Bake On!

Published December 14, 2012 by jrm17

Bake, bake, bake: that’s all I do now that it’s Christmas.  Okay, well bake, bake, bake and then eat, eat, eat.  It’s partially my fault because I’ve been on a cupcake craving slope lately but also because just about every holiday tradition we have revolves around baking.  I’m starting to feel like Stephanie Plum and the cookies are just calling my name (I’d blame Tiki if he were around).  Wednesday, we had our second annual Bestie Baking day.  We were really pulling for things to be better than last year’s fiasco with the Rice Krispie ornaments because we were really worrying about our futures as wives thanks to that one.  I headed over to Whit’s and lo and behold, she decided we were going to make up for last year by making three different treats.  Here’s some quick holiday recipes (tried and tested by yours truly) that might just make your belly jiggle like a bowl for jelly.

I don't care which name you call it but I'm going to eat it

I don’t care which name you call it but I’m going to eat it

Christmas Crack/White Trash

I don’t care what you call this; I’m calling it delicious.  It may be one of the most dummy proof ones we’ve tried, too.  That doesn’t mean we can’t screw it up though.

You need 2 cups of each of the following–Chex (the original kind), pretzels, and M&Ms (We used the pretzel kind)–and you need one to two bags of white chocolate depending on your taste (We aren’t big white chocolate lovers).  The rest is pretty simple as long as you aren’t as dumb as us.  Melt the white chocolate in the microwave and pour it over the cereal and pretzels and candy.  Stir and mix the chocolate into the mixture so it all sticks together.  Finally, let it dry and they break it apart to chow down.

Of course, as I’ve continued to say, Whit and I aren’t the brightest crayons in the box.  We had our two bags of chocolate and the first one melted just fine.  We poured it over our mixture; things were looking good.  We decided we needed about half of another bag so that got popped in the microwave.  More than 3 minutes of nuking later, it was still not close to being melted.  Whit blames the chocolate having an expiration date of December 2012.  Brian, her stepdad, blames our dumb-ness.  I think I agree with him because something was not right there.  Either way, it was yummy in my tummy obviously because I kept munching at her house and devoured the whole bag she sent me home with not too long after walking through the door.

Reindeer Cookies

Best kill all season ;-)

Best kill all season 😉

We wanted to make something really cute, too.  So, duh, we had to make reindeer cookies.  Whit already had the cookies in the oven when I got there so they would have time to cool while we were working on everything else.  I think she used sugar (I have yet to eat one) but the original recipe called for peanut butter I think.  It doesn’t really matter though so long as it’s a cookie with a smooth texture.  We can’t have reindeer with chocolate chips sticking out of their faces.  So just make whatever cookie you like and let them cool.

Have a bag of pretzels–we used the left overs from the Christmas Crack–and some red plain M&Ms, mini chocolate chips, and white icing with a piping bag.  Once the cookies are cooled, make five dots of icing on your cookie.  Put two near the top for the antlers, two in the middle for his eyes, and one near the bottom for his nose.  Break the pretzels to resemble something like antlers and put them on their designated dots.  Put a mini chocolate chip for each eye and the red M&M for his nose and let it set.  And, you’ve just made a reindeer!  We said that we got more bucks than anybody else this hunting season…but we are giant dorks.

Our chocolate drizzled popcorn

Our chocolate drizzled popcorn

The Greatest Creation Ever!

Okay, I wouldn’t go that far but Whit certainly thinks so.  But it was probably one of the more simpler recipes we’ve ever tried.  Pop a few bags of popcorn.  I think we used three and melted two bags of the white chocolate disks.  Pour the chocolate over the popped popcorn (Be sure to remove any of the unpopped kernels).  Don’t pour it on all at once but rather a little at a time or else your popcorn will get soggy.  Let that sit until the chocolate has harden.

Once that has harden, melt a bag of the green melting chocolate pieces.  Put the melted chocolate into a piping bag or in a baggie with the tip cut off and drizzle that over the popcorn.  Let that harden and you’re done!  Really easy, right?

I’d say this year was a lot more successful than last year.  There was nothing that fell apart.  The worst thing we made was one of the cookies got a little smushed so we made Grandpa Reindeer.  I don’t think I ate anything we made last year but that Christmas Crack was awesome this year.  I think I need to take a break from the sweets though.  There’s been a few too many cookies, Crack, and cupcakes going in my system lately.  ‘Tis the season and all that though I guess.


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