Let’s Go To The Mall!

Published June 8, 2012 by jrm17

Okay, I am going to go very girly for this post (Yeah, I know I promised another story from Cracked but I got bored and distracted reading the one I planned on talking about).  We are going to talk about shopping because my birthday meant I got birthday money which meant I’ve been shopping (my favorite past time).

So, I fully intended on saving my money for the beach.  However, I knew I had to put a part back for my Vera Bradley bag.  You see, I am a huge Vera fan and I am on the mailing list at the outlet (because I’m too cheap to buy anything full price) where I get sent $20 off a purchase of $20 of more.  I got the large duffel for Christmas but I still wanted a small duffel for when we go away overnight.  Well, I am a very smart shopper and used my $20 off plus 20% off for the day and got my duffel down from $55 to $25.  And it’s in Plum Petals, which I totally coveted last summer when it came out 🙂 . Go me.

This is my whole point: smart shopping is the most satisfying thing ever.  I’ll explain myself even more.  We went by Nine West and I thought it might be nice to get my own heels for work instead of borrowing Mom’s every day (Plus, I really like heels now).  I went in and saw these black patent pumps with cork heels.  Let’s just say I fell in love with them and the price.  Then it was pointed out to me that all the shoes were buy one, get one 50% off.  I got two pairs of Nine West heels for about $60.  A few days later, we went into DSW and I found my black heels $10 higher.  I may have done a little happy dance.

The smart shopping doesn’t stop there.  My next stop came at the American Eagle outlet.  I love me some American Eagle but I always feel a little stupid paying the prices when I know it will go on sale soon.  That’s why the first time I went work clothes shopping, I refrained from buying a really cute skirt that was $40.  Lo and behold, I go in and it was now $19.99.  I found a white and pink peasant top for like the same price.  I whipped out the $10 off a purchase of $40 coupon (Devin was buying a t-shirt so it was enough to make the limit) and got my stuff happily–and cheaply–rang up.

I really did intend to not spend anymore of my money.  I wanted to save some of it for another book for my paper and for Michael’s anniversary present and Kat’s birthday present.  Well, we went into Coach.  I have been toying with getting a new Coach bag for a while and I really did need a new purse.  It was 20% off day.  I found a really cute gray and silver bag in the clearance section and ended up getting it for $95.  It was just dumb luck on my part but can you believe it?  A Coach bag for $95?  That only happens when you wait for a sale plus use your birthday discount.  I didn’t have a birthday discount and still managed it.  I was on a roll.

So, I did some massive damage on my birthday funds but came home to order my book and get Michael’s present (Kat’s birthday is long enough away that I can wait).  Well, thank you, Amazon.com, because I got the book and his present (which will not be named because he is reading this and it is probably coming in today while he is at my house) for a really good price and with Super Saver free shipping or whatever that deal is where you spend more than $25 on the marked items and get free shipping.  I seriously think that is one of my favorite things about Amazon.

After using my employee discount at work to get a chain for the necklace Michael bought me, I still had $30 left (Okay, $23 but I sold two pairs of shoes to Plato’s Closet for $7.  Yeah, I know.  It sucks).

My luck shopping has continued.  Yesterday, we went to Best Buy.  Mom was looking at laptops so Devin and I went to look at movies.  We already bought John Carter (the day is came out of course) so we went to the cartoon movies.  I heard Devin go, “Hey,” and I looked up.  We got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for $5!  I couldn’t have been more stoked…until, we were looking at the television series on DVD and found the complete series of The West Wing.  I started looking at it when we finished Friday Night Lights and were looking for a new series to start.  My idea quickly got shot down when we saw it was $239.99 at Best Buy.  What was it yesterday?  It was marked down to $99.99 and there’s a pretty decent chance I’m getting it put back for Christmas (I know, it’s a long way away but if it means I get to watch that show plus Rob Lower, I’m happy).

Final stop of the day yesterday–Kohl’s.  Now, we really only do damage when we get 30% off, which we had 🙂 .  I had my money still and decided to check out these LC Lauren Conrad heels I thought were cute.  Well, sadly, they are really cute but even the size 6 was too big.  I wandered over to the clearance shoes.  I’ve been looking for cute nude heels and these were Elle with a big bow that I found and they were on clearance…plus we had our coupon.  They were only a little more than $20 after I was finished and then paired with a black lightweight cardigan for about $7.

You see my point now?  I know shopping kind of gives you a euphoric high anyway (No?  Just me?  Oh well, I’m pretty sure I’m a compulsive shopper anyway because I’m fine until I actually start spending money…then I can’t stop until it’s gone).  However, it feels even better when you get great deals like that–especially when the brands are as good as I got.  Just for a recap, for about $300 I got the following: two pairs of Nine West heels, a Vera Bradley small duffel, a Coach purse, a skirt and top from American Eagle, a pair of Elle heels, a Kohl’s cardigan, a 18 inch chain from The Vintage Lady, a book, and a present for Michael.  I would call that some massive shopping success.  Just to finish off here’s my quick tips for getting the most bang for your buck:

1) Combine savings.  Like I did at Vera and Kohls, use coupons in conjunction with other sales if you can to maximize your savings.

2) If you love something, wait until it goes on sale.  I hate paying full price because you know it will be on sale soon.  Monitor the store or website and snatch up the coveted item when it hits the sale section.  Full price sucks.

3) Outlets!  I love nothing more than outlets because they have great deals.  Like you saw with my Nine West heels, I got them cheaper than in DSW because it was an outlet plus there was a sale.

4) Buy cheap but not cheap brands.  Yes, not spending a ton of money is great but what’s the point in spending it if whatever you buy is cheap and it will rip or break and then you have to go out and spend more money to replace it?  Exactly.  Get good brands on a good sale so that you spend the money but have a product that will last.

5) Sign up for deals.  I know they get annoying in your inbox but when it comes time to shop, all those birthday discounts and e-mail discounts and mailed discounts will help you save money…meaning you can spend the rest on something else 🙂 .


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