The House That Built Me

Published June 27, 2012 by jrm17

Okay, it’s story time and I’m going to probably end up ranting today.  Now, let me preface this story with the fact that I am probably crying as I write this and it’s not rare that this is something I cry over.  Also, I would give anything is the world to get my way on this subject but I know that it’s just something that is not going to happen because I don’t have the right or any power in this situation.

Let’s start with this: my aunt Odie was one of the sweetest, best people in this world.  She was the grandmother that none of my grandmother’s ever have been.  She made me laugh and she was one of those people who just always knew what to say to make everything better.  Last year, right before finals, that stupid C word that has taken my favorite uncle and my grandad away from me, took her, too.  I’m still grateful to have had the time we had with her but it’s something I’m probably never going to get over.  I still have every card that she wrote to me with “Happy Birthday, sweet girl!” or “Merry Christmas, sweet girl.”  The minute I got a necklace for Christmas, the charm that she has given me years ago that I didn’t have a chain for went on that, not caring how stupid it looks (which I don’t think it does).  I wish she were still around but I know that’s just something that can happen.

Her kids never really seemed to get what she meant to my family.  And that terrified me when I realized that it meant something was going to happen to Aunt Odie’s house.  I love that little house.  It’s so tiny and old but it’s…one of the best houses I could ever imagine living in.  A bleak outlook on the future of the house got a little better when her son bought out her daughter with the idea that he would spend time there when his job brought him this way.  But then it all took a turn for the worse and a few weeks ago we found out he was going to flat out sell it.  I was ready to move in it and make Michael live with me and do whatever it took to make sure that house would have someone in it who would appreciate it.  Clearly, we don’t have the money to move in and my mama and daddy thought about buying but just couldn’t do it because it wasn’t right.  If I could, I would drop out of school and find a way to get the money, right now, if it meant keeping what is going to happen from happening.

You see, this isn’t the first time a very important house to someone in our family is having this terrible situation happen to it.  The house that my great-grandparents owned and all the children, grandchildren, and me (the only important great-grandchild) grew up in was sold to someone outside of the family who has no appreciation for it and it really hurt my mom.  It’s deja vu because someone who already has no appreciation for Aunt Odie’s is going to buy it.

Well, I can’t really say the man doesn’t.  I don’t know him.  He’s from around here but not exactly the group I hang out with.  I can tell you his lovely (that is probably the most sarcastic thing I have ever said) mother has no clue how awful she is being.  You see, they like to buy just about everything around here because they have money and whatever.  No one likes it including their family (I should say no one likes them including their family).  The lady who owns my favorite farm up the road said there’s one place in the mountain they aren’t getting and mom said there’s a little place on in the holler they aren’t getting, too.  Let’s just leave it at if there were a way, everyone would vote them out of our little town.

Two days ago, she decided to pick on (read: jokingly but not really all that jokingly yell) at Devin for picking the berries across the road from her house, which she DOES NOT OWN, because she was entitled to them.  Ummm, kiss my butt.  Devin proceeded to give his version of the middle finger and go pick one or six more and eat them in front of her and carry a bucket to get the rest yesterday.  She started telling mom how that house was just a house and how they are going to gut it because the inside just isn’t good enough.  Being the best person I could be, I did not jump at her and start punching because that’s what was going through my mind.  I simply walked away with tears in my eyes and texted Michael as she proceeded to be oblivious to what an insensitive meanie she was being.

I could overlook the insensitivity if I absolutely needed to because I understand that most people don’t think about anything but themselves and they are oblivious to what’s going on around them outside of their little world.  The main reason I would give anything to stop this sale is because of who is going to end up living there.

The woman’s granddaughters who are younger than me are just being given the house.  Why is that?  Well, as their great-aunt (I think that’s the relation) would say it’s because they aren’t going to get anything in life that their parents just don’t hand to them.  I haven’t liked these girls since we were in elementary school together and it breaks my heart to know these girls who have no drive in life and who are going to not care for the house, bringing in strings of boys and drugs and drinking into that house, are going to live there.  It’s something that will have Aunt Odie rolling over in her grave.  They do not know how to care for anything including themselves because they don’t treat anything with respect.

That house deserves to have someone in it who will care for and love the house.  It doesn’t have to be me but it should be someone who can at least respect what they own.  It needs someone who will love that kitchen more than anything and make sugar cookies (Most preferably with her recipe that we have).

Mom is trying to figure out where we will give out candy to trick-or-treaters now and I’ll tell you right now, I am going to march my butt up and sit it on that porch and hand candy to those cute little kids.  They will either have to deal with a very angry me who will probably be experiencing some blackout rage that will not be good or they will be too string out to even notice.  Of course it takes the police like an hour to get here so that’s not really an issue.  I’m just waiting for the feud that will happen between the neighbors and the girls’ family because Aunt Odie let them do whatever they wanted basically in her yard so long as they asked and were respectful.  The hose to Toby and Red goes through her yard and she was okay with that and in return, he would mow her yard and the woman would help her out.  I’m waiting for some very angry calls about bonfires that are much more tame than what those girls do.  I’m thinking we have the making of the next Hatfields and McCoys and I know which side will be the Hatfields and my team because we won’t lose.

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