I Back The Boys In Orange and Black

Published July 27, 2012 by jrm17

Yes, I love my O’s and baseball more than almost anything.  Yes, I will never change teams because my Orioles are my boys.  Heck, at this point they’re family (Actually, funny story.  My mom, aunt, and I had these two girls once convinced that I was Nick Markakis’ girlfriend.  Don’t judge.  It’s a goal.  Okay, maybe not but I was like 16 and a girl can wish, right?).  However, as much as I love my boys, they and their other fans (or maybe just people who show up at the park…not necessarily fans) still amaze me–even after 21 years of loving them (Yes, I even loved them as an infant).

First off, on my baseball blog I once wrote for my online journalism class, I wrote about how the female fan base is really an untapped market for businesses in the sports apparel and novelty world.  That was, of course, right after Victoria’s Secret starting coming out with all the baseball teams in Pink and I bought sweats, a hoodie, a t-shirt, underwear, probably something else.  I was ashamed (actually no, totally happy) with spending like $170 on that stuff and I have only added to my collection.  Still some of the best purchases I have ever decided to make.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am well aware that I am not the only dedicated female baseball fan out there and I really appreciate some cute girl stuff being made but what I feared the most has come to occur.  The girls who just want to think they love baseball (or pretend to or just look cute…in their own little world) have infiltrated my beloved…well everything.  I will admit to having worn a dress to a baseball game but I had worked that morning, we had gone out for dinner and drinks before, and it was only a Keys game.  I never got to Camden Yards without wearing some sort of O’s shirt.  Note: I said shirt.  That’s what I’m getting at here.  Yesterday marked the third girl I have seen this season show up to a game in only the Orioles sports bra from VS.  I was tempted to buy it when it came out but I was smart enough to realize no one would ever see it because I wear clothes over my sports bras.

I knew the first two girls who wore them to the field.  They are models (Actually, I’m pretty sure neither has ever booked anything real legit and I like to call them strippers who don’t take their clothes off).  They are girls who basically crave any kind of sexual attention and they are really annoying but it’s what I have come to expect out of them.  Now, this girl yesterday looked straight off the Jersey Shore like Snooki before she lost the weight (Okay, I think Snooki’s cute so this was an ugly version of her).  She had on the sports bra with a teeny, tiny miniskirt and heels higher than I wear to work…and I liked high heels, as in like 3-4 inches.  My favorite part of her was when she drank a beer and like half a mixed drink and was feeling so good that upon her return from the concourse, she had no clue where her seat was so she wandered from seat to seat, downing yet another drink.  Really?  Can we please make some rule about girls wearing clothes when they come to the ball field?

Okay, I’ll shut up on my rant about that and go to something a little more baseball related.  This has bothered me for seasons and I yell about it all the time but since I went to the game, it’s really bothering me again.  I have no clue how people can praise Adam Jones like he is the second coming and hate on my other boys.  There were seriously people behind us who said that every other Oriole sucked except for Jonesy.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Jones when he’s playing hard and producing.  However, I do not think he’s who should be getting the Gold Gloves, the Most Valuable Oriole, or representing us at the All-Star game.  Personally, I think he gets lazy and complacent in his position and does not make a lot of the plays he should as a result.  For example, while I understand that it was an extremely hot day yesterday (Like miserably hot, what I think Hell is like…only a little cooler hot), I do not understand why he cannot run with the little extra push that would get him the two extra steps that would enable him to catch the ball in the air as opposed to letting it drop and giving up the single.  The $90 million spent on him was not money spent wisely if you ask me.  I don’t really think any baseball player short of Rip and the Babe is worth that much money.

We just can’t talk about the O’s and not have a lovely picture of my Nicky 🙂

But really?  Y’all are going to laud Jones like that and hate on others who do just as well, if not better.  I know he has a good batting average (best on the team I think) but what about Nick Markakis whose arm is a cannon and would have much better numbers if it weren’t for that injury?  You know, the guy who consistently makes great catches, great throws, and hits solidly.  Or Reynolds?  I know him at third is a disaster and he is known as Captain K but let’s give the guy some credit.  He’s batting has really stepped up–have you noticed he’s actually walked a lot this season?–and him on first is nothing short of impressive.  Plus, come on.  His hair?  That’s some awesome hair.  He deserves his own commercial for that hair alone.  Or J.J. Hardy?  Last year was a great year for him and while he has made some errors and he’s barely above the Mendoza this season, he is still a very valuable player to the team.

Or how about the other guy everyone is supposed to love, Matt Wieters?  Has he lost his charm and none of you care about him now that he’s been up a few seasons?  He still impresses me regularly.  I still think he’s the best catcher in the majors and is probably exactly what I would build if I could build my ideal catcher.  His size does nothing but make it impossible to take him out when sliding into the plate.  He calls some amazing games (We cannot fault him for the lackluster pitching performances).  His hitting, while not exactly up to par this year, is still acceptable and clutch.  And most of all, that arm of his is awesome.  Running on Matt is a huge mistake 95 percent of the time (I’ll give 5 percent to some excellent base stealers).

I guess it’s just me because I don’t get how someone who acts like Jones can be so loved sometimes.  I really do think he’s a good asset to the team and to the community for all the effort he puts into helping it.  I hope he does stay in Baltimore for the remainder of his career.  I just wish he would play as hard as he can every game as opposed to getting so complacent and annoying the crap out of me.  He is a good player but there’s always room for improvement and that’s definitely an area he could use some in.

Okay, with all that said, Tillman pitched a good game yesterday and our bullpen looked really good, too.  Chris Davis was definitely the hero of the day–no matter how many people are giving it to Adam–since he brought in 4 RBIs, beating the Rays himself with his bat.  We had some excellent seats where I got to look to my right and see my gorgeous Nicky, look to my left and see my cute Reynolds, and look forward to see cutie J.J. at short.  I know I’m spoiled when it comes to seats but four rows back is one good view 😉 .


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