Let’s Hope My Rambling Makes Sense To Everyone Else…

Published May 24, 2012 by jrm17

So Wednesday kind of snuck up on me and I didn’t have anything ready to go so let’s see….Hmmm….I think this is going to be one of those posts where I talk about a lot of things that seem related in my head (mostly because they are triggered by things that have happened recently) but probably won’t be connected in most other people’s so I will do my best to explain myself.

First off, I’m going to talk to the guys.  Guys, when you are on a date–especially at a nicer restaurant  or with a girl you haven’t been with long–please dress like right and not like some little boy.  We went out to eat at an Italian place on Monday.  Michael and I weren’t dressed too nice since we had just finished running but at least we complimented each other’s outfit since we were both in t-shirts and jeans.  We probably could have dressed a little better for the place we were at but we had an excuse.

We were in the middle of arguing over what to get when this couple walks in.  I would guess they were juniors or seniors in high school.  They were definitely high school but not young enough to need parents to drive them.  The girl was dressed really cute.  She was in a dress that I’m pretty sure was from American Eagle with a belt at the waist and a little jacket over top.  She was definitely date-ready.  The boy, however, was a whole different story.

I think he was going for that surfer/skater look and he was pulling off brilliantly–in that he looked like some little punk who just wanted to cause trouble.  Worst of all, he was wearing a tank top.  You know, one of those manks that you find in PacSun.  His girl was way to cute for him if he is going to dress like that on their dates.  It was just wrong.  You know someone’s clothes are bad when Mike is the first one to say something about them.

Speaking of dressing, I know I had a few minutes of panicking the first time I went shopping for work clothes, but guess what.  I really like dress clothes.  They are cute and I feel like a professional (which really just means I feel like all this freaking work is finally paying off somewhat.  I mean my name is going in the magazine as an intern 🙂 ).  I’m even rocking the heels.  Okay, they are wedges but we are working on this.  I am learning how to do the whole not falling down thing.  And I’m doing pretty good if I do say so myself.  I’ve only almost fallen once.  And that was a rainy day on the fire escape.  Score one for me.

Okay, what else to talk about?  Umm, let’s see.  One for the Money.  Yeah, I can talk about that.  I’ve watched it twice in the past week: once with Mama, who is on number six in the series, and once with Mike after the Italian dinner.  And, you know what?  I think my opinion about Katherine Heigl has really changed.  I never really liked her until I saw The Killers but I like Ashton so I gave it and I kind of liked her in it.  Then one weekend, we were staying at a friend’s house when Mom texted me that I would fall in love with One for the Money (Her and daddy went on a date without me 😦 ).  Not so much of a shocker–she was right.

First off, I kind of want to be Stephanie Plum.  She kicks butt in that awkward way.  I think it was a really good role for Katherine because she broke out of always playing that uptight, complain-y girl.  Plus, what I really like is that it showed how she’s not as fake as most girls you see in Hollywood.  During the shower scene, I realized that she’s not really all that skinny.  And, she’s a brunette in it so that scores points for her.

I thought it was a really funny movie.  The words, “How does someone eat like you eat and look like you look,” seems to be a new saying in our house (Especially when Mom’s just yelling that Morelli is wasting perfectly good cheese balls).  Also, Mike has been “Cupcake” for a while so it was pretty funny that Morelli calls Steph that.  Speaking of Morelli, how is this even supposed to be a love triangle?  Ranger isn’t all that cute.  He’s REALLY boring and Morelli looks like Uncle Mason from Vampire Diaries.  And he’s cute.  And he’s funny.  Of the four people I’ve talked to about this movie (Michael, Mommy, Daddy, and myself–yes, I talk to myself), none of us have even remotely thought Steph and Ranger is a good idea.  I’ve watched my mom speed through the first five books in the series and come to a screeching halt on the sixth because she said it’s all Ranger.  Well, that makes sense considering in the movie I wanted to fall asleep every time he opened his mouth.

My favorite character, though, was Lula.  Sherri Shepherd was hilarious and absolutely perfect for this role.  She was so funny and totally believable.  When we were watching it, I kept telling Michael I want to become a hooker just so I can dress like that (My dreams got laughed at).  I think the reason she’s such a favorite in our family is because she’s a shoot straight from the hip kind of girl (It’s the reason my mama and I are so scary).

So thanks to being late with this one and not really having a good idea, we’re going to cut this short before I start rambling on about something else completely off track.  It would probably involve something about coffee or The Woman in Black.  So let’s end this with two things.   First off is that we really need to teach this future generation how to dress appropriately (There may have been an incident at work where the high school intern came in wearing jean, a hoodie, and flipflops…yeah, even the girls didn’t get that lesson, clearly).  And secondly, One for the Money was the best movie I have seen Katherine Heigl in and it’s definitely made my list of top girly comedies.  I”m not going to hope they make all the movies like my mama (That’s only with John Carter) but I can hope for at least a sequel.


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