Christmas Specials!

Published December 19, 2012 by jrm17

I wanted to write about the best Christmas cartoon specials but I figured that would end rather abruptly because I don’t have any backing behind it.  I just think what I think and like what I like.  So we’re going to take that route but in a different direction.  Let’s talk about the best Christmas specials and movies in general (This may have been prompted by A Charlie Brown Christmas last night).

1) It’s A Wonderful Life

I’ve been told that certain people I know that they hate the movie because it’s goes sad, sad, sad, sad, and 2 minutes of happy.  Well, I think that’s poop because you have to have all that sad to make the story complete.  George couldn’t know that the town would be terrible without him without having Clarence show him what would happen if all the great things he did didn’t take place–whether he realizes how great they were or not.  James Stewart is one of my favorite actors from that era so I might be a little bit partial but he did a wonderful job.  And I wouldn’t say that things are always sad while he’s being shown what could have happened.  If they were sad, I’d cry this whole movie.  The only times I really cry is when the store owner hits him is his ear and when his brother is dead because he wasn’t there to save him.  I think to appreciate the movie, you have to take it in as a whole and not focus on the specifics; it wouldn’t be a Christmas Eve tradition in our house if it were a terrible movie or a super sad movie.  And you wouldn’t hear us saying, “You want the Moon?  I’ll rope it in for you!” constantly either.

2) Duck Dynasty Christmas episode

There really is meaning behind each episode and this one is that Christmas is a time of year that we are supposed to spend with family and that is about being together not about all the material things and making people happy.  Phil takes Miss Kay out into the woods to find the perfect tree, riding around forever, just to be told they were going to a tree farm–at which they spent a really long time, too.  And to make the wives happy, Willie and Si were Santa and Creepy Elf for the children at church.  To make Miss Kay and the wives happy, Jase and Jep and the crew took an entire day to put lights on the house (and Willie’s truck).  And, of course, to make the guys happy, Miss Kay and the wives cooked a delicious Christmas meal for them all to eat together.  I know a lot of people think it’s just a bunch of rednecks who got their own TV show, but they really do show a side of country living that not many people realize.  Country families know the importance of spending time together and celebrating the birth of Christ at Christmas time.  It’s about giving not about receiving.

3) How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I don’t care if you prefer the Jim Carey version or the cartoon version; either way it is a good movie.  Again, we learn all about the true meaning of Christmas (the whole giving thing again).  I love the songs and in the Jim Carey version, you get all the funny moments too.  There is no way that a movie where you learn the meaning of Christmas by a green, furry guy cutting the roast and having his heart grow three times that day is a bad thing.  Plus, there’s Max.  He is the cutest little thing and even more adorable when the Grinch dresses him up as a reindeer.  And, you can’t really argue with Dr. Seuss.

3) Babies in Toyland

Yes, it’s the second Rugrats Christmas episode and I can’t really fault you if you like the original one better because that one is awesome, too.  Once again, Angelica learns that Christmas isn’t about getting toys so much as giving to others.  She gets a really cute reindeer toy that comes to life when she enters Santa’s workshop and ignores her after he hears her calling him dumb, which she doesn’t like.  The babies work really hard to give Dil a good first Christmas and the parents learn that being together is a huge part of Christmas.  Angelica’s mom keeps worrying she won’t make it to the office Christmas party and when they get stuck, she realizes she’s okay with that because she’d rather be with family than forcing small talk with all those business people.  Rugrats taught us many things during the series but the specials were always the best…and this one is very close to the top.

4) A Very Supernatural Christmas

Okay, Christmas and Sam and Dean.  I don’t see much wrong here at all but I guess the fact they are facing some Pagan gods is a little weird (But not if you are a fangirl like me).  The Winchesters go to a town where people are being eaten only to find out that Santa, who was accused of being the criminal, is actually Pagan gods disguised as an older couple.  The woman is selling wreaths with the herb that attracts and allows them into houses so that they can feast on the families.  As per usual, the boys get captured and they escape and Dean is really funny and you get to see a Christmas (in my birth year!) for the boys when they were young.  Dean sort of tells young Sam why John isn’t around and tries to make things easier for him and Sam gives Dean his signature necklace that he got from Bobby to originally give to John but he think Dean deserves it more.  See, even the self-sacrificing Winchesters know the true meaning of Christmas.

I’m going to switch it up for the last one and tell you a Christmas special that I really don’t like (Michael, be ready to break up with me):

5) The Santa Simulation

Yes, the newest Big Bang Theory Christmas episode.  I liked the first one where Penny gives Sheldon Leonard Nimoy but this episode kind of sucked.  It wasn’t about Christmas except for Sheldon’s hatred of Santa and to be honest, I think he has every right to hate Santa (based on everything we know about Sheldon’s personality) because he didn’t give him his grandfather back.  Sheldon doesn’t actually show affection or care about many people so that’s a big deal for him.  Plus, Amy and Penny and Bernadette going out with Raj and him being all whiny about girls was just kind weird.  I’ve really enjoyed most of this season but this was a big let down…especially for a Christmas special.


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