I Got 99 Problems…And My Pinterest Followers Have the Same Ones

Published April 27, 2012 by jrm17

I am addicted to Pinterest.  I guess I’m not all that different than every other person on the website but it’s true.  I recently found a pin saying, “Pinterest makes me like people I’ve never met.  Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life.”  I cannot explain how true that is.  My followers and I steal pins from each other endlessly because we have the same problems and views on life.  That’s why we are going to take a look at some of the things my followers and I share.

Country Girl Problems

This is the one that started it all (I realize there is no caption but the formatting is acting up so here’s the link).  I have 14 likes, 2 comments, and 66 repins on this one.  I couldn’t believe that so many other girls relate to this.  Now, I don’t exactly have this problem for two reasons.  One is that I just kind of throw my camo on and don’t really worry if the patterns match and I consider camo to be a neutral color.  Whether it is pink or normal blend-in-with-the-trees camo, it goes with everything.  My second reason is because most of my camo is Realtree.  As much as my favorite shirt is Mossy Oak, I have more Realtree and my favorite hat is it.  I can’t tell you how many weird looks I get for wearing camo to school but I’m pretty happy that I’m not the only camo loving girl out there.

Cowgirls, Mermaids, & Cowboy boots.


Being at a liberal arts school, this one is a huge problem (Here’s the link for this one).  There is this girl I sit near in one class who claims to be a huge redneck.  Sure, she has a camouflage hoodie.  I think she may have gone to a country high school and lives on a farm or something.  That said, she isn’t country.  There’s something about a leopard print bag, giant hoop earrings, and some hoochie clothes that have me thinking otherwise.  Then, of course, we have our mutual friend from Baltimore who sits between us.  She doesn’t understand the difference between country, white trash, and cowboy.  Country is something to be proud of.  We are what Brantley Gilbert writes songs about.  There’s beer and guns and trucks and football and the word y’all.  We love God and our family and are pretty proud of being from our small towns out in the sticks.  White trash is a little lower on the totem pole.  They know how to party as well but there’s a good chance they are marrying their second cousin or something.  Their lives are a little more K-Mart than Wal-Mart (We all know K-Mart sucks.  Rain Man taught us that).  However, country folks and white trash can fraternize.  It’s always fun to party with them because the don’t know when to stop (Or when not to steal a bar stool from the little redneck bar up the road and bring it to the bonfire.  Yeah, true story). Cowboys are a completely separate thing.  They do the whole rodeo thing and love horses and whatnot.  They shouldn’t be mistaken for farm boys.  Those belong in the country category.  Maybe it’s just something you need to grow up around to understand the difference because I’m not so sure I explained it well.  But, trust me, there’s a difference.

Now, I don’t want you thinking us Pinterest girls only share the fact that we are country proud.  There are some other things we agree on as well (And one of those might be country music so bear with me).

Yes, we all have curly hair.  Don’t get me wrong I love having curly hair.  I’ve only ever straightened my hair once and I absolutely hated how it looked.  There’s just something very un-me about straight hair (I think it has something to do with the fact that curly hair is messy and doesn’t like to listen just like me).  All my life (and apparently my followers’ too), I have been asked if my hair is naturally curly and this has been my exact reaction.  Why would anyone think I would make my hair look like this on purpose?  I have spent my entire life trying to figure out the perfect cocktail of products to make my curls look like Anna Lynne McCord’s (I miss her curly hair).  Girls with straight hair get to put their hair in a ponytail and take it down if they want.  They can wear a hat and then decide half way through the day to take it off.  We can’t do that.  If our hair’s in a ponytail, it’s taken work to get it like that and taking it down wouldn’t be pretty.  Personally, I have to sleep with my hair done to make a ponytail that won’t be as big as my head.  And hats!  Don’t get me started.  I love my hats but I have to dedicate my entire outfit and day to hat appropriate activities because hats and curls are not friends.  Welcome to the world of hat hair.  That said, curly hair trumps straight every day in my book.

Let’s move on to a favorite activity of country folks: drinking.  Now, I know that this isn’t special to any one cohort.  But I like to think

that different cohorts have different drinks and habits of drinking that are specific to them.  I could have picked quite a few different sayings for this one but I picked one that I feel is very country.  Country girls don’t like to drink those fruity little drinks like our Carrie Underwood said (Well, we do but not all the time).  We’ll drink beer (Or in my case, Twisted Tea or something because beer makes me sick) and can go a six pack in no problem.  However, if we are talking hard liquor, I don’t know a country girl that doesn’t like whiskey in her soda (Rum works really well, too).  In my head, other girls only drink those drink Carrie Underwood scoffed over.  I’m probably wrong.  Maybe city girls really like whiskey, too.  But in my little corner of the world, we like to think that we are the only kind of girls who can drink just as well as the boys like that.

There are about a million other things I could write about that my Pinterest followers and I share from Tim Riggins to our love for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert to trucks to really chocolatety desserts.  I had one girl tell me that she feels we are living parallel lives even though we have no clue who each other are.  I think Pinterest might just be the social network that bring similar people together so they can share their loves and problems while Facebook just causes more drama.  Pinterest lets us know that there are other weirdos like us out there.


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