The Best Days of Your Life

Published June 29, 2012 by jrm17

I’m going to regress to high school for this post.  The wonderful people at MTV have been showing retro or whatever they are calling it marathons of Laguna Beach in the mornings (I’m not sure like five years is retro if it’s even been that long).  I loved this show.  Okay, I’ll admit it.  I loved every MTV reality show in high school.  Two-A-Days–loved it and own the first season on DVD (It helps that I’m a huge Bama fan…I think).  Laguna Beach–watched just about every episode.  The Hills–I may have cried during the finale.  The City–made me love Whitney Port.  It’s sad and pathetic but all these shows made me want my life (and my clothes) to be like these girls’.

I remember when we first got a Hollister in our mall and my older cousin and her best friend had to go buy the Team LC and Team Kristin shirts.  I never really made up my mind about which girl I was behind–mostly because I love them both now.  The thing is that I never really like Stephen or Talan or Jason or any of the guys on the show.  I always thought they were huge d-bags and treated girls like crap.  Then again, I always thought those girls were so stupid when it came to boys that they almost deserved what they got.  However, to be completely honest, I didn’t really like Laguna Beach as much as everyone else until the final season.  You know, that season that had none of the original cast because they’d all moved on to college and jobs and stuff?  Yeah, I really liked the cast that season and I was really mad that they stopped renewing the show after that season.  Those kids were so much more interesting than the original cast.

That being said, I was a fanatic when it came to The Hills and The City.  I know I said I like Kristin, which I do, but The Hills is the reason that I absolutely adore LC.  I know she’ll always be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris which we all know was one of the stupidest mistakes she could have made but the girl is straight awesome.  I would kill to raid her closet and have her do my hair and makeup.  I think she is one of the prettiest girls with the best style that we’ve seen come out of Hollywood.  Of course, I think Kristin is pretty, too, but I think that sometimes her personality just kills her.  I don’t want to be mean because we have pretty similar personalities but I completely get why her and most other girls don’t get along.  It’s the same reason me and most other girls don’t get along.

To prove my point on how badly I want to be these girls (still…especially now that I’m watching reruns), let me tell you that I was

probably more excited than anyone should have been when I found out that Lauren had a line coming to Kohl’s.  I never bought Candie’s clothes until she started endorsing them and you can bet your sweet butt that I love her line they released.  I may have bought some boots that I thought were completely adorable but everyone else thought was ugly with the reasoning being, “I don’t care if you hate them.  If LC made them and I like them, then clearly they are actually cute and you are wrong.”  These boots are now called my wooly mammoth boots because everyone around me is mean.  The clothes are awesome.  The only problem I have is the heels are so cute but my foot is too small to even fit in the 6 when normally I wear a 6.5.

So really, who didn’t want to live in Laguna Beach?  As I have said a million times because I am clearly jealous, the girls always had amazing clothes and look amazing even if they were in sweats (as they are right now while I’m watching it).  They got to live in a place where beach bonfires are on the regular.  I know we get to have fall bonfires and, well, bonfire really anytime of the year in Maryland but they have the beach!  You still get to where hoodies at the beach.  It gets chilly at night and I am always cold no matter how hot it is.  Plus, they were always going on trips or having parties or going to fancy-schmancy dances.  Now, I don’t do the whole dances thing but I do do the after party and the chilling on the side of the room as I watch everyone else.  I could overlook the multitude of drama the suffered through because, well, it’s probably less drama that I create in my own head and make out to be real in my real life.

More on honesty about those boys though is that I never really thought any of them were all that cute.  Yeah, I thought Jason was cute but we all know what a player he was.  As for all the rest, nope.  They didn’t do anything for me.  Now, when we got to The Hills and Brody was hanging around all the time, I was all for that.  I love me some Brody Jenner.  He is a hottie biscotti.  And the best part of all these reality shows that was filling my television schedule was when Ben from The Buried Life and Whitney were dating (I don’t know.  They still might be.  I stopped paying attention).  They were super cute together.

Now, that was a show that totally should have kept going forever.  I was obsessed with The Buried Life.  I was determined that Duncan was going to be the love of my life and then me and Whitney and LC would become best friends and I would be actually living out the Laguna Beach life.  Yeah, that didn’t happen so much but it’s cool.  I like what’s going on right now in my life.  But it was all about TBL and The World of Jenks.  I may have had a slight crush on Jenks, too.  What’s not to like about the tall, skinny, slightly hipster (but not enough to make him a douche) guy with floppy hair and a penchant on helping out as many people as possible.  I’m still not sure why that show didn’t get renewed either.

Now, all we’re left with is The Real World (which I’m already digging this new season), The Challenge (which will always be on my list of favorite shows), and all those crap Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore spinoffs (I had enough after the first or second season…ick).  So let me relive my high school days while I can and relive all the drama of Laguna (and let’s hope for some Hills and City reruns after this).  I’m just going to put my hair in some braids, throw on sweats from high school, and eat animal crackers (my favorite food from softball seasons in high school).  Heck, maybe I’ll put on some JoBros on my playlist while I’m at it.  I’m just going to becoming the 16-year-old me again for a little while.  Don’t mind me.

And just as a side note: Audrina was always my favorite (well, her and Lauren) and her show was awesome!  Go VH1 for airing that one!


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