Sometimes Originals Aren’t As Good As The Rework…And This May Be One Of Those Cases

Published May 11, 2012 by jrm17

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I feel very accomplished.  Okay, I semi-accomplished.  I not only finished my finals yesterday and showed a professor that she didn’t have the right answer on our test, but I finished The Lucky One, too (And that’s probably the only question I will get right on the entire test but still…Take that!).  So I’ve got to talk about how it ended.  If you are planning on seeing the movie or reading the book and don’t want me to ruin it for you, stop now.  If you don’t care, then please, proceed.  I need other opinions on this until Mama and Whitney finish.

So I’m going to recap the movie and book ending in case you only know one.  I’ll start with the movie since I have a feeling like me, most of us saw it first.

It’s raining…really hard. Keith comes in and acts like his douchey self.  You know.  He realized that Logan and Beth were in love.  He got mad.  He got drunk.  He got borderline abusive.  Ben got scared and ran away to the his lovely old tree house that Grandpa built back in the day.  Because Grandpa built it so long ago, it’s really weathered and falling apart a bit.  And the rain doesn’t help make it any more sturdy.  Therefore, to lead to the conclusion to the story, it must fall apart.  When it does, Ben is almost across the bridge into the tree house.  Keith, however, falls through into the raging crick/river thing below.  This causes the rest of the bridge to collapse, dropping Ben into the water, as well.

Keith, realizing that his son is struggling and stepping up to finally be a good father (Well, it was either do that or his son dies), tries to save Ben.  At this time, Logan comes running to the scene because Nana told him to follow Beth and Keith.  Logan and Keith work together to get Ben to safety on the bank.  However, in a final bang, as Logan is returning his attention to Keith, the whole tree house crashes into the water and virtually kills Keith on impact.  The end (pretty much.   You know, there’s love stuff but whatever.  Nothing else huge happens).

Okay, book time.  Same premise.  It’s raining.  Only this time it’s not just raining really hard.  It’s like torrential downpour, stay-inside-for-fear-of-being-swept-away-by-the-water-in-your-driveway kind of rain.  Keith  storms into the house because Beth and Logan just made up and he knows what happened because he was creeping on Logan’s house.  He threatens that if Beth doesn’t sleep with him, then he is going to take her to court to get full custody of Ben because, clearly, Logan is the harmful male in his life (Note my sarcasm).  Ben freaks out and runs to the tree house because Lord knows that boy does not want to live with his father.  Keith and Beth follow.

Logan follows again like he does in the book.  Before he reaches the family, Ben and Keith have both fallen in.  Keith has broken ribs.  Ben is holding on by a thread, keeping himself from being swept downstream (and under) with all the debris.  Logan jumps in and he and Keith begin to struggle together.  At one point, Keith is basically holding Logan under so he can breathe (Since the book is in Beth, Logan, and Keith’s point of views, we know that Keith is seeing that death is inevitable).  The rope Ben was holding on to snaps and he is washed away.  Logan and Keith are no longer visible to Beth on the shore.

But then…Zeus jumps in the water.  He drags Ben to his mother.  He asks her where his daddy and Logan are.  End of story.

Seriously.  I’m not kidding.  That’s where is ends.

Well, there was an epilogue.

Beth is thinking about the funeral and visiting Drake and Keith’s grave.  Ben has become harden and more confident in a way in tribute to Logan.  He carries the photo around, which Beth calls something like Logan’s legacy to him.  Sounds like Logan dies, too, doesn’t it?  Yeah, I was ready to throw the book and cry because I thought we’d lost him.  Logan died with Keith heroically trying to save Ben.

But, oh wait, he’s actually waiting for Beth back at the house and they are all in love and happy and stuff (Yes, I know.  Mushy mushy, kissy kissy, smoochy smoochy is icky but oh, well).  I did not throw the book or cry.

So here’s what I think about the change, which I’m considering a big one.  I like the fact Zeus saved Ben and he kind of follows him around like he did Logan after doing so.  I’m not sure how I feel about thinking Logan died for a bit.  I think it kind of took away from the story because I feel as if the resolution was anticlimactic.  It was kind of like, “Oh, why don’t you explain yourself and the photo to me this time?  Oh, is that all?  You just thought it was a lucky charm?  Okay, let’s make out.”  I wouldn’t really require much of an explanation before making out with Zac Efron either but in this case, it was the book and, therefore, it was not Zac Efron.  It was Logan Thibault (Who I’m still reading the name as Tybalt.  I can’t do Tebow.  Gag me with a spoon).  He was that long haired drifter.  I feel like we had all this worry on the part of Logan and Beth and this huge conflict and sadness and then…okay, cool.  Everything’s fine.

The fact that Beth and Logan had not made up prior to Keith’s death in the movie seems like a better conclusion to me.  I feel like it was more believable that the death would bring them back together than it is to believe she just accepts his story as if nothing ever happened.  No matter how cute he is and how in love you are with him, it’s still kind of creepy to think he carried around a picture of you and searched for you before he even knew you.

The other part of the ending that I feel was massively different was Keith.  In the book, there was all this stuff leading up to him coming into the house (No different to the book).  You’re expecting him to be a douche and kind of scary in that borderline abusive way.  In the book, though, he’s more of a douche.  He’s more scary.  I was really scared for Beth for a minute or two because the writing was good enough to think that Keith would rape or, at least, hurt Beth to get his way.  Then Ben runs away and it’s just kind of he snaps out of it and wants to be the hero dad.  It’s the same thing with how the conflict with Beth and Logan was wrapped up–too quickly and without much of an explanation.  It’s almost illogical.  The only reason I’m willing to accept it is because that’s how it was written and I can think about the movie instead, which I liked.  In the movie, I just felt like there was more of a realization on Keith’s part.  He wasn’t quite as scary.  Maybe the actor did a really good job of making him more empathetic and, therefore, more likely to want to save Ben, but I liked how it played out in the movie better.  Now that I’m really thinking about it, I definitely think it was the way the actor was and how well he portrayed the emotions.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I really liked the book.  However, I think this was one of those rare instances where I think me reading the book after seeing the movie was better than how I normally do it.  The changes were more acceptable to me since I ended up finding the movie to be more logical and realistic than the book.  I’m usually okay in believing things that are outside the realm of what would happen in the real world but when it becomes that anticlimactic (Read that as such a let down) then I’m drawing the line.  Either way, as a girl, it’s worth the read and the watch.


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