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Published July 13, 2012 by jrm17

Since I have been seriously slacking with this whole working on my department paper business, I’ve had some amazing reading and movie watching time.  I’m catching up on all the stuff I felt like I was missing while writing almost 80 pages (I’m so close I can taste it but I’m just so sick of movie advertising and psychology).  We’ll see how much of this I cover before I feel like I’m boring you (and probably myself) so I’m making no promises on how much this is going to cover.  But I know what (or more like who) we are going to start with and we all love him (Okay, Michael does not but I certainly do and I think he’s the only exception): Taylor Kitsch!

Seeing as how we were at the beach, I missed the opening day of Savages but we all knew I’d end up seeing it eventually.  After all, I was promised nudity by the R rating and I had my heart set on that nudity involving Taylor.  You know what?   It came through on it.  I got to see me dear Taylor’s butt as he did bad things to Blake Lively and it was all worth it.  As always, Taylor was amazing.  He fits the role of Chon perfectly and he’s just an awesome actor.  I really like the guy who played Ben, too; Aaron Johnson was super adorable and he was very believable as the super smart, kind of hippy who just wants to help the world (It has also came to my attention during a quick IMDB search that he is only a year older than me 🙂 ).  The other important actor in this movie I’m going to try my best to be nice to.  Blake Lively did a very good job as O.  I won’t not credit her for doing a good job when she did do one.  However, I don’t really like her.  Her voice annoys the crap out of me so it kind of took away from the concept of having her narrate (which I think was a really cool point of view).  And to be honest, she didn’t need much acting skills we haven’t already seen her do for the role.  Basically all she needed to do was moan during the sex scenes, smoke some weed, and reprise her role as the crack whore she played in The Town (which I also liked minus her).

The plot was really interesting about these two pot dealers who never really caused trouble nor did their customers so this one cop (played by John Travolta), Dennis (Yeah, the same name as Alec Baldwin’s awesome character in Rock of Ages), helped them out.  Chon and Ben want to get out of the business (sort of.  Mostly Ben does) when they are approached with an offer of a kind of merger with this lady, Elena, in Mexico who is fighting with the Mexican president and El Azul (Another drug dealer), I think. I was a little confused on the whole who and what was actually going on with her thing.  Elena’s people end up kidnapping O and doing the normal prisoner stuff.  This whole kind of war breaks out between her and Ben and Chon but they are pretending to work with her.  It’s a little confusing but it makes sense when you are watching the movie.  Chaos ensues and the end comes along 131 minutes later (It seems like much, MUCH longer…granted I was in a theater than had my feet shivering in my Toms).

I really liked the concept of the plot.  I loved the actors.  I thought the narrating with O being the point of view was interesting.  The cinematography was excellent.  I especially liked the fade to black and white shots for emphasis that were used.  I’m a big fan of black and white and I liked the extra dramatic touch it gave to those scenes.  The script was well written, nothing really standing out as brilliant or terrible (Though, Taylor had another one of those moments like in Battleship where Alex says, “I’m going to die.  You’re going to die.  We’re all going to die.  But not today.”  Good work on that one guys.  I like his deep, funny, badass moments).

Mostly my issues with this came in with first the length of the movie.  I didn’t move especially slow.  I thought pretty much everything we saw was necessary to the plot or giving look in to the personality of the characters.  However, I was totally aware of how long I was sitting in the theater and I was dying to leave by the end of it (No suspension of disbelief I guess).  There were a few plot holes that bothered me.  Mostly, why Elena ripped off her wig when Ben and Chon shut Magda in the fridge.  The other is just me being picky but they show O with all these bags from designer stores like Chanel and Marc Jacobs when she’s shopping at the Galleria when the entire movie she is dresses like a hippy (I know the perfect store for her but none of those bags were places O would be shopping).  And, of course, my only other issue was Blake Lively.  Maybe it wouldn’t have seemed unbearably long if O was played by some one I can tolerate.  How about the girl who played Tyra Collete?  Or maybe Brooklyn Decker again?  Or someone whose voice doesn’t sound like she smokes three packs a day?  I don’t know what I have against her but I don’t like her.  She can stay away from Taylor from now on, thank you very much.

Well, those things and the ending.  They do this thing where they give one ending and are like oh, wait, maybe not.  Well, even though people I don’t want to die die in the first ending, I like it better because it gets Blake Lively to shut up quicker and the one person who I really think deserves to die in the movie gets what’s coming to him.  No such justice is served in the “what actually happened” ending.

So I want to talk about one other movie we just watched but I don’t want to go on much longer or else y’all will be falling asleep at the

keyboard on me.  The other movie is Bedazzled.  Funny story short, I DVRed it a Tuesday, planning on watching it over the weekend, and come to find it on Michael’s shelf Wednesday, only to watch it before going to get dinner.  Ironic, right?  Anyway, I love Brendan Fraser.  I think he is hilarious and I think Elizabeth Hurley is hot (Hey, if I played for that team, she’d be my type).  It’s all about this nerdy guy (Fraser) who makes a deal with the Devil (Hurley) for 7 wishes in exchange for his soul.  His main goal is to get the girl he really liked but the Devil puts a twist on every one of his wishes.  They sort of become friends in the end and he figures out a way out of the contract only to realize being himself was enough to get the right girl.

I was really cute and really funny.  I love watching those goofy, somewhat old movies.  The writing was brilliant and the casting with Fraser and Hurley was really smart.  We had fun trying to figure out what was going to be the twist on each wish.  My favorite was when he ended up being gay.  Then end was pretty dead on about saying she hogs the covers and I can’t remember what it said about Fraser’s character but it was so Mike.  I’d definitely recommend it to someone (Actually, we did to our friend who got kind of broken up with a few hours later).

Okay, I made that short enough, right?  I’ll just have to get to the book part later.  I had more to say about Savages than I thought I did.  I will say that I realize that Savages is based on a book and Bedazzled on an original movie from the ’60s (I think.  Sometime around then) but I’m basing my opinion on what I know, which was the two movies I just saw.  I can easily change my opinion once I have more knowledge on the original sources.  Well, be prepared for some Stephanie Plum and Nights in Rodanthe (If I read quick enough) pretty soon.


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