And Let the Senioritis Begin

Published August 22, 2012 by jrm17

Oh God!  It happened!  I am in my senior year of college.  Uh, oh.  I am completely terrified to start and finish this year and go on to Grad school or the real world or whatever comes next.  Now, I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how much work you put into your previous years in undergraduate, your senior year will still be stressful and full of work you didn’t expect and possibly the most out of the norm (And I’ve only had two days of classes).

To start out, everyone you know is gone basically.  Sure, you’ve got your friends that are in your year but really, how many of them do you know?  If you are anything like me and my friends, we were friends with all older people.  Basically, all our friends graduated last year.  I walked in the commons as I waited for Whitney and Michael.  I got this feeling of innate emptiness and a strong feeling of not belonging because no matter where I looked, I didn’t see anyone I knew.  Okay, granted most of my friends who are still here were at Convocation and we were cool and skipped it but still, there should have been at least one person I saw.  I instantly wanted to get on Facebook and write April and Melissa and every other friend who graduated and make them come back because there were freshmen everywhere.  They looked all young and not knowing where they were going and actually, really judgmental for a bunch of newcomers.  You see, there’s always been a sense of camaraderie between those a few years ahead of our class and us and a year or two behind us.  We don’t exactly like any of the now sophomores and freshmen because they are the benefactors of a huge iPad uproar at our college (Because we are stupid enough to think giving iPads to freshmen is a good idea and will totally help them academically.  It won’t take away from them paying attention at all.  Nope.  Not even a little bit.  NOT!).

Okay, so maybe things have gotten a little better.  I’m in Senior Seminar so I know everyone.  I’ve seen Kellie and Stacey like a million times and hugged everyone that needed hugged and high-fived everyone who needed that.  Actually, much to my pleasure, at least four of my favorite people did not graduate and they may have all been semi-attacked out of joy when I saw them (Of course, this is only to be expected out of me).

So speaking of Convocation, right after the big speeches and everything, we have a picnic on the quad.  The food is catered and there’s lots of tables set out and it’s kind of cool.  Of course, there’s free t-shirts and other swag, too.  That was our main reason for skipping the speeches (Well, that and they were too boring to wake up at 7 a.m. to go listen to).  The Three Musketeers gathered and marched forth toward the quad.  We expected a line of juniors and sophomores (the ones who aren’t really expected at Convocation at all) and there was…no one.  Apparently, we have to pay for shirts this year if we want because we no longer have a budget.  Well, maybe we would have some money if we didn’t buy iPads for the freshmen.  I’m not angry or bitter or anything.  I’m just saying.

Other things have changed, as well.  We used to have Java City and The Blazer (We are the Blazers).  The coffee wasn’t too terribly expensive or bad and it was better than walking to Starbucks if you are in desperate need for a caffeine fix.  Hate to break it to you, those who have been here a while, but that’s not going to happen.  We now have some kind of grill place that is really close to a Roy Rogers if you ask me and a Freshii place that looks like a Salad Works.  Um, where’s the coffee?  We are college students.  We need coffee.  We don’t sleep so we need something to get us through the day and soda is just way too unhealthy for us.  Plus, there’s plenty of money to be made in the overpriced java fixes.  Oh, and this whole idea of putting in the library is a huge mistake.  The library scares me.  I don’t even like going in for books.  Now way ever will I go in for just coffee.

Okay, so on to why no matter how hard you’ve worked these past three years (Assuming you are an average student who graduates in four years) you will still be in over your head with work.  Now, I’ve taken 18 credits a semester for as long as I remember, hoping that senior year would get here and I could ease up on classes or at least, take ones outside of my fields that interested me.  No such luck.  You will have your internship or practicum.  You will have senior seminars.  You will be finishing up the Honors program.  You will be writing a Departmental Honors paper.  And just so you know, there’s a big difference in Honors senior seminars and regular ones.  For the Honors Program, we have to show up, do one paper, present it, and that was about it other than talk every now and then.  The Communications one is a totally different story.  I expected a few papers and whatever and this is crazy.  We already have a 6-10 page paper due and a 10 minute oral presentation on a philosopher and how they relate to ethics in mass media.  Umm, how about a lecture or two on ethics first?  Or better yet, let’s not talk about philosophy at all because I’m still not sure how I got a B and didn’t fail miserably freshman year.  I don’t understand philosophy.  No one does.  Not even philosophy majors.  Trust me.  I used to have a crush on one and tried to impress him (Didn’t work either way).

The workload is only more of a burden if you plan on being involved in those extracurricluars and having a social life, btw.  I was pretty much ready to cancel this week’s date and going to Fall Frenzy and our possible upcoming weekend trip when I saw the paper was due (Luckily, it isn’t actually due for about a month and I’m three pages in.  Thank you very much, Mr. Durkheim and your awesome sociological knowledge).  I’m on Commuter Council and normally partake in every activity we offer.  I’m not so sure that’s going to happen with this whole class and internship thing.  We’ll see.  Whit’s chair so I’m good no matter what but that free ticket for working the table for the Movie Night is awesome.  It’s always nice to save the $11 for a movie ticket.

Okay, so I guess senior year is also sucky because you have to go out in the real world afterward and I’m not even close to being ready for being an adult but I’d like to think senior year should be your easiest year academically.  Guess I was really wrong on this one.  What’s new, right?


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