Am I The Only One Who Sees Bad In The End of The Spring Semester?

Published May 4, 2012 by jrm17

Okay, since it is Finals next week, I don’t have anything too interesting to talk about.  Therefore, we are going to talk about why the end of the spring semester is the worst time of the year. Yes, yes.  I know what you are saying: But it means summer vacation!  Yes, I know.  And summer is my favorite season.  However, there are things associated with the end of the spring semester that just ruin the whole looking forward to summer thing.

Let’s start with something that happens far too much if you ask me: graduation.  I always seem to have friends who are older than me.  Therefore, I always lose my friends before I am finished my school years.  This week we had Commuter Day and I think it was one of the saddest days I have ever spent at college.

We were all outside, being all happy and having fun.  Then it came time for the party to get cleaned up and us to go our separate ways to class.  That’s when Melissa looks at me and my best friend and starts pouting.  She dwarfs us in a hug (She’s about half a foot taller than us) and starts crying about how she won’t see us anymore and how she loves us and how we need to go out.  I love her and would love to hang out but I’m a cynic.  Sadly, I’m afraid we will only see her on Facebook and never get to have our random conversations again.

Then, I go to class.  And what happens?  We realize that all my Sociology major friends are done.  No more Lavar.  No more Mary Beth.  No more Maria. It’s done.  Yes, I still have my Communications family because apparently we were all juniors this year but I’m starting to think I might be the only one in the sociology senior seminar next year.  As I’ve said a million times, I suck at making friends so we may be looking at one very lonely senior year next year (Hmmm…sounds similar to a senior year I experienced, oh, four years ago.  You know, high school).

As much as I love my friends, they are going off to be grown ups.  I’m still in the world where I don’t have anything real important to worry about.  They’ve got to worry about a job and bills and moving out and whatever else they have to deal with since they are grown ups now.

The other thing that really sucks about this time of year is finals.  And I’m not talking about because we have a lot of work and finals to take.  That I can handle.  Technically, I’ve been done everything but my tests since about three months ago.

First off, we get the lovely professors who have everything set out for the rest of the year and you do your work and then *BOOM* their expectations get changed.  Last week, I started my take home test in my quantitative methods of social research class.  Last week, I specifically asked her if my variables were good and I was cool with everything.  Last week, she told me yes.  The beginning of this week she decided to add in a huge analysis and some extra tables and charts to make.  Okay, no problem.  I had to sit in front of SPSS for about two hours yesterday but I got it done.  Then we went to class and I started to work on our Excel tables (Seriously, we have never used Excel before and all of a sudden, we are supposed to be experts on it.  Whatever).  I ask her a question and suddenly, none of my variables work and I have to do some extra work to make them work because they just will be hard to interpret when I run multivariate analysis (Yeah, I told her last week I already did my multivariate.  I interpreted it fine.  I pretty much know I’m right.  But I’m not going to argue).  I got pretty mad (I probably would have cried if Michael hadn’t been there with me).  So I spent two hours redoing everything with variables she can’t yell about last night and kind of missed what happened in Vampire Diaries (And she still hasn’t answered my e-mail).  Oh, how I love disorganization.  I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise since I did have a professor tell me to read a 352 page textbook in about 2 days that I had absolutely no means of getting for a final project and then tell me I got an A- because I relied to heavily on it and didn’t use enough pictures in my Powerpoint (Oh, I’m sorry.  Should I just pop in the Barney video?).

Then there’s the fact that finals change people.  I know I get a little more uptight, stressed, and complain-y.  Michael gets sad (Okay, I wouldn’t call it sad but it makes me sad) and doesn’t have time for anything but school.  Whitney gets too much free time because she procrastinates and wants to talk more than usual. I hate how much time finals takes up.  It’s one test.  Why does it seem to overtake our lives?

The final thing I hate about the spring semester ending is something I hate more than anything: it means I am getting really close to having to be an adult.  Let me tell you that I did not even want to turn 18.  I wasn’t stupid.  I knew what that meant.  I had to start taking care of things myself for the pure fact they wouldn’t let my mommy do it anymore.  And the thing is, I’m not against me having to do things but I absolutely have no patience with people.  Being in college has just proven that I don’t deal with people well because our college tests me with some of the rudest workers ever.  The people who are supposed to help you, don’t really like to.  They’d rather you figure everything out on your own and let them sit on their butts for their paycheck.  And when you do ask for help, you are guaranteed that whatever you get will make you mad from being either unhelpful, rude, or just plain mean.

Being an adult also means I have to get a job and start paying for things instead of letting my parents.  I can’t sleep in late or spend all day doing nothing until it’s time to go meet up with friends.  Adulthood just doesn’t seem like anything I want to take part of and thanks to it being the end of the spring semester, I am two semesters away from this fate.  This is my last summer vacation ever.  And how am I spending it?  Testing my patience for adulthood with a job and internship.  What didn’t I chose to spend it doing nothing but lazing around and chilling with friends?  Oh, yeah.  Work experience is kind of necessary.  Darn, you, my conscience.


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