I May Be Small and Like To Spend Money But This Is Getting Ridiculous Even For Me

Published August 10, 2012 by jrm17

Let’s talk about a few things I really like today.  Mostly this is going to involve Victoria’s Secret but it involves sports, too.  You see, I could live in Pink clothes.  I have sweats and hoodies overflowing my drawers and there’s a fair amount of t-shirts as well.  Being that I love sports–and I clearly love Pink–I was ecstatic when they began coming out with sports teams apparel a few years ago.  I was buying it like crazy…However, things have changed.

We’ll go over my collection and obsession a little first.  Let’s see…  There’s all my Bama stuff when come to think about it isn’t all that much.  There’s a t-shirts, tank, sweats (well, two but I gave Mom one pair), and a hoodie.  There’s Steelers sweats and a t-shirt.  I guess the O’s stuff has gotten the most of my money because there’s underwear, a t-shirt, two pairs of sweats, and a hoodie.  I know it seems like a a lot of money spent over the years but to be honest, I only bought O’s sweats this year and the rest last year during the first season.  I have bought all the Bama and Steelers stuff with Christmas gift cards and most of it is at least two years old.  I love it all but that’s where we come to a problem.

First off, the new NFL collection came out this week and some new college stuff was added as well.  I was really excited because I’d been holding out on getting new stuff until I saw the Pink collection.  I’m in serious need of a new Steelers shirt and I figured I’d go for a Bama one while I was at it.  Well, that’s not going to happen now.  None of the stuff is really all that cute.  Sure, I like the sweats that say “Huddle Up” and I like the hoodie that says “Steelers Pride” but that’s not what I was in the market for.  I need a new t-shirt!  There’s not a single t-shirt in the collection that I’m willing to buy.

It’s not that there’s none I like–except if I’m going to tell the truth, there’s only one I wold even consider.  I like the one that says “My team is better than your team.” But I’m not going to buy it.  When you consider that the price is almost $40 and you also take into consideration that Victoria’s Secret website charges both shipping (on orders less the $100) and tax, you are talking about an outrageous price for a t-shirt.  I can get a jersey for only a few bucks more than what I would be getting a t-shirt for.    My mom is a Raiders fan and there isn’t much for Oakland available but let me tell you, there’s a hoodie she really likes that says “Raider Nation.” She was all on board about ordering it until she realized that it alone cost almost $70.  An Under Armour hoodie doesn’t even cost $70.

Of course, like I said, there’s only one t-shirt I like.  That might seem a little odd since there’s like four or five–if you include tanks–to chose from.  Well, you see, Victoria’s Secret has started this new trend where everything is oversized.  I’m all for some baggy clothes but if I want a baggy sports shirt, I will go to my sports guy and get a SmackTalk shirt or something with a little more attitude.  I would be fine with the oversized stuff, too, if it were just a little oversized.  That’s not how it is however.  The oversized basically means that it’s being vanity sized so that everyone is wearing clothes about three sizes smaller than what they actually are.  I purchased a really cute Orioles shirt when the second collection of stuff came out around June or so.  I was really excited because it was right before we were going to a game.  I got home, tried it on, and wanted to cry.  I’d bought an XS (when I’m normally a small) because it seemed a little big.  Oh, it was a little big alright.  I looked like I have on an XL instead of an XS.  That’s an ongoing problem here because that one shirt I like in the NFL collection is the only not oversized shirt available.

Now, even if you aren’t interested in getting any of the sports team stuff, don’t think you are safe from the sizing issue.  It’s all the Pink shirts basically.  For the Fourth of July, I really wanted the “Let’s Make Fireworks” shirt.  I knew it was going to be big but I had a gift card and bought the XS.  It looks like a dress.  My solution was to tie it up in the back so it looked vaguely like a normal shirt.  I’ve been debating whether or not I want a new Pink shirt with just Pink on it or whatever but I really don’t feel like buying shirts that make me look like I’m wearing my big sister’s clothes.

I know I sound like I’m complaining a lot but I would just like to be able to wear the cute clothes for a reasonable price and in sizes that fit me.  Another example here is Orioles shirts I found on the official online store.  I think Victoria’s Secret makes some specialty shirts you can only get there and I got really excited.  One was my dear, lovely Nick’s shirt and the other said “Kiss me on the kiss cam.”  Let’s put it this way.  I found these about 10 minutes before leaving to go to a game and I was determined to find them in the store on Eutaw Street.  Then it hit me.  I would be spending about $70 on two shirts.  Not only that but I have five Nick Markakis shirts anyway.  It just seemed a little stupid of me to buy them…especially when I could get a new Natty Boh shirt for about $15.

So here’s my solution.  I really want the Pink stuff but I’m going to hold out and see what they have at Christmas (because my family only knows how to buy me Victoria’s Secret gift cards.  Not that I’m complaining actually lol).  However, since I really am in desperate need of a new Steelers shirt and I want some new Bama gear (I’m really ready for football season to start) this is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to hit up my sports guy for a Steelers shirt and then go extremely overboard with Bama stuff.  I’m thinking a new crimson jersey, Soffees, sunglasses and a Rammer Jammer shirt I’ve been eying for a few months now.  Sounds like a plan to me 🙂 .


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