The Ugly Truth Isn’t So Ugly

Published June 15, 2012 by jrm17

Wednesday may have turned into a mess and then got cleaned up in a very girly fashion.  It may have involved a shopping trip that ended with us buying wine, ice cream, chocolate for the ice cream, and The Ugly Truth.  Michael kept complaining that people were going to think he did something wrong if they looked at what we bought.  Well, he did because he broke my The Ugly Truth DVD that I had just bought the day before.  It was an accident but, hey, an excuse for a girly trip is an excuse for a girly trip.  So, clearly (unless my rambling has confused you), I have to talk about The Ugly Truth and Katherine Heigl today.

I’ll start with this.  I recently watched The Bounty Hunter and realized how much I love Gerard Butler.  Yes, he’s cute but that’s not actually my point.  I like him because he is ideal for the male lead in romantic comedies.  He is cute, clearly, and he has the bad boy attitude that makes us all fall heels over head.  However, maybe it’s just us, but for once, he’s a guy that Mike likes, too.  I’m not sure why (I don’t really want to know why).  I’m pretty content with the fact that he won’t complain when we watch movies with Gerard Butler in them.

To go along with talking about the lead actors in The Ugly Truth, we have Katherine Heigl in the female lead.  Now, up until recently I would have refused to watch anything with her in it.  I could not stand her because it seemed like she was always playing that uptight female lead that was clearly only getting the guy because she’s hot.  That all changed when I saw One for the Money.  Seeing her as Stephanie Plum has totally changed my opinion of her and I can honestly say she has become one of my favorite actresses.  I think beforehand I was just being really judgmental and seeing her in the wrong things because I actually cannot remember what made me form my original opinion about her.  I will say that I love that she’s not super, overly skinny like most girls we see in Hollywood and that while she does look good as a blonde, she needs to stay on Team Brunette with me because she looks a million times even prettier with dark hair.

Now on to the movie itself.  Katherine Heigl played Abby–a producer for a local news channel–who needs to pick up her ratings or risk being cancelled.  She is single and kind of hopeless because she’s way too controlling.  I really related.  I see nothing wrong with needing to be in control as much as she does.  Maybe that’s part of the reason I liked it so much.  Anyway, to help with the ratings, some guy who is apparently more in charge than Abby (I missed his name and his job title), brings in Mike, the host of The Ugly Truth–a public access show about…well, how men and women are only after sex and men aren’t capable of love.  As always, chaos ensues and I don’t want to give any spoilers but I’m sure you can figure out what happens.  I will point out that my gay-dar was clearly out of whack because I assumed Colin or Chip or whatever that guy’s name was was gay.  He is not.  He just perfectly fit the checklist.

As far as writing went, I thought the comedy was really good in it.  We’ve been seeing a lot of romantic comedies (Or maybe just me.  I’d like to think I haven’t made Mike watch too many lately) and usually there’s laughs but they are kind of cheesy.  We’ve been scoring really well because we’ve been watching legitimately funny ones and The Ugly Truth was probably at the top of my list for funniness. The scene at the end when Mike tells Abby he doesn’t know why he’s in love with her and he’s kind of a jerk about it was so funny (Hmm.  This could be because Mike and Abby pretty much have my relationship with Mike–my Mike, not Gerard Butler–but it was still funny).  Humor aside, the writing was good anyway.  There weren’t any really sappy or cheesy moments that I can think of.  There weren’t any times when we looked at each other like OMG!  Are we really listening to this? (Or at least I didn’t.  I can’t speak for Michael).  Out of all the ones we’ve watched recently–This Means War, Clueless, The Bounty Hunter, One for the Money–this was probably the best as far as writing.  Okay, One for the Money was probably best but I’m not sure that’s fair since it was based on a book.

The chemistry between Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler was amazing.  Yes, some of that can be attributed to good writing and believable characters but I think they played off each other really well.  I could totally see the two of them having a real relationship (Think about how we all think Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey belong together.  Don’t deny it.  We all think it).  It’s can also be looked at because both of them are very good actors and just tend to have good chemistry no matter who their costar is it seems.  Gerard Butler had good chemistry with Jennifer Aniston in The Bounty Hunter; Katherine Heigl was really cute with the guy who played Morelli (He was gorgeous in the Uncle Mason kind of way).  I’m not sure if either of them are married but they could totally be my new favorite Hollywood couple.

Honestly, I had three reasons behind getting this movie: Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, $5.  It helped that it was a romantic comedy but those were the three reasons.  We’ve bought a lot of cheap movies because we are cheap but I think this was probably one of the best ones we’ve gotten.  It is definitely on the list of movies we are forcing on our friends on vacation and it’s always nice to find a romcom that both me and Michael like (Trust me.  Watching Sweet Home Alabama with him ruins the movie and is enjoyable for no one until Kat starts yelling at him.  That actually is pretty funny).


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