The Family That Plays Together…

Published December 26, 2012 by jrm17

I swear this is my last sentimental, family, blah blah blah post for a while.  But Merry Christmas even though it’s the day after because yesterday was one of the most blessed holidays I have had.  I realized a lot of things that you only realize as you start to grow up (How scary is that?!?) and I may have got all sappy at a few points throughout the day.  The two most important things I came to realize is that you are born into the family that you belong (Now, that’s even scarier when you now who my family is) and that the presents from the people who know you and can pick out something without you telling them are really the best ones.

I guess we’ll start with the whole family thing.  For probably the first time in my whole life, my family behaved yesterday.  Everyone got along.  There was no fighting (Okay, no fighting that wasn’t totally reasonable but we’ll get to that later).  We all sat around and talked and did the whole caring and sharing thing that families did in the ’50s and on television and all that made up stuff.  Let me put it this way: my family can be pretty materialistic and self-centered when the opportunity arises.  However, they seem to take a break from that every now and then and yesterday was one of those days.  You see, most of them seem to think I am a hard person to buy for so I get Victoria’s Secret gift cards from just about everyone.  In reality, this is actually an excellent gift because when I get the chance, all I wear is Pink stuff and it’s even better when that stuff is Steelers, Bama, or Orioles.  The biggest shocker was that the online store actually had Bama and Steelers stuff in my size.  I’d had it in my cart for a few days because I knew what was going to happen and I wanted to be prepared and buy it as quickly as possible in hopes that my sizes wouldn’t disappear (You would think smalls and extra smalls wouldn’t disappear so quickly in a country with an obesity epidemic but who am I to judge?).  Anyway, in respect of this monumental discovery, my aunts and uncle (and aunt’s fiance) hurriedly got me my gift cards and let me use the Internet at Aunt Robin’s house so I could get my team’s stuff (I only buy it when I have my Christmas gift cards during football season).  All that great teamwork paid off because I got all the yoga pants and the hoodie and the shirt I wanted!  Oh, sweet shopping success.

I really appreciated the effort to help me support my teams in the cutest way possible but I didn’t really realize how well our family fits together until later that night when I was having dinner with Michael’s family in celebration of Christmas, his birthday (same day), and his mom’s (tomorrow).  I now have this theory that you are born into the family you fit into because no offense to Michael’s family because I am part of his immediate family and all the rest I have met are very nice but it wasn’t the same as being with my family.  Ours has always been very oriented around each other and spending the whole day together and well, the kids because we always have at least one kid running around.  His family that’s around here is basically all grown-ups (or whatever you want to consider me, him, and his sister).  I guess that means you celebrate things differently (Probably because there’s no toys around and cute little boys shaking their butt for a Christmas dance every time he opens a present.  Oh, Munch is adorable).  Anyway, as much as I enjoyed dinner and was happy that I was invited, I realized that my family is the group of people who I’m most comfortable around because we know each other so well and fit together so well (And, I can say anything and don’t really care because they’ll get over it eventually).

Now, about this whole present thing.  I few members of my family think that I am very difficult to buy for.  If you look under our tree, they should think the exact opposite because everything is pink, camo, sports, and supernatural stuff…with the exception of The West Wing complete series, which is awesome and on my TV as we speak.  But I think that the difficult thing makes those presents that people buy for me without having to ask me even sweeter.  My mama and daddy got me all kinds of things that I wouldn’t have thought of (It’s part of the whole only child thing us being so close and all).  Most people would probably say, “Well, she’s got one camo hoodie with pink stuff on it.  She doesn’t need another one.”  Oh how those people would be wrong….especially if they knew that my hoodie is Mossy Oak Break-Up (the only MO pattern I like) and I only bought it because they didn’t have Realtree in my size.  My parents knew that though and not only got me the Realtree AP hoodie but got me the fancy Under Armour-ish material.  And to go with that?  A new Team Realtree hat, Realtree girl shoes, a pink Carhartt…a kinds of country girl stuff with a focus on Realtree because my parents know which team I am (We even made sure my pappy’s new hat was the right camo).

But you expect that stuff from parents, right?  They should know these kinds of things, right?  With my parents, yes.  But the most miraculous gift giving of the day was Michael.  I love the boy deeply but sometimes, he just does not get me and putting a lot of thought into gifts is not really his thing whether it be me, his mom, or someone he’s never met.  Much to my surprise though, he really put effort into this year.  I had showed him a pair of earrings that look like Winchester casings with a stone in the middle.  I forget what the ones I showed him looked like but he went so far as to order silver ones with a pink stone because that’s exactly what I would have wanted.  The rest of his gifts were kind of a big jokes but it’s nice that he knew me enough to get a pink Tribble and a book (even if it is a dating guide for dating geeks, which I probably need).  I’m sure he has some say in his parents’ gift for me, too, because I got a purple Coach bracelet (purple and pink are the only solid colors in my world).  To be honest, he’s been doing really well all year, sneaking in buying things I’ve showed him in passing: a Realtree shirt from Gander for Valentine’s, Tiffany’s earrings and a pendant for my birthday, a Dean Winchester bracelet and 13 Going on 30 poster for our anniversary, a wine glass koozie with a saying about princess at the beach.  This boy seems to know me pretty well.

Well, I got to go fight this snow and celebrate my mama’s birthday so Happy Holidays and yay family, y’all!


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