Hart of Dixie’s Finale Won My Heart

Published May 16, 2012 by jrm17

So I’ve pretty much had my nose stuck in The Psychology of Advertising (this really lovely, totally not boring textbook) all day yesterday.  No, I’m serious.  I’m totally being a good student and trying to kick this giant paper’s butt.  Sarcasm aside, I really did read the book for roughly five hours yesterday, meaning about 10 pages of notes for about 122 pages (I’m thinking this is going to be a heavily relied upon reference).  Anyway, I really don’t know what I’m going to talk about so I’m just going to wing it and hope this comes out interesting.  The season finale of Hart of Dixie was Monday night so let’s talk about that…

Now, I’ve been comparing this show to The O.C. and Sweet Home Alabama all rolled into one since the very first episode.  In fact, just for future reference, that is the same episode where Wade Kinsella won my heart.  Therefore, it was no surprise that I didn’t miss a second of the finale and that I made Michael sit through it (That’s what he gets for showing up on a Monday night.  Albeit, he was very sweet in not complaining).  Did anyone else notice, oh, one or two things that pretty much happened in my all time favorite Reese Witherspoon movie?  Yeah, I thought so.

In case you missed it, thing number one was that Lemon and George Tucker were supposed to get married and it rained…hard (Not as hard as in The Lucky One, though).  Well, if you recall, at the very cute ending of Sweet Home Alabama, it started raining at the end (what should have been the beginning) of Mel’s ceremony with Andrew.  Now, there’s this old wives’ tale that it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day.  I’m starting to think this isn’t so.  I mean, first we have Andrew and Mel breaking up when it starts raining.  None of us are complaining about that though since Jake and Mel are clearly my favorite fake couple in the world (Miranda and Blake are my favorite real couple).  And now we have Lemon and George’s wedding.  We all knew that it wasn’t looking to promising when George found out about Lavan, kissed Zoe, and Lemon got her head stuck in the bed rails.  Then it rains.  George says he doesn’t want to marry her and goes to Zoe.  See, I’m thinking rain might actually be a bad omen.  Even more so for Zoe Hart…

I have been Team Wade since episode one but I think I already said that (I mean seriously.  He is so much cuter than Street.  And those abs!  Oh, my Lord, He knew what He was doing when He made that boy).  I have waited however many weeks for Zoe to finally realize Wade is better than George Tucker (It’s even worse he is all Auburn but we’ll get to that later).  Who else loved the whole them getting together thing?  I’m sure I’d be seeing hand raising like crazy.  These writers must know me better than me because I was swooning over the plot.  Getting stuck in a rainstorm in a barn with a shirtless Wade after saving a baby goat?  And then have him tell me all the things Wade said?  Yes, please.  I’ll take it in a heart beat.

Then she gets to go home and…well, ends up on the floor with Wade.  I was pumping my arms and celebrating because it finally happened.  I mean that boy has had her break his heart so many times and he’s just a cute little puppy dog when he’s sad.  But now we’re going to talk about the things I didn’t like about the finale.

George Tucker showing up when Wade and Zoe were happy.  Really?  I mean, really?  I know it had to happen for the show to go on but couldn’t we just leave them alone for a little while.  Let them be happy and have George learn and be sad without letting Zoe in on what’s up?  I was terrified that Wade was going to talk out of the room to see George kissing Zoe.  I was so scared for him.  I’m not so sure his heart can take it.  Mine couldn’t for him.  I have this sinking feeling that it’s going to be George and Zoe in the end.  This really depresses me.

Mostly because I like Lemon Breeland.  The girl is sneaky and manipulative and a fabulous Southern Belle.  I don’t like George breaking her heart–especially not after she’s told him the truth and all that stuff with her mama.  Ugh!  I really like Lavan, too.  Maybe they can be together in the end.  They’re cute together and it would make both of them happy…probably happier than Lemon and George.  That’s how the show should end when God forbid it does.  It should be Wade and Zoe and Lavan and Lemon.

Now, let’s get to my Bama part.  Freaking George Tucker’s family bleeds that stupid orange and blue of Auburn.  Dear Dr. Breeland and Lavan Hayes, however, are all roll tide roll.  See, it just won’t work between Lemon and George.  She’s much too smart for him and, clearly, her and Lavan are on the same page.  Though, I did think it was really funny when George Tucker’s daddy and Lemon’s were talking about which school their grandchildren have to go to.  I’ve already made a point to say that my children are either future Alabama football stars, Duke basketball stars, or Texas softball/baseball stars.

Okay, I’m done.  I can’t think of anything else to say.  I wish I had paid more attention to One For the Money so I could have ranted about that but I was in the middle of reading about advertising and the psychology of it and, you know, all that widely interesting stuff.  I’m pretty stoked for next season though.  I hope it’s able to maintain it’s status and not get worse in the second season.  That would be just down right depressing.


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