Working In The Film Industry Or Not, I Still Know What I’m Talking About When It Comes To Movies.

Published May 7, 2012 by jrm17

Movies are something that I clearly love.  I mean, I am writing a hugely intimidating paper on movies my entire senior year (So big that I have to start it ASAP.  So big that I’m too scared to even start looking at the books and journals that I’ve found).  For a while, I even considered changing my concentration to film studies from broadcast and journalism and I’ve taken just about every film class that the communications department offers.  That’s why I get irritated when people shrug off my movie opinions as if they are nothing or when people ignore what I like to think of as my well educated thoughts on movies simply because I’m me and I’m young and…well, yeah.  Therefore, I’m giving my opinion on some of stuff dealing with movies that no one is listening to lately.

Let’s start with The Avengers.  I know everyone is really excited about it.  There’s been a lot of hype surrounding this movie for basically ever.  For a while, I was really stoked to see it as soon as I could.  To be honest, I’m not so sure I’m going to see it in theaters (Read that as: I’m not going to see it in theaters).  Why?  I’ve heard pretty mixed opinions on it with most of them erring on the side of it was alright.  Michael and I were discussing it the other night because his sister was going to see it.  We’ve basically come to this decision: based on our feelings about the Marvel movies leading up to this one and the opinions of our friends , we’re just going to wait until his mom buys it and watch it then.

Honestly, I’m not that big a superhero movie fan.  Until I saw Green Lantern, I don’t think I ever sat through one in a single sitting the whole way through (And I only did it then because we were at the theater and Ryan Reynolds is really hot).  At that moment in time, I loved the movie (Because of Ryan Reynolds) but then we went back and watched it again much the chagrin of Michael and I ended up apologizing for making him see it the first time.  Now, I know that’s not Marvel but it was my first superhero incident.

When Captain America came out, I didn’t plan on seeing it.  Michael didn’t plan on seeing it.  We ended up seeing it.  But only because his family invited us.  Neither of us were too impressed (As he put it, the one guy who really liked it that he knows, liked the ending to Mass Effect 3.  I don’t play the game but I know how he and his best friend felt about the ending so I know it sucked).  It was a decent movie.  Chris Evans is really cute (I’d rather watch him in What’s Your Number, though).  If it weren’t for his family being the reason behind it, I’d never seen it unless we got bored and picked it out of the movie collection because I wasn’t going to buy it.

Iron Man–I’ve seen is most of the way through I guess.  It hasn’t been sequential, though.  We watched Thor at a party we went to but I wasn’t really paying attention (I can tell you that Chris Hemsworth is really cute but that’s not surprise).  I’ve never watched any of Hulk and, as I was saying a few days ago, I can never really decide if I like Mark Ruffalo or not (This was during Just Like Heaven and I really like Reese Witherspoon).

I’m sure visually the movie is awesome.  I’m sure for those interested in superheroes, the plot is good (or at least bearable).   I just don’t think it’s anything I’m ever going to get hyped up about.  I can look at it through the eye of a movie critic but as for entertainment value, it’s probably never going to rank very high on my list.  There are just other movies coming out that I’d much rather spend my money on seeing.

One of those would be a movie that I have been very excited for since March 9th (I think that’s the exact date.  I could be wrong) when

I saw John Carter and the trailer was shown during the previews: Battleship.  I first heard of this one when we watched the old Clue movie and Mike’s friend started naming all the movies coming out based on board games (We all agree that Clue is a perfectly cheesy movie that is worth watching).  I wasn’t too interested.  Then I realized who was in the cast–my beloved Taylor Kitsch (I’m with my mama on this one.  We will see every freaking thing that boy is in).  Not only do I get Tim Riggins but Landry is in it, too!  Jesse Plemmons and Taylor Kitsch reunited?  Sign me up (Mama won’t go to the midnight showing with me but I guarantee you that we’ll see it opening Friday).  Plus, Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard (Not that I’ve ever watched True Blood but I assume all the hype can’t be for nothing considering it is a TV show and not a movie) are in it.  Based on the acting alone, I’m willing to go.  Then when you look at the trailers, the visuals look very well done.  I don’t know how receptive I will be to the plot but I’m keeping an open mind (Plus, if Tim Riggins…I mean Taylor Kitsch…thought it was good enough, then it is good enough for me).

