It’s Kind of Like Sweet Home Alabama Only With a Soldier and More Dogs

Published May 9, 2012 by jrm17

I didn’t really want to write about how awful my Impact of Computers on Society final was (Seriously, who in the world know if Alan Turing’s mentor got a PhD from Berkley?  We never learned that) or how my departmental paper is going (Slowly is the answer to that one).  Therefore, I am going to write about the one thing that has been keeping me from going completely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs: The Lucky One (I really should be getting a prize for not punching anyone thus far in the week.  We’ve still got a few days to go). 

I’ve seen a lot of critics say that it was kind of a poop movie.  You know what: me and critics never get along.  I know I’ve already talked about why I liked it and I’m sticking to my story.  This time I’m going to talk about why I like the story itself because that really is the crucial part to accepting the story.

I broke down and bought the book over the weekend (And the proceeded to drink my third Starbucks drink of the day while I started it.  It wasn’t a good morning).  I’m about a third of the way through and I can tell you two things.  One is that there isn’t anything really integral to plot that was changed from the book to the film.  Of course, Logan and Beth just met so I could be jumping the gun here.  There’s still a lot of story left that could be different…and it’s the fun part of the story, too (As in the part where we see Zac in his boxer briefs).  The second thing is that I’m doing a really good job of separating the book from the movie.  It’s kind of like how when I watch Vampire Diaries, I don’t associate it with L.J’s books at all.  I’m not sure how this is happening but other than seeing Zac’s face when I’m reading about Logan, I’m not thinking about the movie at all.

Anyway, I said I was going to tell you why I like the story (Sorry.  I get a little distracted and overexplain myself sometimes).  The first thing I really like about the plot is the dogs.  I am a sucker for anything with animals.  I have three cats…and about five up the road…and a horse and donkey…and my boyfriend’s pets.  I’m claiming them all because I can since no one is here to stop me.  I love the fact that Beth and Nana own a kennel.  I love the relationship between Zeus and Logan.  There’s just something adorable about a guy who loves his that much (Trust me, I’ve seen Michael and his dogs.  It gets kind of cute sometimes).  I think the reason I like the doggy details of the plot is because I relate much better to animals than I do people.  They are friendly for the most part.  They are cute and cuddly (sometimes).  They get mean when they are hungry (We have this in common).  Most of all, they just kind of chill and like to be left alone but in the same place as other people (We share this as well).  They don’t really bug you but they like to show they love you.  I don’t know.  I just like animals better than people for the most part.

Of course, the another point I really like about the book is the location (and all things associated with it).  In the movie, the house was super cute in that old Southern way and there was the river and tree house and everything in the back yard that I fell in love with.  It’s in a cute little Southern town where you may not know what you’re doing but everyone else sure does (Much like my little town).  It reminded me of a more prim and proper Pigeon Creek (You know, that lovely town from Sweet Home Alabama that I wish I lived in).  It has the good ol’ boys club (something I am far too familiar with).  This is kind of like the whole puppy thing.  I can’t really explain why it means so much to me but I love anything set in a town like the one in the book.

Okay, now this one is really something special.  I love me some Nana.  She was pretty funny in the movie.  Nana knows what’s up and will shoot you straight from the hip.  I like her even better in the book.  I just read the part where it talks about her liking the Braves.  Now liking the Mets myself, I can’t really stand for this ridiculousness but I’ll let it slide since she is so cute.  I think it’s hilarious that when they aren’t doing well, she tells Beth are playing like carrots and Beth has to ask if that’s good or bad (Obviously bad since carrots can’t play baseball).  And what’s even funnier is that she sounded exactly like me and my mama with the Orioles when she refuses to watch the end of the game because they deserve to lose.  They suck and they know it and she doesn’t want to hear their excuses.  Oh, do I know this one all too well.  But what makes you love her more than anything to do with baseball is her feelings about Keith (I’m thinking this works better if you’ve seen the movie).  Keith–Beth’s ex-husband–is about to pick Ben–their son–up for the weekend.  Nana is begging Beth to tell her she slept around in high school and that Ben is actually someone else’s son.  I cracked up…but I tend to at just about everything this woman says.

Obviously, the best part of the book though is Logan.  He’s cute (Especially when you are thinking of Zac Efron the whole time).  He’s

military (I love a boy in fatigues).  He doesn’t say a whole lot in that Tim Riggins way where it’s not much but when he does say something, it has a lot of meaning or is funny.  Yeah, there’s not much else I can say to support him but let me tell you, he stole my heart from John Carter (He kind of lost me in the last book).

I know it’s getting a little ahead of myself with this book but I really like it.  I’m going through it a lot quicker than I have any of the other books I’ve read recently (It helps my best friend is reading it as the same time).  I hate to admit that I’m liking anything associated with Nicholas Sparks as I have taken a strong stand against how mushy it all is but when you mix a soldier with a small Southern town and a dog and a Nana like that, then you just might win me over.  I’m not promising that I’ll have anything to do with any of his other works (Unless there’s more Zac Efron…or Taylor Kitsch).


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