I’ll Shake It for Luke Bryan, If He Shakes It for Me :-)

Published July 18, 2012 by jrm17

How about country boy shake it for me? 😉

Happy Birthday and Father’s Day!  Wait, what?  Yeah, we’re celebrating things a little differently in my house this year in that we got tickets to see Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean as part of my birthday present and part of my daddy’s Father’s day.  We are some big Luke Bryan fans in this house and Merriweather Post Pavilion is one of the best venues we’ve gone to for a concert.  I’ve had some good times there.  This was definitely a different experience though.

You see, the only country concert I had been to there was Miranda Lambert.  We had floor seats so we were with some people who truly loved Miranda and weren’t faking (or hiding) their redneck sides.  As fun as that was, floor seats were not made for people on the small side.  Standing in a crowd as you try to see around all these tall people, not so much fun.  Being as mean and not able to shut up like I am, not the best choice for floor seats either since rude people like to try to force their way to the front when you’ve been standing in your same hole the entire time (meaning at least an hour before the show even starts).  This time we got seats.  Not lawn seats because that would just suck and I’m not going to go to a concert is I have to watch the performer on the jumbotron.

Every time we left our seats we had to fight our way through masses of drunkingly annoying people.  They were all pretty well gone in the parking lot because all these Baltimore people were trying to be “rednecks” and get wasted.  Let me put it for you this way.  Any good country girl or boy would not be so drunk that they would pay all that money to see the concert and not remember it because they were wasted.  We saw people falling down they were so drunk.  We saw two fights were security had to tackle people.  We heard girls puking in the bathroom.  I had one drunk guy ask me (by screaming in my ear) if I wanted to touch his butt.  Um, no.  Unless your name is Luke Bryan and you’re shaking it for me, don’t ask me that.  I’m not say I didn’t have a glass of wine but I wasn’t screwing up my chances of watching Luke shake it. And furthermore, at least the boys here at home know the proper way to spit.  They are nice enough to spit in a cup or bottle and not get it all over your clothes.  I came pretty close to decking some guy who almost spat on my shoes (And I’m pretty sure most of there guys picked up the habit for the day).

Then there were the girls, of course.  Sure, the boys were all disgusting but that’s to be expected from that gender.  Girls shouldn’t be like that.  Mom said one girl got in line behind in the bathroom but made sure she had a fresh beer for the wait.  These girls pretended to be country but all I saw was skank.  Just to put it out there, we don’t always dress in shorts that have our butts hanging out or shirts tied up or have our bras sticking out or bikini tops.  I was in a Miranda Lambert t-shirt and shorts and cowboy boots.  There were a few other girls dressed like normal girls but it was far and in between.  And let me tell you, you can tell a real country girl by her boots and ones from Kohl’s or ones with heels higher than I wear to work aren’t cutting it.  Mine are pretty and new since they were my birthday present (and partially pink of course).  It was a mess of nasty girls.

All of that sucked sure, but I wasn’t there for those people.  I was there to see Luke Bryan.  Now, technically Jason Aldean was headlining since it was the My Kind Of Party tour.  Let me tell you that there were a heck of a whole lot more people there to see Luke over Jason.  Luke put on one of the best performances I have ever seen.  He was very personable and funny and he worked the stage really well.  Of course, his songs were amazing and with it being Luke Bryan, you could easily dance and sing along.  It was awesome.

Then Jason took the stage.  I’m not going to lie.  I’m not a real big Jason Aldean fan.  I like a few of his songs but I hate how he makes all of Brantley’s songs famous when BG sings them much better.  I like “She’s Country,” “Hicktown,” “Why,” and “Crazy Town,” but I feel like all his popular songs are a little to slow for a concert.  I would have loved to hear “Wide Open” or “Keep The Girl” but those apparently aren’t good enough.  As far as singing, he was very good.  Clearly, he sang well but his stage presence  was one of the worst I have seen.  He didn’t talk a whole lot.  He didn’t move a whole lot.  He just kind of stood there and sang.  I was much more disappointed than I thought I would be.

I’m used to going to country concerts–or any concert for that matter–and seeing performers who want to psych the crowd up even more than they already are.  The best has been Luke and Miranda.  She put so much emotion into everything and she loses herself in her songs.  Josh Thompson was really good as well.  Him and Luke could have a real good time on stage.  Billy Currington wasn’t too bad.  He was playing a small venue at The Great Frederick Fair but he worked it enough and joked around a good bit (Though if he would’ve came out in his boardshorts, that’d been all I’d needed.  Playing in his bare feet was pretty cool, though).  Josh Turner, while I’m not a big fan of too much of his music, had good stage presence from what I can remember (It was a while ago and I may or may not have fallen asleep).  Otherwise, the rock concerts I’ve seen have been awesome Bamboozle (We went to the roadshow in 2009 when Forever the Sickest Kids, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Cartel, and Good Charlotte came to Merriweather) was chalk full of bands who got the crowd excited.  This year at school, Cartel came and they haven’t lost their excitement for sure.  They even had Michael dancing along (It’s not too pretty of a sight but it was cute).  Foreigner was just amazing when I saw them.  They rocked so much we are thinking of going to see them again.

To be completely honest, the signers we’ve been considering seeing, I can’t imagine being bad performers.  We have discussed seeing Eric Church, Kip Moore, and Justin Moore (Can you say just about the cutest trio in country music?) or Brad Paisley or Hunter Hayes or Colt Ford or Rodney Atkins.  I cannot fathom any of them being a bad performer.  Then again, I couldn’t have really imagined Jason being this way until we saw him.

The Pistol Annies concert is in September and I know it won’t be the fake-fest that I just experienced.  Better yet, I know they will be great performers because they came with Miranda last year on the stop in Merriweather.  Oh and by the way, Colt Ford was definitely write on his feelings about hiphop in a honky tonk because that’s what they played in between sets to keep those Baltimorians occupied.  Like good old Colt said, “It outta be outlawed.”


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