It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

Published December 28, 2012 by jrm17

Have you ever wanted some really good puppy chow and looked at the recipes only to think that they are the most complicated, annoying recipes ever?  Yeah, me too.  However, sometimes I just really need some Chex mix because I have a slight addiction (As in I will sit and eat an entire bag while we are watching a movie and refuse to share it with Michael).  Luckily, he doesn’t care about this and knows that I will eat it until I puke so we made it earlier this month…but we made it easier.

I’d been on a cupcake binge so we had some extra icing in the fridge that we didn’t know what to do with.  I was scoping things out on Pinterest when I found the holy grail of recipes for puppy chow.  There was no melting all that nasty white chocolate or having to go out to buy almond bark to melt.  Nope this was the easiest thing in the world.


1 box of regular Chex (Obviously, it also works with off brand because I used that at the cookie party)

1 can of white frosting (I really wanted to try it with chocolate but I’m a little scared.  We’ll see if I get brave enough)

1 box of cake mix (We’ve been using funfetti but try what you’d like and be sure to tell  me what else tastes good if you do)

Steps (You will be shocked by the simplicity of this.  I promise)

1. Pour about 1/2-3/4 of the box of cereal into a big bowl.

2. Melt the icing in the microwave.  I’ve been using different microwaves and it’s been taking about a minute to two minutes.

3. Pour about half the can on the cereal and mix until it is coated.

4. Add the rest of the cereal to the bowl and coat that with the remaining icing.

5. Pour about half the box of cake mix on the cereal and stir.  You can add more if you like or if you see that a half wasn’t enough to cover all the cereal.  If you add too much though, there won’t be a huge issue but you’ll just have some clumps of cake mix with no cereal at the bottom.

6. Let it be for a few minutes to set and harden and then pig out!

I won’t admit to sitting on the bed, watching Duck Dynasty and eating a whole bowl of this but it may have happened.  Maybe.  Brylin loved it.  He kept running around, yelling he was eating puppy chow and shoving it in his little messy face.  Plus, he thought it was hilarious he was eating puppy chow and thought he was a puppy.  Everyone else at the party thought it was awesome, too.  Steven kept sneaking back down stairs to eat it and Gram, Miss Meanie herself of all people, told me that it was really good.  I even had people eating it Christmas day instead of Mama’s peanut butter pie (Shh.  Don’t tell Mama even though I’d totally pick pie of puppy chow).

So if you are in the mood for a good cake batter Chex mix and don’t want to go through the laborious task of all those other recipes, try this one.  You won’t be let down.  Plus, icing is so much better than white chocolate and it tastes more like cake since you’re actually using, you know, cake icing.


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