people we care about because we aren’t afraid of losing them.  Well, I just get more annoyed with them.  But they all know that it’s not going to be long before I’m over it.  Therefore, no one else can be mean because about 10 seconds after complaining, I’m going to be over it and I’m going to be defending them because I love them.  So maybe this lesson is actually to just keep your mouth shut (One that I do not know how to do very well).

4) Just because someone is in charge, does not mean it’s going to smoothly.  Well, our school is in the midst of May Madness–the celebration two weekends before finals week.  There will a party on the quad and late-night breakfast and a dance and some other stuff.  The most well-loved tradition is not a school sanctioned one, however, but it’s a favorite nevertheless: the pub crawl.  Seeing as I’m still about 5 weeks away from being 21, I’m not going.  That does not mean I don’t want a t-shirt though.  So I used my connections and got my name on the list (Yeah, looking back it may have been stupid to spend $15 on a shirt that gets you discounts and I can’t use it for that).  There is a Facebook page and everything (a private one, of course).  Pub Crawl is tomorrow.  Up until yesterday, no one knew when we were getting our shirts.  They posted it on Facebook yesterday.  They picked times when barely anyone is on campus.  And, of course, some of us who are going (or getting shirts) weren’t invited to the Facebook page so we didn’t even know about it.  I have to pray that I can figure out some way to get my shirt or else I’m out $15 (Which mean I lost my Easter present because that’s what my parents got me).  Sometimes having someone in charge means nothing.  Sometimes it’s just like having no one in charge.  Thankfully, I have a few friends on the Facebook page and at least know when I can pick up my shirt.  Now, if I just didn’t have class at the same time…or knew the guys in charge….

5) Being a girl who looks like a girl and acts like a girl does not mean I can’t talk circles around you when it comes to sports.  I have a friends who recently got told to basically shut up in a conversation about football because she’s a girl.  She did (But, really, I don’t think she knows it all that well).  This is partially where my Just-because-I’m-little-and-quiet thing comes in because there’s no way on this earth I would have shut up.  I guarantee that I know football better than that guy and he would have heard exactly what I had to say and what I thought of him.  I quit an internship because the guys there didn’t think I knew baseball (It was a baseball related internship).  Let’s just put it this way: They had never played and what they were saying was absolutely wrong and I was right and they couldn’t handle a girl being right over two guys.  I know that I have friends who are girly girls who only support teams because of their boyfriends.  I know I have more boyish girlfriends who have no clue about sports.  In my case, I know sports better than Michael and am way more obsessed with them and make him watch them (Sometimes our relationship is a little backwards).  No matter what, I may be a girl, but I can still hang with the boys in most stuff and sports is no exception to that.

Okay, I’m done venting.  I know I’m being a huge hypocrite because I make snap judgments all the time.  However, I also know that I make them and am usually willing to change my mind when I’ve been proven wrong.  Being a sociology major, I’m allowed to talk about stereotypes.  That doesn’t mean that I believe all these preconceived notions though.


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