Colin Farrell Could Get Me Interesed in Sci-Fi

Published August 6, 2012 by jrm17

So with no ghost tours on Saturday and Daddy working, my mom and I were left on our own to find something to do.  She wanted to go see Total Recall and I thought what the heck since I got to see Colin Farrell for two hours.  Really, I wasn’t so keen on the plot because I knew that she thought the original was hard to follow and kind of eh.  Well, the original is still something I don’t really plan on seeing and don’t really have any desire to but I liked this one (Let’s just say that Colin really helped and was able to do something for me that Arnold will never be able to).

So from what I can gather on IMDB, the premise is pretty much the same but we don’t go to Mars in the new movie (The only time I want to see Mars is when John Carter is on Barsoom).  This time we are on Earth the whole time but at the end of the 21st century there was some huge nuclear warfare of something that left only two inhabitable places on Earth: Great Britain (okay, it’s a little larger than Great Britain but I forget the exact name of the place) and The Colony, which is basically Australia.  We have Doug Quaid as a factory worker who keeps having repeated nightmares about him fighting the robot security police with a girl.  He goes to Recall and finds out he’s actually a secret agent for the Resistance (a rebellion group that dresses ironically like the Browncoats in Firefly).  He goes on this mission to find out who is really is and has to pick whether he is part of the Resistance or is going to follow Cohaagen and the normal government.

Surprisingly, I understood the plot without any issues.  Okay, maybe not surprising there.  More like the surprising fact is that I really enjoyed the plot.  I can never really be sure if I’m going to like a movie (unless Taylor Kitsch is in it) because I don’t love or dislike any type of movie (with the exception of kung fu.  I’m not a kung fu fan).  There’s this lyric by Kellie Pickler in “Things that Never Cross A Man’s Mind” that says, “That movie was good except for the violent parts.” Well, I never felt that way about a movie until I saw Savages.  I enjoyed the movie but just wanted it to end and did not understand the purpose behind all the violence (and them being so mean to Taylor.  All he wanted to do was make good weed).  This was different though.  I understood why there was so much violence and why it was all necessary (I’m always up for a rebellion for the good of the people against a corrupt government).  Plus, the plot moved pretty quickly.

Okay, enough of all that.  Let’s get down to the technical details.  As far as seeing where the money was spent, there was no issue there at all.  There was an estimated budget of $138,000,000, according to IMDB, and you can see where every penny was spent.  Of course, some of those are seen in being able to see Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, and our loved Colin but mostly, it was seen in the effects.  There were explosions and shoot outs and crazy futuristic elevators, car, buildings, and robots (which kind of look like Storm Troopers).  It was all impeccable visually.  There were a few camera angles that I really didn’t understand or agree with but that’s just me being picky because most people in the audience aren’t going to notice or care about the different camera angles.  They are paying attention to the things that go boom and I don’t blame them because that part is down right awesome.

As far as the acting is concerned, no one did a terrible job.  I mean, that should be clear when such big name are on the billing.  There are three things I can say with certainty in my opinion though.  First off, Kate Beckinsale was simply amazing.  She changed her attitudes in her role so quickly and seamlessly that it was virtually flawless.  She had to quickly transform between Doug’s loving wife of seven years to the secret agent who was trying to kill him.  Of course, she was gorgeous as well.  I think she is one of the prettiest actresses there is.  Secondly, I actually really like Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell together.  In my head, it doesn’t really seem like an on-screen romance that would work but I liked it.  I don’t think we could really see the chemistry as well between them as we can with some other couples but it was good enough.  This wasn’t a romance movie so while it did play a fairly important part, the romance could have been replaced by any relationship with strong, positive feelings.  But they were cute so whatever, right?  The only other thing I need to say about the acting is Colin Farrell and his accent.  Now, I love him.  He’s in my top 5 with his friends Taylor Kitsch, Daniel Craig, Zac Efron, and well, I’m not sure on the fifth…maybe Ryan Reynolds or Adam Brody…Oh nope, either Leo or Joseph Gordon Levitt.  Anyway, I love Colin’s accent a lot as well–especially in In Bruges.  In this one, he didn’t have his accent.  It was supposed to be American.  However, it teetered between American, Southern, and almost all of it had a hint of his native Irish.  I’m sure it is really difficult to get rid of an accent as thick as his so I don’t get why they didn’t just let him have it.  Kate Beckinsale had a British one (Yes, I get that she was in the Great Britain area).  There were a lot of people of Asian decent so why not let him have his accent.  It seems to me as The Colony was a melting pot of the poor and that it would make sense for him to have an Irish accent, seeing as he is Irish.  But whatever.

I honestly cannot tell you if this movie happens like it should and I don’t want to be an authority on it.  However, I can tell you that as someone who wasn’t too keen on seeing it to begin with and as someone who has never seen and has no interest in the original, I really liked it.  I did find one review that I thought worked really well for those of you who do like the original movie though.  Ben times 10 on IMDB wrote, “Try not to think of this film as a literal remake of the original. Think of it as analogous to a band doing a cover of someone else’s song… in a very different style. It lifts the ideas from the original film, and written source material, but takes a different spin on it.”  So I would say give it a go if you have any interest in the film but otherwise, just wait for the DVD or forgo it entirely.


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