Published August 24, 2012 by jrm17

So you’re going to have to bear with me for a while because as of right now, I am computerless and last night the Internet went out.  I’m going to make this a quick blog so as to not keep the desktop occupied too long.  Anyway, if you’ve read any of my blogs by now, you probably know that I intern at a I guess you would call lifestyle magazine for our area.  Each month, we have the dining section which showcases a different restaurant from the county and surrounding areas.  Well, the problem is that I’m not from Frederick County and I’m not exactly the same clients that we cater too so I never really have an opinion on our locations.  Therefore, this is going to be my dining guide for the Washingtion/Frederick/Jefferson County area (Also known as The List of Places That Are Overlooked by the Richer People in the Area).

#1: The Anvil

Okay, so it’s a pretty nice restaurant and I’m sure some of the people who read our magazine have been there but I know they’d rather not go to West Virginia and to some little pub for a nice meal (Geez, get over it.  There’s a nice dining room with a fireplace in the back).  Because people may have some sort of preconcived notion, they are missing out on some ah-mazing food.  Let me tell you a small story on how much I love their food (especially the two products in the story).  Once upon a time (yes, that was necessary), Michael and I went to Pittsburgh to visit his grandfather, leaving on Saturday and returning on Sunday.  That same Sunday I had to be at work at 1 p.m.  I know that was probably a dumb mistake on my part but hey, it was money.  Seeing as how we only stopped at Starbucks so a parfait was all I’d eaten all day, I asked my mama to pick up take out from The Anvil for me when she came to pick me up (Mike dropped me off there).  I had an entire order of chips and salsa and a hippie salsa (the most amazing vegetarian salad ever) all to myself and since we had to go the long way (okay so like 30 minutes) home due to traffic, I finished it all before we were halfway home.  I wanted to puke but still ate ice cream after.  The end.  Good story, right? Um, no but you get my point.  Another suggestion I would make is the jumbo lump crab salad with balsamic vinegarette (I only order salads since I know there will be chips and I will eat them all 🙂 ).

#2: Mediterranean Grill

This is in the same shopping center, Westview, as the movie theater so I’m sure it gets over looked for Chipotle or something but this is some good Greek and Mediterranean food.  We’ve gone there a couple times and always had a good experience.  They bring you pita and olive oil free and then the menu is well sized.  The kabobs are excellent (I’ve had the veggie and Mike, the chicken) and the sundried tomato-artichoke salad on the bed of spinach is awesome.  The best part is that you have the option of the small or large salad depending on how you feel.  Michael’s liked all the sandwiches he’s tried except for one with purple carrots and stuff (I don’t know why he tried it).  The service has always been friendly and there’s the outside seating that we like to use whenever possible.  Plus, there used to be Maggie Moo’s right across from it (We’ve stopped going now that it’s some other ice cream place).

#3: La Paz

I know, I know.  Any Fredericktonian older than say 25 will yell at me for this one because everyone preferred La Paz in the old building.  Well, I wasn’t eating there then and I only know the Market Street location.  My thoughts are the food hasn’t changed and the building is really cute.  They give free chips and salsa (Be warned: only the first basket is free) which are good. The salsa could use a little more heat but the texture is shredded and really cool.  I love their enchiladas.  Whether it be bean, cheese, or chicken (when I wasn’t a vegetarian), they have been amazing (I think the sauce is the secret).  They have really good rice, too.  Plus, their red sangria and tequila sunrises are downright unbeatable.  Of course, they are like $6.50 a glass and I’m feeling pretty done after 2 but the taste is worth it every once in a while.  It gets looked down on for some reason other than the building change (Something to do with it just being “Really? You went to La Paz”) but I like it anyway.

#4: Bushwaller’s

Okay, so primarily it is a bar.  But have you ever had their food?  I don’t hear many people rave about their food but they should be trying it because it’s really good.  We went there before the Cartel concert at school and I absolutely loved it.  Our waiter (the bartender) was really good.  He was friendly and attentive.  I got the crab salad which gave The Anvil’s a run for its money.  Michael got the Maryland crab soup and I can attest that it was delicious because I kept stealing vegetables out of it.  It’s really chunky with a good Old Bay taste.  I guess it depends on your taste in atmosphere, though.  I’ve always loved eating at little pubs and bars so I love going in and having the classic pub feel.  I wasn’t 21 at the time so I don’t know how good the drinks are but the beer seemed really reasonably price (Natty Boy for like $1.50.  I only know because it’s the only beer I’ll drink).  I say give it a try.

Okay, so that’s my list.  I could add a lot more and I’m probably an expert on restaurants in the area that get overlooked.  I think that our magazine overlooks too much just to serve our clients and they would be better off if they opened their eyes to new places instead of sticking their noses up for whatever reason.  Maybe that’s just me.  Maybe I just don’t like being judgemental because a lot of times, you miss out on something great when you judge it too quickly.


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