Okay, the last movie I’m going to talk about is Dark Shadows.  If you really like Johnny Depp or really want to see this movie and remain my friend (Read: not really mad at me if you don’t want to respect my opinion), then stop reading now.  I will premise this with I have never watched any of the original TV shows with the same name (and same name for the main character).  However, my mama was a big fan and has always told me that I would love the 1980s version because Barnabas was her first vampire obsession so I am basing my opinion fully on what my mama–a fan of the original creations–has told me (And I trust her opinion on vampires since we agree on all current ones).

I will not see this movie…EVER!  The show was not a comedy.  As Michael put it, this movie is almost farcing and making fun of the show so if you have any respect for the original, then you won’t see it.  Of course, neither of us really like Johnny Depp.  I only like Secret Window (And that’s because I’m a huge Stephen King nerd) and he likes Edward Scissorhands.  Mike’s best friend’s girlfriend has been pestering me relentlessly to go see this with her and I am refusing (Which is really making her mad).  What was her reasoning behind why I should go after I shot down the Johnny Depp and vampires concepts?  Because it’s Tim Burton.  Okay, big deal.  Why would that make me go?  Maybe I’m the only person who feels this way but I can’t think of a single Tim Burton movie I liked.  He screwed up Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland (I just don’t get either of them).  I didn’t mind Corpse Bride but I didn’t like the ending.  I don’t really like Nightmare Before Christmas at all.  I’ve never watched Coraline but based on our conversation yesterday, from what Mike told me, I won’t like it.  I will say that I love the Frankenweenie book as a child so I’m hoping that he hasn’t messed that up enough to make me not want to see it when it comes out.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m only taking a stand because I’m being so pestered into seeing it (Seriously, I was told I will be forced to watch it on vacation later this year.  She got told some very not nice things about the hissy fit that will follow her forcing if she tries).  I’m sure that for those who really like Tim Burton or Johnny Depp, then it will be awesome.  Burton does do some amazing things visually.  Depp is able to take on every character very well (I do think he made a fabulous Hunter S. Thompson.  I just can’t sit through Fear and Loathing without wanting to puke and I didn’t understand The Rum Diary book so I probably won’t watch the movie).  I just think that the movie should stay true to the show if they are going to not only use the title but the main character as well.  It’s unfair to those like my mom who were really excited there was a movie based on a show they liked, only to be let down by it’s utter lack of continuance to the original plot and genre.

Okay, there it is–my movie-based ranting.  I’d like to think that all my opinions are solidly based on factual knowledge and what I’ve learned in classes where we’ve studied how to be a movie critic and how movies are made (Yeah, that’s a screwed up process), written our own original screenplays, and actually filmed and did cold readings but I could be wrong.  I could have learned nothing throughout my educational career about the film industry and movies themselves.  My opinions could be totally wrong (Okay, that might be true since movie success is more based on popular opinion and not factual evidence) and the opinion of someones who purely look at entertainment value on the face (I think my friends look at a little more than that but who knows?  And, of course, we are also looking at the opinion of someone apparently more stubborn but lacking argumentative support) could be totally right.  I’m going to stick to my guns but I’ll stay open to other opinions on everything (Except for the Dark Shadows argument.  I just can’t let that one go.  Especially when no vampire movie will ever be more well done in totality than Interview with a Vampire.  Visual, writing, acting, plot, and entertainment wise that movie got all 100 percents in my book.  That is, of course, without having read the book.  I haven’t gotten around to that even though it’s been sitting in our library a while).


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