More S’mores Please!

Published May 14, 2012 by jrm17

Well, Sundays usually bore me and yesterday was no different (Okay, watching Sweet Home Alabama for about the millionth time helped but still).  I have also been pretty much hungry all the time for junk food anymore (Does lack sleep make this happen?  I want to blame that).  Therefore, I gave into my cravings.  Homemade Rice Krispies it was.  However, I had to be difficult and make S’mores Rice Krispies (Thank you, Pinterest, once again).

I’ll tell you right now that homemade Rice Krispie treats are something my mama has never been able to make so I was completely on my own.  I was a little scared since this was my first totally alone and only my third or so time ever.  I used this recipe  from Tasty Kitchen (but of course made a few minor changes along the way).

I measured out the marshmallows into my pan and kind of stared at it a minute.  Then I went to melt the butter and poured it on top of my marshmallows.  I stared at them a little while longer.  I added the vanilla (no measuring this time because too much vanilla is no such thing).  I stared at it a little more.

You’re probably thinking what in the world is with all this staring?  Well, after the third time staring at it, I had this feeling that it was not going to be enough marshmallow to hold everything together (I don’t know.  Something about the one to five to four cup ratio through me off).  I even told my pappy that I didn’t think it was enough but kept going on anyway, thinking that the recipe wouldn’t steer me wrong.  I will say that my changes that come later on may be the cause for the lack of marshmallow but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t enough anyway.  If I were you, I’d add another cup and then make the necessary changes from there.

Anywho, while that was melting, I was pouring the cereal (and maybe sneaking a few handfuls in my mouth.  I love cereal).  I measured the five cups of Rice Krispies out and put them in the bowl.  I knew from the get go that I would add more Golden Grahams (Yes, I used them instead of graham crackers.  I thought they’d add a nice sweeter taste and I didn’t feel like breaking crackers.  I was right for once) than it called for.  One cup was just not going to suffice in satiating my hunger–especially not when it’s one of my favorite cereals.  I’m not sure how much extra I added.  I just kept pouring straight from the box until I felt it was enough.  Same went for the chocolate chips…sort of.  I used dark chocolate ones because I love nothing better than dark chocolate with just about anything.  I say I sort of added whatever I wanted because we had between half a bag and a quarter of a bag of chocolate chips left. I just finished it off by dumping it all in.

Now, from the experience with making a popcorn cake, I knew just to start mixing that together with my hands (The marshmallow was nice and melty and waiting for me to stop screwing around). And, yeah, you might notice that I didn’t stir the marshmallow into the Rice Krispies and then add the S’mores-ish ingredients.  That’s because I think it’s more even distributed with all the ingredients if you stir them together dry. I threw in the marshmallow and started stirring with my flat spoon thingy.  Things got sticky.  Chocolate melted.  Rice Krispies spilled out of the bowl.  There was a lack of marshmallow, allowing the Krispies to make their escape.

Finally, I got it mixed as well it was going to be and started smooshing it into the pan.  I used a average rectangular cake pan, which worked well, making it thick enough.  I would like to say based on appearance alone my addition of extra Golden Grahams made it look awful pretty.  Clearly not as pretty as the picture from the site where I got the recipe but pretty for me.

I did the dishes and put them away while I let it cool.  I finished doing that and decided to say screw it and dig in.  It was still a little warm but it stuck together enough for me to shovel my piece into my mouth.  And you know what?  It was good.  I liked it.  However, it wasn’t what I was looking for.  I think this may be one of the only times I’ve said this in my life but there was too much chocolate.  All the taste made me want was to go pour a bowl of cereal.  Of course, that didn’t stop me from eating another piece or two (and some cereal).

My pappy said the same thing.  We think it might be better if you just use Golden Grahams and Rice Krispies or just Golden Grahams.  I’m not going to try again anytime soon because marshmallows happen to be protected by my mama in this house and we aren’t allowed to touch them unless they get replaced or she is going to the grocery store the next day (And we sure better leave enough for her hot chocolate in the morning).  My mama liked them.  She ate a piece or two.  I don’t think there was any overwhelming love for the treats but no one thought they were bad.  We’re still waiting on the opinion of Daddy and Michael.  I’m sure they’ll probably feel the same way.  Daddy will probably end up finishing the pan for me because that’s what my daddy does.  Michael will be honest about the changes he thinks needs to be made so that we can make yummier ones together at some point (Of course, he was the one who said I was thinking you should make Rice Krispie treats, too, when I talked to him in the morning before I made them.  Moocher).

Because it was dealing with S’mores, it couldn’t let me down…but I’ve had better S’mores stuff.  Ice cream is still holding its own as my favorite.  The cereal is still coming in a close second with Pop-Tarts right behind that.  Either way, I think I’m going back to ice cream today.  Unless I can find something else we have the ingredients for and someone (*cough cough* Michael) wants to help me make something.  Hmm, I did see they made Rice Krispie treats but used Trix instead.  I wonder how Captain Crunch Crunch Berries would work?…


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