Expect the Unexpected…Or Just Expect What I Predict

Published August 3, 2012 by jrm17

Big Brother: Sadly, I have been addicted to this show since I was in elementary school and the first season aired.  Because I’ve watched it with such dedication each season, I know the ins and the outs of the game better than almost anyone who I have seen play it throughout the 14 seasons.  Every season I can pick out the winner within the first week most times (and usually that person is my favorite). So let’s talk about the intricacies of the game for this season.Okay, straight from the beginning, I knew I was going to love Willie.  He was Russel Hantz’ brother, looked exactly like him, and seemed like he was going to play a game very similar to Russel’s.  I thought his first week went really well with putting Frank up.  It would have been a smart move to get rid of him because he is a really strong player (for some awful reason).  Frank is one of my choices for the end and Willie was insanely smart putting him up.  I don’t think we can really blame him for the house not seeing this but then again Willie’s whole blowing up thing (though Britney totally instigated that and was mean) did not help.  Of course, now that he has been removed from the game, his chances of ever being on another reality show are pretty much shot because if you call that guy who held the knife to the girl’s throat a million years ago in the early seasons, yeah, we never hear about him and have never seen him again.

Now, as I was saying about Frank.  I don’t really like him.  I think he’s sketchy and looks kind of like Carrot Top and I get a not so good feeling about him (Kind of like how I felt about Dr. Will before I gave in and decided to like him on his return to the game for his second season).  However, just because I don’t like him doesn’t mean that his a bad player.  Quite the contrary, he is an excellent player.  He’s manipulative but has a certain charisma about him that gets people to like him (except those who are smart enough to see through his little disguise).  He hasn’t done terrible in competitions.  Clearly, he has the physique to perform well in physical competitions but I’m still not sure how I feel about him in mental ones.  I don’t know if he has the brain for it or the memory for the it.  He’s going to have to really come through to make it to the end because here in a couple weeks, people are going to start vying for those two final chairs and they are going to realize that he can win competitions and will have the votes in the jury.  The coaches just had to enter the game last night when it was their chance to evict him.  Now everyone’s going to be gunning for the coaches instead of Frank.

There are two other people I can see in the end: Shane and Ian.  Shane shouldn’t be a big surprise because like

Frank, he is going to kick butt in the physical competitions.  He has the looks and the charm and the super nice personality to make enough friends and get enough votes in the end.  Also, like Frank though, I’m not so sure how he will fare in the mental competitions as they become more frequent.  I don’t think he’ll do too terrible but that’s going to be his make-or-break point.  If he does get himself in a little fling with Danielle, then he’s going to ruin his chances because that always messes up good players’ chances of the big prize.  He seems to be someone who will give into his emotions and get involved and that scares me to think that he will make that mistake because he’s my favorite.  I really want him to win.  The only one who could pull off the fling was Dr. Will because he was simply using it as manipulation and as a means to an end.

Ian, on the other hand, is actually a big surprise to me.  When I initially looked at the cast, I didn’t think he stood a chance.  He’s just a nerdy, baby in the house.  However, he’s really shocked me and I like the little dude.  He seems to have been just as dedicated of a fan as I am and he knows the game.  Unlike the nerds before him, he isn’t downplaying his smarts but he’s not being showy with them either, lulling the others into a false sense of security as they forget how smart he really is.  His build makes him no competition in anything physical really.  His personality is really helping him because he’s just so darn adorable.  Unlike Shane, I think Ian’s little crush might actually help him in the game.  Ashley is a really nice person who isn’t going to toy with Ian but she isn’t going to be mean to him or use him either.  It gives the others an escape from the game as they try to play cupid between the two.  He’s kind of unsuspecting as a competitor in the game and I think that might be enough to get him to the end.  He’s making friends and not enemies at this moment and I think people will take him along, thinking that they can beat him at the physical competitions.  Don’t be surprised if he is sitting in one of the final two chairs or at the very least, is one of the last members in the jury.  This nerd knows what he’s doing.

Of course, these are my initial conjectures.  We can’t forget the Big Brother motto: Expect the Unexpected.  There will be twists and turns and things that totally blow my predictions out of the water.  I know all my predictions are guys but very rarely does a female stand out in the crowd and make me like her or think she’s going to win.  And if I do like one, she is usually gone within the first couple weeks (aka Kara).  The only girls that I’ve ever really liked were Britney (not so much at the moment), Janelle (who didn’t love her?), and Jordan (Omg!  Cutest little thing ever).  And shocker!  I loved Rachel.  She is an awesome player and even better when she does not have Brendan distracting her in the game.  That girl would have made an excellent coach this season (I guess three seasons in a row is a little much of Rach though…plus an Amazing Race season in the middle).  I don’t really think any of these girls have what it takes.  Like Jenn, for example.  She might seem fine now but she’s going to be expendable to someone here soon and she’s going to get lost in the crowd, leaving her to her inevitable eviction.  There might be one who steps up in a few weeks but as of now, this is a season with a male winner.

I’m not saying that I would win if I were in the house.  It’s one of the hardest games, being physical, social, and psychological.  Heck, with my personality, I’d either be one of the first voted out or go all the way.  It would depend on who thought I was a bee-otch and who thought I was just a cute, little, nonthreatening girl (What a surprise they would find).  My downfall would be my social game.  I’m not always great at making friends, but I’m excellent at making enemies.  And if I was able to make friends (given the situation, I think I’d be okay), I would be fine until about week 3 or 4 when I really need my mom, dad, and Michael and I start crying a lot.  Alas, I don’t think the big prize will ever be mine.  I’ll just live vicariously through the lovely casting people at CBS.

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