Friends on the Other Side

Published June 18, 2012 by jrm17

I did something pretty interesting this weekend.  Something that I had always said I wouldn’t do.  Something that I was pretty scared to do and am very proud of my self for not crying or peeing my pants while doing it.  You see, our friend who runs the ghost tours we go on decided she wanted to help the ghosts that we keep finding in our pictures.  So Ann figured this time we would try to contact the spirits.

The last tour we were on, there was a paranormal team who caught a voice in the basement of a place we go saying something like “Let me out” and people have been asking Ann about helping these spirits.  I never, ever wanted to play with a Ouija board.  Those are some evil pieces of wood that I refuse to touch because I don’t want to open any doors and let anything bad through.  Plus, I am a strong believer in how TAPS handles everything and what my mama tells me, which is basically summed up in “You better keep your butt away from that stuff.”  I agreed to go and watch but do nothing else when it came to this experiment.

Before we get to what happened, there’s something else you need to know.  In the church we were doing this in, there is a graveyard outside that is on the tour.  There is one gravestone that we once took a picture of that looked like it had a woman’s face on the back of it but after some investigation, we debunked it as just the wear on the stone and how it is shaped.  Somewhere along this journey, I’ve come to care about the lady whose grave it is and I visit it every time we are on the tour–sometimes just when we are around Charles Town–and bring things and talk to her.  After taking a picture so we could try to figure out her name, E. Annie Rice, we’ve taken to to calling her Miss Annie.  The last tour we were on, I brought her these purple flowers that smelled really good and I believe she was thanking me by appearing in orb form when I took pictures of the grave afterwards.  All the regulars and Ann know that I have adopted her but they don’t know her name.

Now, let’s get to what happened.  We went into the basement and set up and said a small prayer (I had on every protective symbol from every different culture that I own.  Yes, I own protective symbols.  Yes, they cover at least five different cultures.  Yes, this is necessary.  Don’t judge me.  I may be willing to do stupid stuff but I’m going to be safe doing it).  After some coercing, we finally got another regular to be the other person to touch the thing on the Ouija board that moves (I forget what Ann called it).  It took a few minutes but finally we got an answer that someone was there.  There was a lot of apprehension in the room during this time.  Ann was shaking and there was a lot of worried shifting coming from the rest of us.  The spirit told us that he was male and that he was a soldier who died young but not in the Civil War.  He started to tell us a message but stopped spelling it after the second letter or so.  He kept telling us that he was trying to get a message out to his girlfriend or fiance and to his son, who died from fever when he was 9.  We got the initial G.H. for him and W.H. for the girl.

However, at one point, the initial J came up.  I got cold chills up and down my back and Mom looked at me.  Ann started trying to figure out a name that started with J and everyone looked at me and it dawned on them that Jessie is one of those names.  The man kept talking to us so the feeling passed.  Until we started realizing that the reason his answers stopped making sense was because the pointer thing kept going back and forth between male and female, meaning that there were two spirits trying to talk to us and the new one was female.  She kept trying to talk but would get pushed aside by the male, who was beginning to get angry (He moved the pointer very quickly and pointedly to no when we asked if he had more to tell us and when we asked if he would like us to come talk again after we couldn’t figure out what his message was).  We closed the conversation after that but we all kind of felt like we were leaving the man hanging even though he was now being uncooperative.  Ann is working to figure out who he is, hoping we can help him find peace in some way.  My mama and my theory is that from the way it felt during the conversation is that the girlfriend and child died together because he said that they were together and he was looking for them.  I think he probably moved or his body got moved after they died.  Something bad happened to this man after they died–I’m thinking he may have went a little crazy–and he doesn’t know where he is anymore.  We want to help him as much as we can.

Mom didn’t tell me until after everything was over but we got to wondering if the J came up because the woman was actually Miss Annie trying to tell me something.  Getting really into it, I started asking questions…well, coming up with questions for Ann to ask.  I didn’t go visit her until after we finished in the basement but I wonder if she heard my voice and came to us when she realized who it was.  I know it’s probably a long shot but Mom thinks she could have been telling me she appreciates my visits and having someone care for her since she died in 1853.

Other than that, we didn’t really get any cool stuff.  Nothing came up on the voice recorder or on the video (We left the pointer on Goodbye and left the camera on it to see if it moved in the locked basement while we were gone).  The only thing we got on camera was a few odd orbs.  While at William Bailey’s grave–the ghost of the railroad who has become somewhat of the celebrity of the tour–another regular was calling for him (She really likes him) and my camera froze, wouldn’t even turn off.  But nothing super convincing happened.  Of course, we didn’t go to the railroad track like we normally do.

I have a feeling that we’ll be doing some more ghost hunting here coming up based on the amount of weird stuff we’ve gotten lately.  The only bad part about going now is that we have to wait until it’s late for it to be dark and we’re all old people who like to be in bed.  It’s pretty sad that the youngest person on the tour last night (Okay, I’m going to guess.  There were a few others around my age but the weren’t really into it) was the one who wanted to be home so I could sleep.


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